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Found 3 results

  1. The entire four-man police force quit, one wanted to be closer to a military family, and the police chief was going to Scotland on vacation. I'm starting to get real sick of this kilts-and-bagpipes gig the cops are playing. Scotland Yard in Alaska, as if we insulted the British royals.
  2. From an Associated Press article by a "Lisa Marie Pane" headlined "Authorities: Public areas of airports are seen as most vulnerable to attack" as it appeared Sunday, January 8, 2017 in The Free Lance-Star of Fredericksburg, Virginia. >> The only way to prevent such attacks, experts said, is to ensure the wrong people don't get guns and to encourage the public to alert authorities if they believe a friend or family member is acting erratically. [Chris] Grollnek likened it to farmers enlisted in the Civil Air Patrol to spot illegal activity while they were in the air in crop dusters. << Several translations are necessary: "The wrong people:" Those subject to felony criminal convictions, domestic-violence-related misdemeanor criminal convictions (not to include drug-related misdemeanors,) sex offense convictions (not to include patronizing a prostitute,) civil or criminal no-contact orders, anti-harassment orders in law, or restraining orders in civil law or divorce proceedings, criminal trespass in law, anyone who has ever seen a psychiatrist in law or other mental health practitioner at law, etc,, etc., etc., ad nauseam ad nauseam, ad nauseam. "[T]o encourage the public to alert authorities if they believe a friend or family member is acting erratically:" In other words, get your family members committed if they don't go along with the gun control agenda. "[F]armers:" Growers of marijuana, opium, coca, and other cash crops. "Civil Air Patrol:" Pilots who smuggle drugs from South America to North America. "[I]llegal activity:" Get with the program already. Marijuana and other street drugs are legal. "[I]n the air in crop dusters:" spraying various chemicals and drugs over all those "organically" grown crops.
  3. conspiracynut

    The Marijuana Conspiracy

    Was cannabis illegalized through a conspiracy by industrialists and the U.S. Treasury?