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Found 10 results

  1. >>> Two years ago, Army Pvt. Shamika Burrage ... There is too much emphasis on full name and rank. Right off the bat, at the start of the article. There is a certain kind of "newsboy rank" about this article that really stinks. Chinese author? U.S. Army private, emphasis on the Pvt.? >>>“first of its kind” in the Army Nope. It's been done before. >>>The total ear reconstruction involved doctors carving a new ear out of cartilage harvested from Burrage’s ribs, the statement said. The ear was then placed under her forearm skin to let it grow. ¶The procedure is one of the most complicated ear constructions in the United States, according to an ABC News report, and allows for the formation of new blood vessels in the cartilage. The whole thing is a lot more complicated than it needs to be, and it doesn't need to take two years, either. There is something really, really sick about how these doctors go about their business. You know what the real problem about this is? This is from the Holy Bible, Luke 22, the story of the betrayal of Jesus. Someone associated with the doc thought he was Saint Peter and cut off that girl's ear unnecessarily, and now the doc thinks he's Jesus Himself since he can touch it and make it all better. 47And while he yet spake, behold a multitude, and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jesus to kiss him. 48But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss? 49When they which were about him saw what would follow, they said unto him, Lord, shall we smite with the sword? 50And one of them smote the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear. 51And Jesus answered and said, Suffer ye thus far. And he touched his ear, and healed him. 52Then Jesus said unto the chief priests, and captains of the temple, and the elders, which were come to him, Be ye come out, as against a thief, with swords and staves? 53When I was daily with you in the temple, ye stretched forth no hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darkness.
  2. This Rare Eye Cancer Is Affecting Young Women In Two Small US Towns About Ocular Melanoma Friends From 2 States Diagnosed With Rare Eye Cancer: How To Know If You Are At Risk Of Ocular Melanoma Friends? Err, let's just say lesbians. One of them was dumped by some other girlfriend, and now both their eyes are being stabbed out secretly with needles and knives. A woman pulling the Samson-and-Delilah trick on another woman. You've seen those dykes with their heads shaved. Next thing you know they're wearing thick glasses if they aren't totally blind, and they've been committed to the insane asylum or some state mental hospital to boot. All because they refused to eat some other woman out, or dumped her for a different group of friends. It ain't cancer, and it ain't rare, either.
  3. >>> "I’m a 37 year old HIV+ man who has been poz for almost ten years," Schmid wrote on Friday. "For anyone who has ever doubted themselves because of those scary three letters and one symbol, let me tell you this, you are somebody who matters. Your feelings, your thoughts, your emotions count. And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. I’m Karl Schmid, and I’m an HIV-positive man!" <<< There's something about "HIV" and "AIDS" -- it almost seems like an emotional problem of self-pity rather than an actual virus that causes physical illness. Don't forget, people don't die of AIDS itself. They die of other illnesses allegedly because of their weakened immune system. Now there are many things that may weaken an immune system, but meanwhile the floor of the men's room seems to be littered with piss, shit, and dirty needles, and the men are wondering why they get so sick. Any number of diseases are not only possible but likely. Occam's Razor says that the HIV explanation is unnecessary. Don't forget, the virus itself is too small to be seen under a microscope. So, antibodies? Western Blot? Immunoassay? ELISA? Double-blind and results are confidential? The "cocktail" of drugs they prescribe for life? Nahhh. The docs are just out to make a quick buck, and anything "gay" just brings out all the medical quacks like droves of cattle. It's high school sex ed. Guns are banned and free condoms and needles are given out.
  4. Umm, yes, you know what I mean... They cut part of it off when you are born, and then they sell you pills and shots to make it bigger. Levitra, Cialis, Viagra, anabolic steroids, black market, "grey market," maple-leaf Canadian Ffaarmacies, "natural" food markets, etc., etc. .. This just goes far beyond civil malpractice and even criminal quackery. The only solution to this problem is war. Total, all-out, nuclear war. And as those doctors have so conveniently prepared the means of their own recompense, so let them die in the very gas chambers which they have prepared for their patients, and let their bodies be burned in the very crematories where they have "discouraged" a respectful burial of the dead for alleged reasons of public health. Don't you think some of those doctors went to school too long and corrupted themselves in their frat houses?
  5. The liberals are at it again. That's your choice: if it's a girl, get an abortion or die! If it's a boy, skin his penis or die!
  6. I just donated blood, and I am calling for an emergency halt on blood donations. The red-light district questionnaire has gotten out of hand. Have you ever had sex with another male? Have you ever been pregnant? Have you ever had sexual contact with someone who has had the Zika virus? Another male? Other than the one by whom you got pregnant? The Zika STD? Holy shit! If you [bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo] HIV [or yet more legal mumbo-jumbo] AIDS, you may be charged with a FELONY in California for donating blood. If you've ever been arrested or charged with HIV or AIDS, regardless of the disposition of the charge, (positive or negative,) it is a California felony to donate blood, regardless of the state where you donated the blood. Run! Get out of here! Go away!
  7. "Anil Seth, co-director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in southern England" "Robin Carhart-Harris" (U.K.) "In his study, published in 2016, scientists gave participants doses of LSD, ketamine and psilocybin." "David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmacologist from Imperial College London" >>> Psychedelic drugs such as LSD and ketamine cause the brain to enter a “higher state of consciousness,” according to scientists. For the first time, a new study has showed the diversity of brain activity increasing as a result of taking these drugs. Scientists say the findings could lead to new treatments for mental health conditions, including depression and schizophrenia—as well as answering fundamental questions about our conscious experience. <<< >>> “What we’re doing in this study is trying to understand what’s happening in the brain… and [what] may in turn have a therapeutic effect,” Seth says. “These studies of the effects of psychedelic drugs has only just really restarted after many years in the wilderness.” <<< The names sound unusual to me. "Robin" is very outdated as a man's name. "Seth" is from the days of Cain and Abel; the first name is Indian. Nutt? That guy's just plain nuts if he's prescribing LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin, and he thinks I'm going to believe that's his real name. Some of those people in the U.S. government are starting to acquire or assume some unusual names, as well. Jefferson Sessions? His real family name, or too many "sessions" with a mental health therapist? His use of a family name as his first name? Chelsea Manning? There's something odd with this one, too. I can't quite place my finger on it. Almost a subtle threatening hint for other MtF transgender, "Come on, dude, like you just need to man up." The name Manning also shows up with a military connection as a co-author of a government conspiracy book, "Angels don't play this HAARP." (UAF and Eielson AFB have really played that one up for all its worth.)
  8. Stinger XX

    Naked Witnesses

    FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, 660 S Mesa Hills Blvd, El Paso, TX EL PASO COSMETIC SURGERY, 651 S Mesa Hills Blvd, El Paso, TX, "The Science of Beauty" Verbatim from flashing street sign: EL PASO COSMETIC SURGERY CALL TO SCHEDULE 351-1116 VOLUMA XC $590 syringe ULTRA XC $520 syringe ULTRA PLUS XC $560 syringe Pucker Up VOLBELLA $360 syringe kybella $590 vial $990 / 2 vials sculptra $650 vial $1200 2 vials Botox Cosmetic $480 3 sites Forehead Giabella Crowsfeet Facelift 25% off LASER Hair removal 50% off Non-VIP Members mira Dry $990 FRAXEL $2500 4 Treatments IPL MONDAY $175 Individual face treatment Facial Tuesday Full Facials $125 Botox Cosmetic 50% off Wedensday Individual injection site 2 Site Max THURSDAY Tattoo Removal 50% off Individual treatment Brow Lift / Chin Up FRIDAY $250 Purchase both $400 Active/ Deep Fx $1200 single treatment Facelift 25% off Cellfina 25% off coolsculpting 15% off images flashing on sign are exclusively of mixed-race Caucasian/Hispanic female bodies. This is really, really bad, and something is really, really off with it. And as usual, right in the face of law enforcement. Please don't tell me those in the Witness Protection Program need facials on Tuesdays and Botox on Wednesdays.
  9. Stinger XX

    Deadly fungal infections

    Deadly fungal infection that doctors have been fearing now reported in U.S. Are they scaremongering? Do these people have HIV or AIDS? MEDICAL MAFIA WARNING: The thing (à la Cosa Nostra) about these fungal infections is that doctors just let on that they're "gross" and they don't really "treat" them in a bona fide manner.
  10. Ian


    You may recall recently having seen something about the cure for cancer being baking soda. It's a little more complicated than that. If you know anything about biology, you know that all of the cells in our body have a specific chunk of our DNA dedicated to making and maintaining them. You can track the evolution of specific cells backwards through various animals. Dr. Simoncini explains that cancer cells are cells that our body produces in place of other cells when the original cells weren't getting enough oxygen. Hemoglobin is composed of the three acids that bond oxygen to red blood cells. if your body's ph level is to high (as it would be if you eat processed food) then the hemoglobin has more trouble bonding to the red blood cells and moves less oxygen as a result. Theoretically this leads to cells not receiving enough oxygen to survive. The cells then go into 'survival mode' and turn into cancer cells, which essentially do nothing but sit there and take in the bare minimum amount of oxygen to sustain itself. These cells are potentially harmless if they form, say a fatty tumor in your leg, but if they spread to internal organs that would be keeping you alive, had they not began shutting themselves down, the result could be much more fatal. What are your guys opinions on this?