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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've been doing a bit of research into the new world order or whatever they want to call it and I've found that many artists out there are sending out subliminal messages through their music about it. There are so many artists who have apparently 'sold their soul' to the 'music industry' in exchange for wealth and fame. You would be surprised about some of them that's for sure.Here are a few songs that seemed to grab my attention more than others. Snoop Dogg - murder was the caseEminem - 3amEminem - 25 to life Eminem - till I collapseEminem - kings never die.If you also listen to Snoops n
  2. Mike


    Since recently i got interested in the whole illuminati thing and how the media is taking a big part in all of this. So this is something that just crossed my mind. A friend of mine made a funny video and posted it on facebook. After a few hours her account got banned because there was unautherized music in that video. (because imagin' that they don't make more money out of the artists...) i thought this was rather sad. But what happend today really blew my mind. i was just looking through my facebook newsfeed and i stumbled upon a video with an arabic title. i clicked it and fou
  3. BIIIGGG Tool fan here (if you couldn't tell by the username, you are NOT an extreme fan). How is that relevant to the topic title, you ask? Well, I was wondering if you've heard any songs with conspiracy themes? Almost all of Tool's albums have at least one "what the fuck?" song. A lot of them are conspiracy themed such assssssss: He used the audio from that Area 51 worker. Remember that one? Well the video is just goddamn disturbing: There's Although, this one has a bit of a "drug" quality, he