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Found 17 results

  1. A friend of mine linked me this.. .. I typed "NASA Future Strategic Issues" "Warfare Circa 2025" Dr Dennis M. Bushnell Chief Scientist NASA Langley" in the internet archive and got "The search engine encountered the following error: "Search engine returned invalid information or was unresponsive. We are working to resolve this issue. Thanks for your patience." .. More research led me to other sources. This appears to be that full document .. .. and a link to the actual pdf download .. It seems it's authenticity is under debate.. .. Another YouTube video briefly looking through the document here.. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! MAKE IT KNOWN! .. One thing is certain, fake or not, it is deep shit! And if this isn't addressed by the government, that itself is proof of it's truth. How can it be ignored?! This needs explaining.. Until someone can prove this´╗┐ to be fake, how can it be ignored? If this is true, and we do nothing, then we are to blame for their success, and we'll suffer the consequence of our own ignorance.. .. I want it to be fake.. we all should..
  2. The cult of Scientology is involved with and has heavily infiltrated the following: 1. U.S.A. pop culture, movie industry, astrology, pagan star worship, Satanic worship, and idolization of entertainment and sports "stars." 2. FBI, NASA, U.S. Air Force, Area 51, UFO cults, and obsession with "classified information." 3. NSA, Total Information Awareness, and Universal Surveillance. 4. The Kim dynasty of North Korea. 5. Gun control, "mental health," Nazism, fascism, and kamikaze Shogun philosophies. 6. Many other churches and religions, Catholic, Protestant, Sunni, Shi`a, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, etc. 7. Many brotherhoods, fraternities, and sororities, Knights Templar, Freemasons, Moose, Elks, Eagles, Boy and Girl Scouts, Oddfellows, Skull and Crossbones, etc. 8. Street gangs and drug cartels, Crips, Bloods, MS-13, 1488, Sinaloa, New Generation, Neo-Nazis, Asian and Scandinavian triads, etc. 9. Labor unions, SEIU, ILWU, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, IBEW, etc. 10. Realty and real estate cults and perverse practices of law. LDS, the Holy Plat of Zion, etc. 11. The fellows who pawn off those "indemnity" scams at the insurance companies. Affiliated with certain "old ladies" who set "young man" premiums and arrange "accidents" on the road. 12. Men's barbers and certain ladies who "do" other ladies' hair, nails, and make-up. 13. The entire health care industry: the "standard practice" C-section-and-circumcision childbirths, the professional tooth-pulling and tomfoolery with quicksilver, gold, fluorides, and laughing gas, the artificial hip and knee replacements, and much other unnecessary and crippling surgeries, not to mention hair-of-the-dog quack cures such as ionizing radiation and toxic chemotherapy for alleged cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, "big killers," i.e. big money-makers in medicine.
  3. I will keep it simple. 1) Interstellar cigar shaped object moving towards earth - unidentified. 2) NASA to have a "Huge press conference" on Thursday 14th December - Unknow reasons 3) Figures add up - See here; December 14th Historic Events which had high numbers of fatalities ; a ) Year - 557 - Constantinople is severely damaged by an earthquake. b ) Year - 1287 - St. Lucia's flood: The Zuiderzee sea wall in the Netherlands collapses, killing over 50,000 people. 1287-557 = 730 year gap between these 2 events. If we then add a 730 year gap to the last event 1287 + 730 = 2017 These 3 points add up and to me cause slight concern. Keep your bunkers stocked up peeps.
  6. I hate this agency , it's just for spending money and tricking the nations
  7. Massive Structures Found On Moon!
  8. We did some research and found out that the ISS is waterproof! That is why we started a campaign to collect donations for NASA, so that they can make a shower for the astronauts in the International Space Station! Back in the old days they used to have one on the skylab space station! please support NASA!
  9. This is the best Analysis of the UFO.Alien phenomena I have seen in 20 years. This is a must read for any serious Researcher. -WARNING- Graphic images and content: (Human mutilations/Autopsy photos, and UFO Mutilation videos
  10. Here it is, a conspiracy theory that really IS likely. You must have noticed, especially after Warsaw, that there is zero, zilch, zip political will to do anything about climate change except posture and delay, and be seen to be the good guy. But in terms of actually DOING something - nada. Why? We have to ask that, right? Why? We are talking about nations that can scramble a million men to invade a country in a month, who when faced with the destruction of their whole civilization, possibly their environment, can't get it together to even agree to talk about it. This tells me one thing: they don't see a threat. If they did, they would act. Simple: they don't act so they don't see a threat. Why? We are talking also about political clubs who think nothing about sending hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths. These are the same political elite who engineered the Somme, who wiped out Nagasaki and Hiroshima (no arguments about justification here, please!), who carried out the destruction on the road to Basra. Justified or not, this is the political elite who will think nothing of killing thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions in the cause of expediency. So here it is. In 1979 Thatcher, Reagan and Jack Delores of the EU commissioned a report that showed that pollution as it was known then was not a major threat, but global warming was - with one problem: taking the steps necessary to stop global warming would cause as much devastation as global warming itself. The world economy would implode overnight and destabilize the balance of power, possibly allowing the USSR and/or China to take control. The answer was the brainchild of Margaret Thatcher - free market economy allowing unbridled growth to strengthen the Western Alliance (what happened in the 80s and early 90s?). This would allow the western political elite to secure a position of strength and plan for a new Eden. Let global warming - climate change - run its course, eventually destroying 7000,000,000 lives. This would eliminate the problem - over population - and allow a handful of the mega rich to start again in the far North, with a bunch of slick, super modern Apple technology driven by nuclear power to make their lives peachy. There is something frighteningly banal and believable about the scenario. And the more I look at it, the more evidence I see for it. I keep remembering Jay Zwally: 'The canary is dead, it's time to get out of the mine.' But there is no way out of the mine for us...