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Found 18 results

  1. Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov, General Major of the Russian military, social military activist, candidate of technical sciences and chairman of the Conceptual Party: Unity, came across the materials of the Conception of Social Safety, and from 1991, began to spread this information In his series of 20 lectures, he covers such topics analyzed in the Conception of Social Safety (CSS) as: - Global Politics - The Crowd-"Elite" Structure of Society - Psyche Types - God as the Highest Hierarchical All Encompassing Governance - The Biosphere - Matrixes and Egregors - Enslavement of mankind by the - Global Mafia, using the - Biblical Matrix. - Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Secret Knowledge, The Structure of the Universe, REAL History. WATCH LECTURE HERE!: I will post the lectures here, for the first time translated into English. If anyone is interested in starting a discussion or sharing materials or views, or simply spreading this information, the forum is open. And support our Channel!
  2. Note: Illuminati , templars , skull and bones , masons , etc etc . they are all Satanists , they worship Lucifer or Iblis . they are common in this and they work hard to take control over the world. They do all kinds of things that God or Allah or the Creator hates (I don't mean by God Jesus , i mean the king of this world, the creator of the Heaven and Earth). They arrange orgys , Homosexual parties , drugs , children and human sacrifices. Anything that gods hates and pleases satan , they do it. This includes Rothchilds , Rockfellers and all the elite bankers and lots of leaders in the world. In return they get money , power and blessings from Lucifer. This sounds crazy , but do you own research and see the resources down in this post. Ronald Bernard, an elite Dutch banker who exposed the financial industry of Satanists in a series of TV interviews. Banned videos here Adam Green David Ike Victor exposes masons Not everything these poeple say in right , your job is to filter and search and use your mind not your heart.
  3. I downloaded this game because I found it funny. I did not think it was truly a game made by the Illuminati. But ironically, prophecies of this game have been fulfilled. They are even more specific than the prophecies of the 1995 card game. Every fight you win. A new passage is released. From what I perceived is a letter one of them wrote to another. And for some reason they are revealing. Although we will see the tv commercials and the madonna show in eurovision 2019. We will see that they are talking openly. But I did not come here to ask you to believe me. I've come to tell you things the Illuminati do and a lot of people do not see it. Play the game and see with your own eyes: GAME HERE Please put everything that you discover here in comments.The fights are random. How much people playing and sharing more information abour the next pass of illuminati we will know.
  4. I´m here to share two educational videos about the history of the illuminati. Whoever is interested in knowing more about their history and infiltration of society, please check these out : Hope it will be useful for You guys. All the references to the informations are on the description, so You can check for yourselves ! Also I´d like to invite anyone who´s willing to participate in a resistance group, I am gathering important and authentic material to post. Whoever will be interested can send me a message and just let me know . Take care !!!
  5. The harsh truth The world we live in is beautiful and we should in no way expand to indulge ourselves in the happiness it offers. Yet it is also very dark, and filled with lies many extending from very powerful/corrupt individuals who don't share your interest. This thread is to expand upon understanding for the regular man/women how to defend yourselves from the attacks of enemies spiritual, physical, and mental. To start we must understand that the modern theory shared with the public on war is an imposture to facts and the reality of human nature. Like so many things in the general public we are surrounded by manipulation/lies to steer behavior towards another end outside in many cases fruitful pursuit. My sincere hope is to guide you with my own hard learned lessons in he art of war to defend yourselves from your enemies who permeate the fabric of our current worlds many lies. To start you must educate yourselves in three ways above and outside contemporary school. This is not to say join a secret society because in truth no secret is revealed to servants that did not come from a master. You need hold no physical thing of this world to indulge into the understanding of things of it. In fact in all cases to grasp the picture of things beyond your sight you must look beyond the simple trapping of flesh we drive to pursue this life's lessons. In this life for you all I'm sorry to say but hard times loom to engage and overcome these obstacles spiritual, physical, and mental you must educate yourselves above/beyond the norm of society. The ancient way is greater in this arena of learning than the presented norm thus from me you will not learn anything new but that which is very very old. In these old ancient ways you can make in and of yourselves the heaven born captains which are appointed/annointed to punish the weakness of evil in all forms. Reading Material - The Art Of War by Sun Tzu The knowledge in this book is the pillar of our defense system in connection with many eastern practice's which will be said by false prophets/liars to have no effect in practical application. To be a burden on any oppressor you would be wise to memorize every word of this book, and in so doing find that being armed with proper wisdom you can meet adversaries who are stronger, and better equipped to surprise/overtake them. The Wild One P.S. - To best memorize this you should listen, in the old way of learning students are taught exactly as children. For in this way knowledge is best acquired at any age. Listen to this until every line is known by heart, and you will find yourself able to hinder any enemy and overtake them. You will also find in your failures/lessons learned the lines you have not yet memorized.
  6. There's a lot of talk about ISIS or whatever they are. I'll chuck up some of what I've read so far. The so called 'terroist' group are made up by the government to try and set our minds away from what's really going on with the world. There in no doubt is something higher up than the government, such as a 'secret society' of some sort, is planning out how to take over the world with their New World Order. One of the first steps they have to take is to decrease the worlds population by around 90% or so. Now I reckon a good way to do that would be to make up some bulls**t terrorist organization that apparently goes around blowing everyone up. Photos of apparent 'suicide bombers' that had apparently blown themselves up were plastered all over the media. A few weeks later the people who blew themselves up were found alive and well. This so called terrorist group is also apparently responsible for the Paris attack in November. Some of the victims that survived had seen some of the shooters and say they had a white, american, mercenary look to them. So now they're using trained, professional military soldiers to gun innocent people down? Its making me mad writing this. And im baked as anything but there we go. Do a little research into it. It doesn't hurt to know what's coming for you! Peace! ✌
  7. So, I've been doing a bit of research into the new world order or whatever they want to call it and I've found that many artists out there are sending out subliminal messages through their music about it. There are so many artists who have apparently 'sold their soul' to the 'music industry' in exchange for wealth and fame. You would be surprised about some of them that's for sure.Here are a few songs that seemed to grab my attention more than others. Snoop Dogg - murder was the caseEminem - 3amEminem - 25 to life Eminem - till I collapseEminem - kings never die.If you also listen to Snoops new song 'back up' you should be able to understand what I mean. If you get a chance at all, research the music industry and the illuminati. There is some crazy s**t out there that's right in front of us!! Peace!
  8. (N.Morgan) Has Vladimir Putin managed to bring the Rothschild Dynasty to its knees? Has someone finally destroyed the monopoly known as the Rothschild Empire. In the video below, Lucia Costants explains just how Putin has destroyed the Power Elite. The illuminated Cabal are desperate to start a world war, not only to white wash their scams worldwide so that Wall Street can keep the $40 trillion they have stolen. Video and links Here
  9. I have purchased the site name '' i am looking for writers, researchers, video makers and anyone who would like to be part of the site. Anywork you do will fully credited to you for example 'by John Smith' and then i link to your page or social media or whatever you wish. I am looking for content that is anything Illuminati Related. I want to make this site the best it could possibly be, jam packed with infomation and truth. If you are intrested please comment in the forum and we can arrange further contact through e-mail. Thankyou
  10. It's definitely happened before, the US training and arming rebels to fight their wars for them. The whole 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend' philosophy. Evidence is mounting that looks like we did the same thing by training ISIS.
  11. I have purchased the site name '' i am looking for writers, researchers, video makers and anyone who would like to be part of the site. Anywork you do will fully credited to you for example 'by John Smith' and then i link to your page or social media or whatever you wish. I am looking for content that is anything Illuminati Related. I want to make this site the best it could possibly be, jam packed with infomation and truth. If you are intrested please comment in the forum and we can arrange further contact through e-mail. Thankyou
  12. The Conspiracy to Rule the World - An Interactive History The origins of the original hand-drawn chart below are seemingly unknown. Given the inclusion of the KGB, YSA and other time-stamped entities, it is likely that the original version surfaced at the earliest; between 1986 - (and definitely no later than) 1991, which is when the USSR dissolved. Re-Drawn Interactive Version (2014) The intention with this version was to make the chart easier to follow and to apply relevant colour coding for easier reference. In-depth details of each of the 77 entities have been collated into what has become a comprehensive overview of they key building blocks of the intended New World Order. Each organisation / entity is described in chronological order of it's establishment. Some of the information in the following sections exists in other areas of this website; it has been included again here for ease of reference. The PDF contains live URL's which link directly to the corresponding descriptions and further information on each organisation on the diagram. Note that it is best to download the PDF rather than viewiing it in a browser as the links will open in new browser windows. If you have two screens, we would suggest opening the PDF on your left screen so that the links will open in a browser on your right screen. /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=39">The_Conspiracy_to_Rule_the_World_Interactive.pdf The_Conspiracy_to_Rule_the_World_Interactive.pdf
  13. Most of you probably believe that there is a secret society of people, Illuminati Etc.. I believe that they exist, i think it has something to do with Greek history/mythology. the story of Prometheus giving the fire to man, symbolically the fire meant knowledge, Zeus didn't want it to happen but Prometheus did it anyway, but Prometheus is the god of trickery and therefore must of been a mischievous meaning for him to do it. the Greek gods were seen as people like figures or human looking, they were considered almost to look the same as humans leading me to think they actually could of been real people. Prometheus also meant fore thinker meaning he thought about the future and time going forward, leading me to believe that he could of been thinking about himself and power over Zues, by using us because we seek to be godlike. the Greek gods could of really been people, who had knowledge before humans and who could possibly live forever. Prometheus Knowing that we would try to look for power, would use that to his advantage, control us to take over Zeus. Zeus could of been controlling before humans, Now Prometheus is trying i think that this has something to do with a secret society trying to give command to a different god, or someone who is essentially all knowing
  14. I was doing some research at University, and the development in human social structure seems to point back to a particular juxtaposition of ideas in the ancient world, which would explain how the whole of history happened. I have got as a far as the Middle Ages with this theory, and published a book a book on it called 'Origins of the New World Order'. Firstly, then, I was wondering of anyone else has heard of such a theory? I also have my own website, where you can check out its content - And, I am thinking of making a copy of it available on the Internet for anyone who wants to discuss it to read. However, firstly I wanted to see if anyone was interest in it, because I'm having 'battle of the word-spam' on Secular Cafe at the moment, before I actually start to do any discussion of it.
  15. I have been researching the grand conspiracy for some time.. I know I am not alone in my thoughts that all religions are all part of the same conspiracy. I believe they have all been created for the simple purpose of causing wars, each one getting more heinous and devastating. Till eventually the nukes get dropped, (which let’s face it, is a matter of time) causing billions of deaths which will give reason to bring about the New World Order. They will come in as heroes, claiming the world needs to be saved from itself, but this will definitely not happen until a fare few billion are dead. Whether they will try to force a new or existing religion on the world, I can’t make my mind up yet. Religion is control, it teaches pure hatred without real reason, while convincing people they are right and doing good. Both sides of all these wars and destruction are funded by the same people. They sit back and watch two sides, both certain they are right and doing for the greater good, fight to the death! Then they move on to the next war.. This is where my opinions go against the writings. The money trail leads to Zionism, yet the writings suggest the big boys, the Illuminati (operate under many different names nowadays and a LOT of evidence links them directly to the freemasons) are Satan worshippers.. I find it hard to believe that the people controlling these wars and religions actually believe in a religion themselves. If they do, it proves they are in fact just as deluded as the ones they control and it will be their downfall. A human being is never more dangerous than when they are convinced beyond doubt that they are right. This is the powerful tool cleverly used to control entire nations and is slowly but surely destroying our world forcing us in to a desperate need of help. This will be there, as the New World Order. My question is, do other Atheists agree? And theists, how do you feel about what I have just said?
  16. tHe mAd HaTtEr iS hARd @ wOrK A Very Merry UnBirthday To You. . . (Barry) (¬º-°)¬....(¬º-°)¬............щ(ºДºщ) (¬º-°)¬....(¬º-°)¬............щ(ºДºщ) Best Regards. __XoMbIeKiLL3R
  17. The people who control us will say anything to get us to agree with them, Every time we get fooled but people are waking up These people have their own agenda, to form a New World Order, That admit this in publications and their true colours are exposed. Humanity has been lied to and soon we will all be totally dependent on Government. We cannot allow our liberties to be taken from uslike this, We deserve better check out these quotes from the Evil minds who control us