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Found 2 results

  1. The Life Of Nikola Tesla Intro - Nikola Tesla It is not my purpose to claim to know all the wonders of the life of this great man who is acknowledged as one of the great inventors of all time. Those who give him that kind of acknowledgement on TV or elsewhere are not telling the whole story. There are secret projects underway that he was involved with. HAARP is just one example; it is an extension of his radio antennae that he spent a fortune trying to develop. These technologies are potentially able to destroy all life on earth; as they are kept by war-mongers and those who might leave earth for a while and then return to take over and start anew. Or maybe it will simply be a case of successful social engineering as the mind control uses get ramped out on space platforms to accentuate the ground carrier thought cloning already done by the likes of Michael Persinger. There was a time when Tesla was hood-winked by the power elite and despite him being a good person he was not politically as wise as we all must become if things are to really change. You will hear him describe how he developed his own ESP and Dimensional travel long before he was in New York when another mystery man named Aleister Crowley was opening a portal in the Amalantrah working that some say led to the Babalon working done by Jack Parsons (Jet Propulsion Lab's alchemist founding member) and L. Ron Hubbard. These things are also integrated with worm-holes and even more fantastic things but Tesla did not know his father had initiated him into the Orphic or Pythagorean Harmonic octaves very early in his life. I will also have to consider some of the things Tesla said which relate to aliens and other things deemed weird that even he may not have fully understood. Thus I will be taking a speculative journey and you are totally correct to speculate that I am wrong: just as I say Seen Casteel goes too far in saying a secret fraternal order got scientists who knew anti-gravity and went to Mars in the period when Tesla was born. Tesla gave up his man as a machine ideas and moved towards the great Yogi Vivekananda in later life and I agree with him that this Yogi's thoughts are scientific. HAARP is a furtherance of Tesla's training that included the Lost Chord and direct cognition of the Druids through one of three different sources I can align with he and Von Neumann (all three may apply). There are people who have used lesser technology including Hitler and the tepaphone that the Borgia/De Medici/Rothschilds used to 'remotely poison? (Kill) people. You might want to look up Frequency Fence, Persinger, and Bearden ( as well. Bearden says they will have to develop a better pulse weapon than they have said they are working with to make SDI work - and Tesla had that too. There are sites that ridicule Bearden and there is a neutral paper on Tesla and Bearden that examines claims of free energy or ZPF and energy in vacuum or deep space. I side with Tesla over de-bunkers any day. You will have to look many things up as you proceed through this book. I will give summaries or my thoughts but all knowledge relating to the subject of Tesla can not possibly be contained in one book. "Spirit is beyond the void of space. This realm, beyond the void, is not an empty nothingness; it is the womb of creation. -- Nature goes to the same place to create a galaxy of stars, a cluster of nebulas, a rain forest, a human body, or a thought... That place is Spirit." (1) The idea of thought coming from Spirit is a little general and not something I agree with unless he means REAL thought rather than regurgitated thought. Deepak Chopra is a great and wonderful human being who escaped the material competitive focused world and the 'expertise' that was his, as a doctor. However we have shown that science is getting dangerously close to finding templates or forms that mirror this kind of philosophy and it can be machine replicated. The church felt science was philosophy and that all things came from this kind of godhead in the 'Dark Ages'; and scientists have justifiably thought any mention of a bridge to religion is fraught with these kinds of intellectual authoritarian terrors. Perhaps now we can re-evaluate our belief in godly forces and not involve religious or priestly interpreters who ask us to 'follow' like sheep. To replace one set of interpreters with another form of 'expertise' is not good. Surely there is a balance that harmonizes with purpose and true knowingness. I like the thought expressed by James Watson in his foreword to Discovering the Brain. He said, 'The brain boggles the mind.'. It is also true that a lot of the 'boggling? has been done by those saying they seek God. Alfred North Whitehead is a panentheist luminary and philosophical genius with the heart of a true mystic like the great sages and alchemists of the dark and hidden past. I especially like these brief words of his. This is low level black ops compared to other things I deal with that Tesla got involved with. Here we have a mystic who knew a lot about the Harmonic and Light.
  2. Robert Baird

    Black Forest Haunting

    Many things converge in this fantastic case which occurs near a control center for Nuclear military and I suspect mind control site you have seen in the movie War Games. Ghosts are energy and this is a top Earth Energy site connected with Tesla and much more.