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Found 2 results

  1. r_burgeson

    procreation low level USA

    What do they expect? Indicators are the economy is tanking. The economy was such that young men are living in their parents basements. They have been programed to be lousy fathers and husbands. Marriage has been cheapened to the point that a woman does not expect the father to help raise a child. Single mothers do not want to spend the days waiting in food lines carrying a child. It is common sense that birth rates are falling. That everything for the 1% is biting them where it hurts. They asked for everything they get. I don't have a dog in the race, to old to raise children. The campaigns for the government to raise children is a complete failure. In fact all of their programs are a complete failure because they worry about consequences after the horse left the barn.
  2. BloodRitualMonarch

    The Montauk Project

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has been out to the Montauk / Camp Hero base recently. I was there in September of 2011 and was able to penetrate the radar tower. Someone mentioned that the entrance had been bricked over. Here's a link to the video I shot of that trip. I'm hoping to return next year. Cheers