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Found 1 result

  1. The Boston Marathon bombing was a horrible act. I really feel for the people who lost legs and feet, the child killed in the blast, and all others affected by this crime. Yes, there should be severe punishment but, at some point, we must take a deep breath and analyze the situation before a judge passes sentence. The press started discussing the death penalty based on "terrorist intentions". The surviving bomber is 19 years old. He was a productive member or our society until, it seems, his brother returned from a little trip home, for 6 months, then returning with full blown radical jihad ideations. I cannot see how this 19 year old flipped from "brand new citizen" to a radical Muslim without his brother's influence. Since this fellow is only 19 and has been a productive member of our society with a promising future, shouldn't we consider showing mercy by taking the death penalty off the table? If he is executed, we end all possibilities of his being rehabilitated and, more importantly, we create a martyr and Muslim extremists have new fodder for their hatred. Is the death penalty really wise, in this case?