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Found 4 results

  1. Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov, General Major of the Russian military, social military activist, candidate of technical sciences and chairman of the Conceptual Party: Unity, came across the materials of the Conception of Social Safety, and from 1991, began to spread this information In his series of 20 lectures, he covers such topics analyzed in the Conception of Social Safety (CSS) as: - Global Politics - The Crowd-"Elite" Structure of Society - Psyche Types - God as the Highest Hierarchical All Encompassing Governance - The Biosphere - Matrixes and Egregors - Enslavement of mankind by the - Global Mafia, using the - Biblical Matrix. - Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Secret Knowledge, The Structure of the Universe, REAL History. WATCH LECTURE HERE!: I will post the lectures here, for the first time translated into English. If anyone is interested in starting a discussion or sharing materials or views, or simply spreading this information, the forum is open. And support our Channel!
  2. Realestate is through the roof in California. The market is hot, Hot, HOT!111!! Guns are banned, all the bad guys are in prison, and everybody who's anybody wants to live in California! Ever more onerous building codes and ever more shoddy construction practices drive up the price of existing structures, the owners of which do not mind a bit. Come on, dude, realestate is supposed to appreciate. It only does that if they don't build it like they used to. If you don't buy a house now, you'll never own one in your life, and neither will your children. Never mind the moldy air-conditioning system you are dependent on in the extreme heat most of the year, or the Legionnaires' disease in the water system and air ductwork, or the odor of marijuana wafting through the common ductwork of that condominium where you bought a unit. Never mind the maintenance fees, or the conditions, covenants, restrictions, and haircuts. Or the gangs in L.A. I told you, all the bad guys are in prison already.
  3. Since 2001 I was under detrimental vibrations opening the Hell in me + the murderer(s), and this is what they did after it: (By the way, my clothes still smelled of the strange vapor even after they had repeatedly been in the washing machine and they were thrown into the dustbin. And several weeks after it, in the first time in my life, I have had ketones and bilirubin in urine, but perhaps secret police removed the other results.) Then there were detrimental cigarettes and pieces of colorless gases everywhere on my way, the cameras are not able to see it): The Organization that opened the Hell, sent the special destroyers and made the TV show (showing videos gained by cheats) about me, seems to be managed by Hellish people. They are the masters of human psychology and know exactly how to direct all the people against me. Please read & download their Simple Strategy. My writings are both the top of the world and some errors. Above all, these mistakes are the products of a brain damage and of the lying of other people including my close relatives to me and pretending that they all are Hellish, who were commanded by Hellish people to behave like that. In view of my condition, I plead more or less innocent to making those errors. These evil people have been running the majority of what is important in the world for thousands of years, including also religions with wrong information; artificially created wars; making of "Black spot" in the life of normal people (for this, information from secret observing of normal people are abused); they have prevented a better religiously-social system from being established; they gave this mankind a partially-wrong education and development... I am one of the true elected, chosen by "Holy Council" & "God" (there is no greater authority in the mankind than us). Hellish people know that (they are also the only ones deserving the "punishment" they are doing to me; the first thing I would do to them if I could, it would be that that I would place these evil people into the cells with the same oven and cooker like that on the pictures, and then they would break and feel sorry for what they have done to me and to the other innocent victims, removing this type of punishment from being used on people). But who is forbidden to know that, it's you. Something I have written: Maybe I am the only person in the world that explained the point in human life. Please download my writings. Thank you. PS: Hellish people pretend that they are heroes, which is not true. How would they behave with a damaged brain? When the ears hurt mainly from the sounds of jingling and one has problems to stand the sound of his own breathing? And now imagine a so much damaged worker of the Hellish Organization and then they would send children to jingle with a tablespoon before him and pictures would be shown to him reminding the tablespoon. Bad things would be done to him and would connect them in his sub conscious with the thought at the children and the tablespoon. After some time, this person would start to attack all the children who have the tablespoon with them (later even anything, reminding one or the other). Then he would be said: "You are a monster! An evil man that wants to prevent children from eating or even kill them for being hungry and that they want to eat?" Then they raise the feeling in him of being bad and guilty, and that he deserves a punishment. And then he mutilates himself. In the Hellish Organization there are many terrible things of this type. They are bastards and the God will punish them in a distant future (I was shown it). If every time - when they have used something like the above-mentioned - somebody threw bombs on their buildings and, for instance, did the above-mentioned torture to several of them, Hellish people would start to be afraid and they would not do that anymore. However, they have a secret agreement with the Hell, that from time to time they create a person with a damaged brain that will damage himself under the influence of his illness and of the Hell's demon.
  4. Reality glitches, also known as glitches in 'the matrix', are a phenomena occuring often but not scientifically proven. I first stumbled upon it on an imageboard where people were sharing their own reality glitch experiences. After a while I found a complete sub-reddit devoted to this subject (/r/glitch_in_the_matrix). here are some examples of stories I found online: I have never experienced such a thing myself unfortunately, but I am eager to hear whether one of you ever experienced such a thing or you know people who do.