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Found 2 results

  1. >>> A man working as a contractor at the White House was arrested by the Secret Service on Tuesday after the agency said it learned of a warrant out for his arrest. >>> The arrest of Martese Edwards stemmed from a warrant out of Prince George's County, Maryland, the Secret Service said, and he was taken into custody “at a checkpoint outside of the White House complex when he was reporting to work as a contractor.” <<< This guy was cleared to work as a contractor on the White House grounds, and the Secret Service did not realize he was wanted for attempted murder in a neighboring county? No. I don't believe it either. This guy, too. If I'm not mistaken, this warrant showed up supposedly from his past just recently, 4 years after the date of this article, and some of these articles are being back-dated to fabricate a criminal history for celebrity defendants in court. That NICS database system is hacked. It all stems from the gun control "debate" in Congress. "Don't oppose gun control if you don't want to be arrested on a fake warrant." That's the message that is getting through, and what the FBI is pushing through. They had to have a fellow Democrat take the fall for it, though, for fear that the public might start seeing through their propaganda and lies.
  2. Oh, they're straight. That's what straight people do. You're gay if you don't pay money for sex up in the air.