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Found 12 results

  1. A Catholic Charity organization. Gender identity and sexual orientation are at the top of its list of "concerns." There is a "questionnaire," that is, an inquisition. Too much "the question" to be asking front and center. Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order on May 2, 2018 to give recommendations on policies affecting faith-based & community programs among other matters. National Day of Prayer and all. We are left with no choice but to respond to this matter with complete frankness and merciless brutality. There are too many Catholics in government. There are too many Jews in government. Donald Trump appears to all intents and purposes to solicit and heed advice exclusively on the basis of religion, and of Roman Catholicism and Judaism in particular. Let us be very clear on this matter. Heterosexuality is not a religion. It is simply a carnal means of reproduction of the human species, rewarded by a base form of pleasure which is a natural part of the human condition. Neither the religion of priestly celibacy and castrated choirboys nor that of ritual male genital mutilation on the eighth day of birth has any room to talk whatsoever on matters of gender identity or sexual orientation. Nor is there a place for the religion of a man "permitted" to have four wives to enter into the discussion.
  2. This is a peculiar phrase from my former church. They say that some person "made repentance." Always in the past tense. Imperfect tense. Originally the phrase is from Finnish "teki parannuksen." Then it was translated to Swedish "gjorde b{a"}ttring," and finally to English. "Made repentance." Not "repented." This is not right. Repentance is not something that one can make or do. This is contrary to Martin Luther's doctrine. The original Finnish or Swedish suggests making oneself "better" in some way. What is really meant by this, then, is that one has effected a legal remedy or cure, that is, "cured" oneself of some serious breach of the Law in which one was found or caught. Thus there is no seeking of grace and no true contrition to such a "making" of repentance, but only works of the Law to better oneself by one's own merit in a perfunctory satisfaction of the Law's outward demands. Jesus has no place in such a Church, which also demands an outward circumcision of flesh and blood to satisfy its interpretation of the Law. The cops say there are 1000 of them here in Alaska. It's a cult of sexually repressed eternal virgins and prudish conservative men who somehow manage to reproduce like rabbits. Those who are disobedient to the cult mob bosses (preachers) have fertility problems, horrible STDs, breast cancer, and prostate cancer, etc. There is foul play on the road. Stolen drivers' licenses, arranged "accidents," auto insurance fraud, tampering with motor vehicles, auto theft and title-washing, etc.
  3. What does anyone know about Urantia? There is a website,, which claims, "Urantia Foundation, Since 1950, Original Publisher of The Urantia Book." The Wikipedia article,, claims the book originated in Chicago between 1924 and 1955. I know for a fact that these dates are false. There was a cult or sect called Urantia, active in the Great Plains, in particular North Dakota among other places, during the late 1800s. There was a book or collection of papers, called Urantia-kirja in the Finnish language, which was a sort of holy scripture to them. The reason I know this is because of the story of a visit my great-grandfather received probably when he was a child. The Indians came, carrying a copy of Urantia-kirja, in full ceremonial dress, as after a successful war or raid. When they entered the house, they stood, and at first they remained silent. One of the family told the Indians, in Finnish, "Istukaa!" (Polite form: "Sit!" or "Please sit down!") One of the Indians replied, also in Finnish, "Älkää istuko!" (Countermanding, formal negative imperative: "Do not sit!") Everyone remained standing. Then the one holding the book spoke in Finnish, "Älkää lukeko tätä kirjaa, pyhäksi raamatuksi!" ("Do not read this book, FINAL JUDGMENT!") Then the Indians turned and left and went on their way. The way it was spoken, those last two words were a heavy curse, but there was a double meaning, because in Finnish, "Pyhä Raamattu" means "Holy Scripture," so the whole sentence could possibly have been interpreted, "Do not read this book as Holy Scripture!" MORE INFORMATION: My great-grandfather was probably only a child at the time of this incident. Whereas in my family it was always considered a sin for a man to wear a necktie, and as even the Indians themselves explained, if I recall correctly, a necktie is a manifestation of a man's hidden desire to avenge himself of the discomfort of wearing it by tying nooses around the necks of the Innocent Ones, in any event the men from the Urantia cult always wore neckties. And yes, I believe it was about 1924, the earliest of the date range attested in the Wikipedia article, that the Urantia cult did make a reappearance. My grandfather, already the adult child of my ancestor who had received the visit from the Indians, was forced to flee the Plains by gunfire from men in suits and ties. His wife (my grandmother) taught me as a small child not to dwell or reside in the plains or lowlands, but to seek higher ground where there was less danger of flooding.
  4. Youtube and the CIA Let me start out by saying that I'm probably not onto anything new but this is something that annoys me recently. Every time I pass by any religious building or site on youtube all I hear about is how the world is about to come to a stand still. Every religion is putting up fliers both on the internet or in the real world on bill boards about end times nonsense. For myself I see it as a mass manipulation it seems like since the 1980's we've been gearing up for the big disaster and on cue the propaganda rolls from every man/women with a soap box to stand on. It seems youtube is a completely controlled gov. entity designed to manipulate people via phony religious leaders to drive people off whatever obvious cliff they have planned. It seems the narrative across the board via these phony teachers is to hate all other religions to create infighting, to also smear the existing culture of all religions to a liberal norm, and finally to establish that a major catastrophic event is coming soon via God.. Not a bunch of a**holes who planned it.. Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me? The Wild One P.S. Also it seems every conspiracy driven youtube is like a bad apple looks good until you bite into it. Most if not all youtube conspiracy related advice has one major issue with the author that pretty much makes whatever idea he's talking about become associated with totally socially unacceptable nonsense. Games pretty well rigged all around from the guys lying fake leading religion to the truther movement leaders. While many of the ideas leading people to these places are valid the provided leadership to govern the topic is anything but honest.
  5. 1. Does God have a name? Although God has many titles, he has only one name. In each language, it is pronounced differently. In English it is usually pronounced “Jehovah.” But some people pronounce it “Yahweh.” (Psalm 83:18) God’s name has been taken out of many Bibles and replaced with the titles Lord or God. But when the Bible was written, it contained God’s name some 7,000 times. Jesus made God’s name known when he taught people about God. (John 17:26) 2. What is God like? Jehovah is love. He cares about us all deeply and wishes that not one of us take the path of destruction. (Peter 3:9) We can discern God’s personality from the things he has created and the emotions we possess. For instance, the variety of fruits, flowers and animals, the beautiful landscapes and the warm sun that accompanies them. Joyful tears, love, kindness, compassion etc etc tells us of his love and wisdom. The size of the universe tells us of his power. (Romans 1:20) Jehovah knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows exactly how many hairs we have on our head. (Luke 12:7) Jehovah creates rules not for his own benefit, but for ours. If we follow the rules outlined in the Bible. It helps to prevent us from experiencing pain and darkness. He allowed his most beloved son Jesus Christ to die for us.. That should tell us how much Jehovah loves us. 3. How can we draw closer to God? In-order to draw close to the creator of the universe. We need to try and show Love, Honour, Dignity, Loyalty, Humility, Integrity, and most importantly help out your fellow humans. Jehovah invites us to draw close to him by speaking to him in prayer. He is interested in us individually. (Psalm 65:2; 145:18) He is willing to forgive. He recognizes our efforts to please him, even if we sometimes fail. So despite our imperfection, we really can enjoy a close relationship with God. (Psalm 103:12-14, James 4:8) 4. Why does Earth suffer from so much corruption? All of Jehovah’s works are perfect; he is not the author of unrighteousness; so he did not create anyone wicked. (Deut. 32:4, Ps. 5:4) The one who became Satan was originally a perfect spirit son of God. When saying that the Devil “did not stand fast in the truth,” Jesus indicated that at one time that one was “in the truth.” (John 8:44) But, as is true of all of God’s intelligent creatures, this spirit son was endowed with free will. He abused his freedom of choice, allowed feelings of self-importance to develop in his heart, began to crave worship that belonged only to God, and so enticed Adam and Eve to listen to him rather than obey God. Thus by his course of action he made himself Satan, which means “adversary.” (Jas. 1:14, 15) Why did not God destroy Satan promptly after he rebelled? Serious issues were raised by Satan: (1) The righteousness and rightfulness of Jehovah’s sovereignty. Was Jehovah withholding from mankind freedom that would contribute to their happiness? Were mankind’s ability to govern their affairs successfully and their continued life truly dependent on their obedience to God? Had Jehovah been dishonest in giving a law that stated that disobedience would lead to their death? (Gen. 2:16, 17, 3:3-5) So, did Jehovah really have the right to rule? (2) The integrity of intelligent creatures toward Jehovah. By the deflection of Adam and Eve the question was raised: Did Jehovah’s servants really obey him out of love or might all of them abandon God and follow the lead being given by Satan? This latter issue was further developed by Satan in the days of Job. (Gen. 3:6, Job 1:8-11, 2:3-5 see also Luke 22:31) These issues could not be settled by merely executing the rebels. So although it may seem horrible that Jehovah couldn't just destroy his enemies on the spot and prevent all this evil from befalling the planet. Jehovah had to allow it in-order to prevent any future questioning of his right to rule, and thus create a perfect paradise free from opposition or doubt. This 6000 year time period has proven without question that any attempt for humans to be peaceful and live in harmony with one another is impossible to achieve without Jehovah lovingly guiding us. 6000 years of pain > 100,000,000,000,000 years x Infinity of awesomeness. 5. Is the end of the world really near? THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “When you see these things occurring, know that the kingdom of God is near.” (LUKE 21:31) The Bible prophets were inspired by God to describe conditions that would indicate an imminent end of the world. Consider some of those prophecies and decide for yourself whether they are being fulfilled in our time. * Wars, famines, earthquakes, and epidemics of deadly disease. (Matthew 24:7, Luke 21:11) * Significant increase in crime. (Matthew 24:12) * The ruining of the earth by mankind. (Revelation 11:18) * People who love themselves, money, and pleasures but do not love God. (2 Timothy 3:2, 4) * The breakdown of the family. (2 Timothy 3:2, 3) * General apathy toward the evidence of the approaching end. (Matthew 24:37-39) * The preaching of the good news of God’s Kingdom worldwide. (Matthew 24:14) As Jesus said, seeing “all these things” lets us know that the end of the world is near. (Matthew 24:33) Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the evidence is convincing, and they share their faith with others by preaching in 236 lands. 6. What happens at the end of the world? THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “The world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.” (1 John 2:17) “The world” that is to pass away is, not the earth, but the world of mankind whose lives are not in harmony with God’s will. Just as a surgeon might remove a cancerous tumor to save a patient’s life, God will “cut off” the wicked so that good people can truly enjoy life on earth. (Psalm 37:9) In that sense, “the end of the world” is a good thing. Jesus called that future period “the renewal of all things.” At that time, he will restore humanity to the conditions that God originally intended. (Matthew 19:28) We will then enjoy: * He will swallow up death forever, And the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. (Isaiah 25:8) * A paradise earth with security and prosperity for all. (Isaiah 35:1 Micah 4:4) * Work that is meaningful and satisfying. (Isaiah 65:21-23) * The curing of all disease. (Isaiah 33:24) * The reversal of aging. (Job 33:25) * The resurrection of the dead. (John 5:28, 29) * Find exquisite delight in Jehovah, And he will grant you the desires of your heart. (Psalms 37:4) Basically we will be invited to spend eternity in the coolest place imaginable free from pain, death and ageing. We’ll be granted immortality to spend having fun and relaxing under Jehovah’s loving protection. And to all those who say living forever would be boring. Perhaps you’re right when you use this current world as a reference. But in Jehovah’s new world there will be everlasting content to enjoy. Jehovah’s creative abilities are infinite. If we do “the will of God,” what he asks of us, we need not fear the end of the world. Instead, we can look forward to it. 7. Conclusion We must try our best to help out our fellow humans and to love God as Jesus commanded. We need to try and avoid harmful practices such as: Sexual immorality, Greed, Arrogance, Hatred, Selfishness, Anger, Jealousy etc etc We must try and promote values of righteousness including: Love, Honour, Dignity, Loyalty, Humility, Integrity, and most importantly help out your fellow humans. Religion, skin colour, wealth, beauty, power etc are irrelevant. Your heart is all that matters. The Jehovah's Witnesses are currently the only organization on earth who are preaching the coming of Jehovah's Perfect Kingdom as Jesus instructed. They contain many key truths about life. I suggest you visit their page and have a peruse of the Bible Teachings / Answers section. It's very enlightening.. I don't want to break any rules by posting links so please Google: JW bible answers if you would like to find out more.
  6. Hello Everyone...... I'm New to this website but I've been very familiar with all sorts of Conspiracy Theories. I'm posting this Video to Religious thread Cause what I talk about in the LDS part of this Video... the video is about NWO but I have some interesting facts of the LDS religion that not a lot of people understand. It's a bit long but it you want to skip to about 20-30 minutes in.
  7. Hi! My first official forumpost here! I was wondering whether any of you guys has every heard of the Oscuri group? I have looked around on the internet and could find almost nothing about them. I am sure to remember to have read about them somewhere... What I remember Oscuri is this group within the Illuminati that has somesort empirial evidence of the existence of a God. Somehow they can translate this into predictions (since the evidence is mathematical based?). Only thing I could find on my internet searches was this disapproved wikipedia article: Do you guys know where I should look? Thanks!
  8. Great Pyramid DECODED as Solar System - This changes history! Think you know history - THINK TWICE! 'Discovering Giza's Lost Solar System' "That which has been is now; and that which is to be ~ has already been; and the Primordial requires that which is past." Ecclesiastes 3:15 Father time is awakened - uncovering mysteries sent over aeons from those whom came before; awakening answers to timeless riddles left hidden and forgotten in the sands of time. The Second Seal is now broken by the turning of the Second KEY. YOU who have awakened your mind's eye -and All mankind- are cordially invited to view a glimpse into our lost history: to be revealed the shocking conclusion of a riddle left to decode from prior man of a book now opened for ALL to read; a book of mankind's united lost history! Of this book - the greatest story yet to explore -A vibrant rich untold history written in coded messages left by a now vanquished civilization. modern day philosopher Descartes quoted - "The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest people of past centuries." ..and one of the greatest books NEVER read - is the great pyramid of Giza. This beyond hypothesis discovery answers and reveals Giza's time coded lost secret hidden in the outer reaches among Drops of Jupiter, and so for all .. Giza speaks it riddle; "The past has come and gone, the future is far away, now only lasts one second, ONE SECOND !" The Giza Solar System revelation uncovers the mysterious builders true intent to the Great Pyramid's interior layout showing a prior man's intelligence yet realised. This is the second of my personal ancient monoliths decodings that I wish to freely share of our lost history with all of humanity. If you have enjoyed PT the geometric giant, you are sure to be interested in this decoding of our planets last of the ancient seven wonders. These two video releases come with a warning label for Episode three to be released March 08TH - please bring a seat belt and strap your self in for the reveal of the now resurrected ancient Great Pyramid's HOLOGRAPHIC Blueprints recreated in full living color which will overwhelmingly take our forgotten history on a ride this civilization has NEVER witnessed! Be well. E.NOCH
  9. Practical Explanation ( For Example ) :- `1st of all can you tell me every single seconds detail from that time when you born ?? ( i need every seconds detail ?? that what- what you have thought and done on every single second ) can you tell me every single detail of your `1 cheapest Minute Or your whole hour, day, week, month, year or your whole life ?? if you are not able to tell me about this life then what proof do you have that you didn't forget your past ? and that you will not forget this present life in the future ? that is Fact that Supreme Lord Krishna exists but we posses no such intelligence to understand him. there is also next life. and i already proved you that no scientist, no politician, no so-called intelligent man in this world is able to understand this Truth. cuz they are imagining. and you cannot imagine what is god, who is god, what is after life etc. _______ for example :Your father existed before your birth. you cannot say that before your birth your father don,t exists. So you have to ask from mother, "Who is my father?" And if she says, "This gentleman is your father," then it is all right. It is easy. Otherwise, if you makes research, "Who is my father?" go on searching for life; you'll never find your father. ( now maybe...maybe you will say that i will search my father from D.N.A, or i will prove it by photo's, or many other thing's which i will get from my mother and prove it that who is my Real father.{ So you have to believe the authority. who is that authority ? she is your mother. you cannot claim of any photo's, D.N.A or many other things without authority ( or ur mother ). if you will show D.N.A, photo's, and many other proofs from other women then your mother. then what is use of those proofs ??} ) same you have to follow real authority. "Whatever You have spoken, I accept it," Then there is no difficulty. And You are accepted by Devala, Narada, Vyasa, and You are speaking Yourself, and later on, all the acaryas have accepted. Then I'll follow. I'll have to follow great personalities. The same reason mother says, this gentleman is my father. That's all. Finish business. Where is the necessity of making research? All authorities accept Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You accept it; then your searching after God is finished. Why should you waste your time? _______ all that is you need is to hear from authority ( same like mother ). and i heard this truth from authority " Srila Prabhupada " he is my spiritual master. im not talking these all things from my own. ___________ in this world no `1 can be Peace full. this is all along Fact. cuz we all are suffering in this world 4 Problems which are Disease, Old age, Death, and Birth after Birth. tell me are you really happy ?? you can,t be happy if you will ignore these 4 main problem. then still you will be Forced by Nature. ___________________ if you really want to be happy then follow these 6 Things which are No illicit sex, No gambling, No drugs ( No tea & coffee ), No meat-eating ( No onion & garlic's ) 5th thing is whatever you eat `1st offer it to Supreme Lord Krishna. ( if you know it what is Guru parama-para then offer them food not direct Supreme Lord Krishna ) and 6th " Main Thing " is you have to Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare ". _______________________________ If your not able to follow these 4 things no illicit sex, no gambling, no drugs, no meat-eating then don,t worry but chanting of this holy name ( Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra ) is very-very and very important. Chant " hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare " and be happy. if you still don,t believe on me then chant any other name for 5 Min's and chant this holy name for 5 Min's and you will see effect. i promise you it works And chanting at least 16 rounds ( each round of 108 beads ) of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra daily. ____________ Here is no Question of Holy Books quotes, Personal Experiences, Faith or Belief. i accept that Sometimes Faith is also Blind. Here is already Practical explanation which already proved that every`1 else in this world is nothing more then Busy Foolish and totally idiot. _________________________ Source(s): every `1 is already Blind in this world and if you will follow another Blind then you both will fall in hole. so try to follow that person who have Spiritual Eyes who can Guide you on Actual Right Path. ( my Authority & Guide is my Spiritual Master " Srila Prabhupada " ) _____________ if you want to see Actual Purpose of human life then see this link : ( {Bookmark it }) read it complete. ( i promise only readers of this book that they { he/she } will get every single answer which they want to know about why im in this material world, who im, what will happen after this life, what is best thing which will make Human Life Perfect, and what is perfection of Human Life. ) purpose of human life is not to live like animal cuz every`1 at present time doing 4 thing which are sleeping, eating, sex & fear. purpose of human life is to become freed from Birth after birth, Old Age, Disease, and Death.
  10. Does the Bible contain hidden prophecies?
  11. Hey.. I had the subtitles on while watching through Zeitgeist today, and noticed that at 01:43 into the documentary.. ..well.. ..Here's the actual text from the subtitles .. 01:42:32:21,01:42:35:21,You gotta take care of the whole community 01:42:35:21,01:42:37:21,or you're gonna have serious problems. 01:42:37:21,01:42:41:21,And now we have to see that the whole world is the community. 01:42:41:21,01:42:44:21,And we must all take care of each other that way. 01:42:44:21,01:42:46:21,And it's not just a community of human beings, 01:42:46:21,01:42:49:21,it's a community of plants and animals and elements. 01:42:49:21,01:42:52:21,And we really need to understand that. 01:42:52:21,01:42:54:21,That's what's gonna bring us joy too, 01:42:54:21,01:42:55:21,and pleasure. 01:42:55:21,01:42:57:21,That's what's missing in our lives right now. 01:42:57:21,01:42:59:21,We can call it spirituality, 01:42:59:21,01:43:01:21,but the fact of the matter is 01:43:01:21,01:43:05:21,joy comes from that bliss of connectedness. 01:43:05:21,01:43:06:21,Thatís our god spirit. 01:43:06:21,01:43:08:21,That's that side of ourselves 01:43:08:21,01:43:10:21,that really feels it, 01:43:10:21,01:43:12:21,and you can feel it deep inside you. It's this 01:43:12:21,01:43:15:21,amazing wonderful feeling, and you know it when you get it. 01:43:15:21,01:43:16:21,You don't get it from money, 01:43:16:21,01:43:18:21,you get it from connection. .. Strange right? .. 01:43:05:21,01:43:06:21, Thatís our god spirit. ..the guy speaking just pronounces this as "That's our god spirit".. So missing out the; í' .. Thatís our god spirit. ... ?????? .. I have tried to research it but cant figure out what it would mean, if anything, and who too? I took a picture of the subtitles on screen too but it is too large to upload on here :/ Any help?
  12. I was seven years old when I rejected religion completely. It was when I discovered there were more than one religion that I dismissed them all entirely.. Have look at this Now I just wonder how the statistics make you feel? Knowing that for a fact, even if you are a part of the most popular religion, Christianity (probably close to been taken over by Islam these days,) there is still a 67% chance that you believe in the wrong religion. No matter what religion you believe in, the odds are always against you. So what do you reckon.. fancy your chances?