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Found 5 results

  1. When the serpent first deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, and induced her to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he could not bear the curse that God put on him, that he must crawl on his belly and eat dust for the rest of his life. Therefore he changed his first skin of deception for that of flooding, and he cause the whole earth to be flooded three times: first by violence and bloodshed, second by water which broke forth from all the sources and fountains of the great abyss, the floodgates of heaven being opened, and third by the alcoholic spirits and liquors of fermented wine. Then he changed the skin of flooding for that of Jewish circumcision, demanding the mutilation of newborn boys in the flesh, and cutting off the Jews from all their neighbors in enmity and war, even though the Prophet Ezekiel rebuked the Daughter of Zion because she was so wicked that she justified even her sisters Sodom and Samaria. About 300 years after the birth of Jesus Christ, Satan finally changed his skin of Jewish circumcision for that of popery and Roman Catholicism. When the papists withheld the cup of Holy Communion and insisted on temporal works as a basis for eternal salvation, that wicked serpent changed the skin of Catholicism for that of false Lutheranism. These so-called Lutherans namely insist that man is saved by grace through faith, but they deny God's grace and remain under the Law, from which they demand not only the good works of Catholicism, but also the circumcision of the Jews, and even this is not enough to satisfy these false Lutherans' ardent demands for righteousness: no, they demand these works and more from the poor, not to promise them eternal salvation, but even to spare for them the bare necessities of temporal life from one day to the next. A fifth changing of the serpent's skin took place sometime about the 1800s when the Industrial Revolution brought country dwellers to the city for factory work. Opium dens, brothels, and other houses iniquity flourished, and all manner of street drugs and prostitution and fornication began to prevail on the earth, as those former false Lutherans never found the grace to be released from under the Law. I feel that the serpent is about to change his skin for a sixth time, but how?
  2. PLEASE SHARE AND REPOST!!! Possible AntiChrist - Alastair Cook (English cricket player) Alastair+Cook His initials are AC (for AntiChrist?) His wife has the same initials as him, and her maiden name initials are AH (for Adolf Hitler?) He has the same initals and first name as Aleister Crowley (famous occultist, said to be the most evil man to ever live) He is 32 years old right now (32 highest earned masonic degree in the Scottish Rite) He will be 33 years old on Christmas 2017 (33 is the highest honorary masonic degree in the Scottish Rite and is widely used in symbolism); and if his birthday is on Christmas, it will be easier to convince people he is Christ His name is Greek and means Defender, Protector of Mankind The English variation of his name is Alexander (The Great?) Alexander the Great: Interpretation of his birth was said to be "divine" Died at the age of 32 in Babylon The tower of Babel in Babylon stood for 42 years (significant occult and biblical number): The tower of Babel was built in defiance of God and was rebuilt as the European Union building: He is sponsored by Clydesdale Bank of Scotland (masonic Scottish Rite?) He was awarded Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II; and was also awarded the title of Commander (CBE) by Prince Charles (he is primed to be a humble politician or royalty; these sounds like masonic titles): He is an Ambassador for Austin Reed’s tailoring "Q Club" (was the information leaker "Q Anon" taken from "Q Club" ?): He has many facebook followers: He is tall, slender, and athletic - just like a Messiah should be He looks evil and frightening in one of his photos
  3. Post-partum depression? How much of this is legit and how much of it is her privileged white-Russian-Jewish guilt over torturing and mutilating her baby boy? I mean, face it, when you gotta take the knife to your baby's private parts, birth just isn't that joyous an occasion. Even Job cursed the day of his birth when Satan demanded skin for skin.
  4. Could you think of a conspiracy that would be larger or more twisted than convincing the entire world that "god" was "the good guy" of the cosmic spiritual war, and Satan was "the bad guy", when in reality the opposite was true? It's a interesting thing to ponder. After looking at what the Bible claims "god" has done, it definitely seems that his opponent might actually be "the good guy." Anyone have any other thoughts on this? I've been doing a lot of research on this topic and it really fascinates me. (One of my best sources is if you're interested.)
  5. Why would God be ok with them making money out of their ability If god gave you this gift would you tell him you used the gift he gave you to make money out of people who are grieving or seeking help???????? you never purchased your gift from God so why does that give them the right to charge? OR Is it god who creates this gift?????