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Found 1 result

  1. I tried to open an account at Ally Invest on June 1 this year. The opening ACH deposit ($10.00) cleared my savings account on June 4, and then the transfer was "reversed" after the fact three days later with a multitude of exorbitant fees on a false allegation that there were "insufficient funds" at the time of the initial deposit -- oh, by the way, they did charge an NSF fee of $25.00 in my savings account even though there were quite clearly sufficient funds to cover the $10.00 deposit. The NSF fee was refunded by the bank after I explained (and was able to prove) that there had in fact been sufficient funds at the time of the transfer. INDIVIDUAL-4137 60454137 06/04/2018 Cash Movement ACH DEPOSIT CTS(50662287) +$10.00 06/07/2018 Cash Movement REVERSE ACH DEPOSIT CTS(50662287) -$10.00 06/07/2018 Cash Movement ACH REVERSAL FEE CTS(50662287) -$30.00 06/08/2018 Cash Movement REV ACH FEE CREDIT +$55.00 So I received a credit, and now my account had a balance of $25.00, and all seemed to be well until I attempted to purchase one share of "NOG" (an oil fracking company) @ ~$2.89-2.90 + $4.95 trading commission. Not much, but again, there were sufficient funds for the trade, and I wanted to make sure after all this fiasco that my account was in good working order and that I actually could make a trade. Not so. My online order was refused with a red boxed warning that it was on "restricted" status and I was not actually allowed to place the trade, and then a few days later I discovered the following: 06/18/2018 Cash Movement REV ACH Fee Refund -$25.00 There was also a strange email notice of a "house call" for $30.00 in my account. Now my account was arbitrarily closed and the entire cash balance forfeited. Ally Invest informed me that they had made a "business decision" to close the account and refuse service and that they felt comfortable refusing to refund even my original $10.00 opening deposit. I informed them as politely as I could that after all this I would definitely be filing a claim with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation even for such a small sum as $10.00.