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Found 2 results

  1. Eon

    Targeted Individuals

    I wanna push the T.I. community in a positive way. I was diagnosed as Schizophrenic by the state to dismiss me as a lunatic. People can say that this discredits everything I say and do, but it was a political abuse by the state to nullify me. My family was in on it and they profited in the end. (I don't want others to fall into this trap) because I've been mindcontrolled and put through all kinds of shit because of it. They have been trying to kill me for awhile but I refuse to be taken down, I come from a poor state so my family and everyone around me are opportunists, they look for anything to make them happy, or rich. In the end I'm surrounded by scaley motherfuckers and have no way to escape. They keep me as a pet, either to entertain them or provide information. I try to document my experiences online but know that BIG DATA uses it against us in the end. The way I could describe the feeling is being human and surrounded by bodysnatchers. Everything in my life is scripted, all the people are actors, I just offered my life to God and hope he has a plan for it cause I gave up on humanity and having any sort of life. Deep down they are all 'robots' especially in the U.S. they are all brainwashed by money and I don't fit in cause I can't be bribed or bought out, people like me are hunted down like animals because we have souls I know this is a plan for all people opposed to the New World Order. I don't want others to follow in my foot steps tho. By the time I figured Gangstalking and Cointel Pro was in my life it was too late. It was actually my mother who sold me out to the state. I wanna join other T.I.s however I am under heavy surveillance, more than usual T.I.s. Like the truman show but heavy v2k and my state sold me out. I am trying to move. But if we can join forces in the T.I. community we can push our community in a new direction. I have a lot of intel on our gangstalking and everything but I am facing this alone... If I can find others we can spread out and apply pressure to the illuminati. I know that they use data trails on our computers, satellites to map us out, targeted advertising and social engineering to try to keep us in line, plus the people they use against us. It's all mind control. They implant thoughts into their subconscious to make us self sabotage and if they can't effectively do that they brainwash others to make sheeple be against us. I live with my grandparents and they effectively brainwashed them to gaslight and dismiss all my cases even with facts and research. I researched every conspiracy except T.I.s until I became one. I feel like my whole life has been social engineered by the government and even aliens watching us (archons) who manipulate our reality. I have heard a testimony by Zeph Daniel* who indicated that I am on a life-path selected by the dark occultists and illuminati just to have my life ruined and obscured. Honestly I don't want you people out there to care, but I have been targeted by having heavy intel on all of this. I know about the deep state, illuminati, reptilians, deep underground bases, brainwashing, mkultra, everything. I have researched for atleast 10 years. I battle these bastards everyday. NSA, etc. I know heavy dirt on them but I need to push the population towards it. I can't do all this shit on my own. One of my friends said that they are going after 1st generation T.I.s and they are gonna get rid of them because they have information to handle this shit. We need to reach out to the old T.I.s and save them, atleast. I quit instagram, facebook, youtube, because they are infiltrated by the illuminati. I bought a book on how to deprogram myself and it helped a lot. I was able to unbrainwash myself, get rid of the T.V. but also block out subliminals. I know about the Masons, the Bonesman, etc. While trying to create my own secret society I gathered some of their secrets. I don't need money but just people to relay information and that's it, I don't want the C.I.A. or reptilians misleading the T.I. community after all the things I did to help them out in the past. Please help me out.
  2. I was targeted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after I was arrested and sent to the 52nd division station. At that station is the first time I was subjected to chemical sprays and other various forms of torture. Since that time I am being followed almost 24/7 and have been chased across 4 provinces (they drove us from our home and we are now homeless). They're using remote eeg monitoring on me in an attempt to drive me to submission (that seems to be their goal, that or just to kill me) In Halifax the city I'm in now they're using lots of chemicals they strategically place around the city to spray me and my girlfriend Liesa Scott (a emt I met called it good spray). We are in constant fear and feel this is the work of the Toronto police, RCMP, CSIS or some other government agency. The amount of time/funding they put into this is mind boggling. I just want to get the word out in case me or my girlfriend go missing or get offed by these people (My name is Harold Ostgaard and my girlfriends name is Liesa Scott)They have made it very clear the death of me or submission is their objective and since this city is composed of lots military I fear that our situation will continue to degrade. If anyone has any exp with this or ideas that might help us survive I would be very grateful for the info.