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Found 2 results

  1. There is quite an online community of "targeted individuals" who say they have been gangstalked and/or harassed via high-tech electronic means. I know gangstalking is real, (it has happened to me,) but I am somewhat skeptical of some of the far-out claims that are made of the capabilities of chip implants, mind control, satellite surveillance, and so forth. I think there are plenty of ways within the realm of established technology to accomplish some of this surveillance and harassment that is reported. I list here several TI/GS/EH websites, but I prefer to reserve judgment as to each particular website: I know as far as electronic harassment goes, the Russians used to beam high-powered microwave radiation into the U.S. embassy in Moscow, so it is entirely plausible to me that similar things are done to individuals targeted for different reasons. Also, some of these sites accuse others of being fronts for disinformation, and that may be true, because there is certainly a lot of disinformation floating around on this topic. It makes me a little suspicious the way the TI/GS/EH thing has become such a "meme" on the internet. This might have a tendency to over-unify people's disparate experiences of being stalked and harassed. But it seems to happen all over the world, so I do think there is a conspiracy here. What are your thoughts on this? EDIT: This has been reported in the news media lately. ‘Gang-Stalking’ And Electronic Mind Control Community Spreads OnlineFlyers threatening “gang stalking” scaring people in Guilford * pdf 1 * pdf 2
  2. youtubevideos

    Experiences as a Targeted Individual

    I am a computer hacker, skateboarder, artist and former whistleblower and I have been a targeted individual since about 2009 (age 15). YouTube video about some of my experiences as a targeted individual - I was strangled at the skatepark (2009) - I was confronted by police at my school due to uploading a picture of graffiti to facebook (2010) - A detective came to my door and falsely accused me of arson (2011) - Genetically designed insect infestation (2012) - Harrassed at work by illegal immigrant co-worker (2013) - SWAT teams in camouflage outfits carrying asssault rifles raided my work (2015) - Someone saw me walking across the street and sped up to try to hit me (2015) - A man was found dead face down in the grass right across the street from my condo (2015) - Diagnosed with psychosis and continually subjected to forced tranquilizers (early 2015-present) My main YouTube channel is Do any of you guys have similar experiences?