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Found 1 result

  1. There is none. That's a rank in the military. "Private" just means that you are on your own, not a whole "company" under your command. A "unit" that is just one person, "personal" being a synonym to "private." No actual privacy in the enlisted men's barracks. I don't want to be snarky or put people in their place, but officers' quarters are first-degree murder territory. No witnesses. There can be none. The officers need privacy to make plans, because those are the kind of plans that generally make certain other people very unhappy. So after work, they go back "home" to their quarters and they'd better be prepared in case their quarters are already occupied by somebody hostile. Or bugged or planted with listening devices. There is not much of a "comfort" factor to military rank, and at the least suggestion of such there is a lady on the street "willing" to provide it. Even the generals have to live in a state of "paranoia," looking over their shoulders not only for foreign enemies but for domestic political enemies in Washington, D.C. Haven't we all seen the news of them getting in serious trouble on stupid petty accusations, almost invariably involving some "lady"? Purely politically driven. Soldiers complain of "transvestites" nowadays, but even in the Civil War there were women who dressed up as men to fight, and any of the boys who were looking for "comfort" from them were in for a rude surprise. (Of course the super-short men's haircuts of the modern military were not in style at the time of the Civil War, so a woman did not have to shave her head in order to look like a man.)