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Found 33 results

  1. I suspect top secret German military response to threatened "Brexit." This is serious.
  2. Hey guys, we went to the biggest UFO conference in the world and wanted to do a video on it but WOW it was so mind-blowing that we did a whole series. This last video is about our experience …let us know what you think 9: 08 is where we talk about how Emery Smith showed us how to make contact with ETs. Amazing amazing experience gest UFO conference and witnessed how Emery Smith showed a bunch of people how to make contact with extraterrestrials, isn't that somethin?
  3. Hey guys, we went to the biggest UFO conference in the world and wanted to do a video on it but WOW it was so mind-blowing that we did a whole series. This last video is about our experience …let us know what you think 9: 08 is where we talk about how Emery Smith showed us how to make contact with ETs. Amazing amazing experience
  4. I will keep it simple. 1) Interstellar cigar shaped object moving towards earth - unidentified. 2) NASA to have a "Huge press conference" on Thursday 14th December - Unknow reasons 3) Figures add up - See here; December 14th Historic Events which had high numbers of fatalities ; a ) Year - 557 - Constantinople is severely damaged by an earthquake. b ) Year - 1287 - St. Lucia's flood: The Zuiderzee sea wall in the Netherlands collapses, killing over 50,000 people. 1287-557 = 730 year gap between these 2 events. If we then add a 730 year gap to the last event 1287 + 730 = 2017 These 3 points add up and to me cause slight concern. Keep your bunkers stocked up peeps.
  5. Hello fellas.. I recently went close to area 51, to hike and camp with my friends to see if we would be able to see or catch any Unidentified Flying Objects. (UFO). We didn't see or find anything unusual, but on that trip. I decided to bring a Radio Scanner. To check if we would be able to listen to the guards talking and reporting things. For the first 2-3 hours, nothing came up. So i left the scanner on to see if any radio signals came from any frequencies, our luck came when i heard 2 large beeps, long ones. I thought it was the scanner itself, but it wasn't when i heard Morse Code coming through the radio. I jumped in the car and pressed the record button, but accidentally transmitted 1 sec or even less. (You'll see why that matter later on.) We were really shocked about our discovery, listening to it was quite a shock, we thought we had discovered some kind of "Top Secret" talking or message between states or something. About 2 min into the Morse Code, we could hear a truck approaching, about 500 meters away, and at that moment we were hit with some kind of Jammer. I really wish i didn't press the Transmit button while hurrying to press the Record button. Cause i think it was my fault. Anyway, when i got home, i copied the recording to my computer, and googled for some Morse Decoding software, i spent about an hour trying to find some software, but it seems that they're not able to decode it. So i ask you for help, if you can decode it, or know anyone who can. Unless it's not Morse Code, if you know what it is please let me know. ~Almar. morse.mp3
  7. Something Hanging Out From A Cave On Mars
  8. Mars Pyramid Video
  9. ISS Ufo Watch

    Artifact On Mars
  10. ufo at the ISS
  11. Massive Structures Found On Moon
  12. courtesy of Bobby from Texas via The Alex Jones Show Feb 25, 2008 PT 2 of 2
  13. Dark_Mask

    Strange Light

    Hi I'm new here, im from Poland and I want to ask you what I was looking at couple of times. This is real story not a hoax. First sight was near Sierpc this is a small town about 160 km from Warsaw, It’s one of the places where there is no powerful light source like from big cities so you can watch beautiful night sky with billons of stars. One evening (about one year ago) was walking around the farm with my head up high watching for a satellites moving in space and then I have spotted a strange point of light. It was looking like star but difference was what it had a light coat like sometimes moon have (sometimes older peoples said that is prediction of cold in next day), more strange was thins that when I did look at the point where this light was it just turn away and disappear! Well I was thinking that maybe it was a helicopter and I went to house, because there was nothing to talk about I didn’t tell anybody about my observation. Couple months ago brother of my girlfriend come to house (the same location near Sierpc) and he said “You will not believe what I’ve just saw, it was a kind small beam directed at my and that it turns away and disappear”. This was interesting because this is a type of men that doesn’t bother with this kind of stories. It’s not the end. About month ago I was driving (again at Sierpc city) with my girl she was the driver I was sitting next to her as a passenger. I thinks that wasn’t a half way what I took me head to see night sky form the front window and guess what I sowed? The same object pointing light at my location for about to second maybe more and just turn away and disappears. What it could be? Description od an object – it’s on high or very high altitude. This beam of light its kind of short but visible as powerful source of ligt that can be pointed at target. This beam was visible only when I was pointed my eyes at its location, for me it is always pointed at my before I took my eyes on it that it always turning away and disappear. Whan its vanished in to a darknes of a night there is no other light like those in planes or helicopters blinking for showing their position for other planes. Its, just disappears. Sorry for my English, I’m hoping that my story is clear fot u. One thing I don’t have any pictures or movies because it’s happening to fast, but form the last time I trying to act to capture this – It’s a must! J Thank you for any answers and ideas!
  14. HarIGWEBIKEMegiddo


    [[courtesy of SecretSpaceVolume 2]] ------ "The transliteration behind the story of Adam and Eve is that they were deceived by a shapeshifting reptilian entity." [[SHIELDOFTHESON - YOUTUBE]] ------ "Ancient Humans were NOT cavemen but very ADVANCED and the KNOWLEDGE did not come from imposters posing as ALIENS." courtesy of Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations by Steve Quayle ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY was not known by humans till it was taught to them by FALLEN entities [[[courtesy of SHIELDOFTHESON on YOUTUBE]]] --------" The word WITCHES comes from the FACT these FEMALES became the WIVES of the FALLEN entities and their offspring ARE the GIANTS." [[courtesy of Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric & Ancient Civilizations by Steve Quayle]] " ------The reason the HEBREWS were instructed by the Creator to slaughter whole nations was because their genes were CONTAMINATED by the FALLEN entities." [[[courtesy of The Book of Enoch]]]---------------------------- "DEMONS are the imprisoned SPIRITS on EARTH of DECEASED giants who ARE the offspring of the FALLEN entities." MOSLEMS cannot take RESPONSIBILITIES alone.. FALLEN entities instigated ISLAM through ROME in order to STEAL Jerusalem and this has caused DIVISIONS.. PALESTINIANS are JORDANIANS
  15. Spaceships in San Joaquin Valley, UFO during NASA spacewalk and a fireball in Florida.Why the sudden boost this month?
  16. This is the best Analysis of the UFO.Alien phenomena I have seen in 20 years. This is a must read for any serious Researcher. -WARNING- Graphic images and content: (Human mutilations/Autopsy photos, and UFO Mutilation videos
  17. These strange figures were spotted on Mars by the Curiosity rover. They appear to be moving some debris from a crash site. But that's just me. What do you think?
  18. conspiracynut

    Is There Life On Mars?

    ATC looks at the possibility of Life on Mars and the search for life so far.
  19. Revelations meanings of MH370 and MH17 Hy guys! It's been many years since I started to study the meaning of the numbers, symbolism, specially sacred and religious ones. This is my first blog about these subjects. I don't want you to believe me, just take a time to read to see for yourself. And then MH17 happens! Check it out. Nelson Honda
  20. In 1976 NASA took a picture of a remarkably human face on the surface of Mars - is it a monument made by ancient aliens or just an optical illusion?