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Found 1 result

  1. The story that I’m about to unfold is about a technology that is being used to induce all kind of psychological illnesses to us without our awareness. Bare in mind that these things that I discuss is not something that a person would easily understand because of the period of this invention and because of the way it’s being hidden in front of our own eyes. Only a person who would think out of the box, who would further research into my findings and who would try to understand these psychological illnesses by talking to victims and analyzing their experience in a different way, would be enlightened about the actual cause and the existence of such a technology. There are millions and millions of people who are experiencing various types of mental illnesses throughout the world. By searching the Internet you will find so many people around the world who are complaining about a mind control technology that is being allegedly used by the NSA which they call as RNM or Remote Neural Monitoring, mainly these complaints are made by a group of people who call themselves as targeted individuals (TI’s). Does the technology truly exist out there? According to my experience and research yes it does, this hidden technology is not only capable of monitoring neural activities of our brains, it is also capable of stimulating brains precisely to induce voices (precise stimulation done to the auditory cortex, visions (precise stimulation done to the visual cortex), manipulate emotions, controlling the body (precise stimulation done to the motor cortex), smell, taste, thoughts etc... They use a satellite grid, which covers the globe to achieve this and the waves that is being used to stimulate our brains cannot be blocked by any known shielding methods that we use today. Further, most likely these are scalar waves and they have used people around the world as lab rats to develop the technology, to kill people silently and to induce various mental illnesses to shut them down. I never had an interest in doing a research in this field. However, due to an incident that I faced made me to do so and this is what Dr. Robert Duncan, a person who has worked for the CIA telling about the technology. - An Interview Another Doctor’s experience: Victim Complaints: Is it right to do a behavioural analysis or a psychoanalysis to treat people who are suffering from psychological issues, is chemical imbalance theory true? Are we prescribing drugs which are actually not working? Though people around the world talk about a mind reading technology, so far we haven't seen any person or any organisation has ever done a proper investigation into this to see whether there's a truth to these claims. However, this article will guide you and give you evidence for existence of such a technology and I hope people around the world would understand the material that I have presented here and spread an awareness to ban these satellites and help the humanity. Having said that, in summary, I will be discussing the reason behind, 1). Tinnitus 2). Auditory Hallucinations (or voice hearing/command hallucinations) 3). Visual Hallucinations and all types of hallucinations (including Olfactory (Phantom smells), Tactile, Gustatory etc.… 4). Delusions 5). Thought broadcasting phenomena 6). Gang-stalking phenomena 7). Synesthesia 8). Bi-polar Disorder (Reason for sudden mood changes) 9). Borderline Disorder 10). Multiple personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD or DID) And there could be many more which I’m still researching and trying to find the cause of cases such as (phantom limbs, ghost stories, God stories, depersonalization etc.. !!! You could be aware that there are so many voice hearers around the world who says that before they start hearing voices, they went through an experience where they thought others could read their minds and I experienced the same thing even though I'm not a voice hearer or suffering from any psychological illnesses. I was having a normal life and my family never had any type of psychological illnesses as well. Few years ago, I went through a personal issue with a close friend of mine and while these issues were happening I felt like this friend shares everything what’s happening between us with friends that is known to both of us while denying doing so. The reason for me to think in this way was due to some Facebook posts made by these friends and therefore at one point I had to stop associating this friend completely and I also had to remove this friend from my Facebook profile including the friends who were making posts, since I came to a situation that I couldn’t trust any of them and I was so mad with these friends. Strangely few days after I removing these friends, my other friends also started making posts related to my incident. It was like this close friend that I removed started talking or sending messages about this incident to all my other friends and then after few months for me it was like everyone knows about the things happened between us. Whenever I talked to my friends to know if this close friend has said anything to them, they always said no and denied any knowledge of the personal issues that I faced. However, Facebook posts always made me to think that somehow these friends knows everything that happened between us but they are not willing to tell me the truth on how they get to know this or what their role in this either. Since I see these continues posts for months and months, I started distrusting everyone and stopped associating almost all of my friends thereafter. Then at one point I started experiencing that these friends started making comments on what we discuss at home and later I also experience that people in live television shows talked about the things that I think and the things that we talk at home. At times people in radio stations also started commenting on what I was thinking. All these things made me to think that this friend is taking a revenge from me in a way that I couldn’t even believe and now this friend somehow have managed to get access to a hidden technology to read my mind as well. Due to these incidences I was in such an anger with my friends but I also couldn’t find a way to explain this to anyone either, since I knew that no one would believe me even if I did. While these things were happening I started searching online to see if such a technology actually exists. However, on the first day when I tried to search online for this I got a sudden power cut in my area and strangely these power cuts started happening whenever I tried to search online about mind reading articles. After this happening for sometime I once called helpline of the power company in my area to find out the cause of these power cuts and I found out that the power cuts were due to sudden damage happened to the power transformers in my area. At the same time now whenever, I log on to Facebook, the first thing that I happened to see is a article about a dead person, which was sort of a threatening to my life. While seeing these posts, I still kept on searching online to see if there are people who complaint about a mind reading technology and to my amazed for the first time I saw that people talking about a technology used by the NSA to do mind reading which they call as RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) to harass people but it was pretty hard for me to believe the existence of such a technology at first. However after few weeks, things happening around me convinced me that the technology actually exists. Further I tested the accuracy of mind reading by thinking of specific topics and numbers, to my amazed it was 100% accurate. Due to certain incidences I knew that not only thoughts are able to decode, what my eyes are seeing and my intensions as well. Therefore, I thought that these people who complaint about this technology online are not crazy, certainly there’s a technology exist and somehow this close friend of mine also got access to this system through a known friend and now using this technology on me to further harass me and trying to put me down mentally. This friend had lots of International contacts around the world and this was another reason for me to believe in this way. I knew talking about this with others would put myself in trouble since this seems to be a technology that is not known by the public and I see Facebook posts with threats as well, however, because of the things happening to me I took a risk and made a decision to meet my friends again to discuss about it. Few days before I was about to meet them I suddenly start hearing a high frequency tone (this was so loud only I could hear) in my head and further it was also like electricity running through my body and I was in such a pain that whole day. Later that day night they reduced the volume of this tone up to a level where I could barely hear. Few days after this again I started researching online to see what this tone was and I found out that some people who complaint about Tinnitus hear the same tone. I also found out some strange cases of Tinnitus as below, CASE STUDY 1: @romar Hearing Random High Pitched Frequencies? Postby Friend » Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:18 am "My uncle has suffered from tinnitus for over ten years, and the sound is so loud he sometimes can't hear what other people say. Then last fall he was on a walk and suddenly the tinnitus just stopped for about 10 minutes and my uncle was in awe. After that it came back though. My point here is that if it's somehow subconsciously or even consciously possible to get rid of the tinnitus" This person was suffering from tinnitus for 10 years and it has stopped suddenly for 10 minutes. For whatever the reason the sound stopped for 10 minutes and started again. Which means a unique brain wave or an electrical activity in the Auditory Cortex has suddenly stopped for 10 minutes and then this same activity with the same unique brain wave has started again by giving this person the perception of the sound of same Tinnitus. The question is, if his ear was damaged or the brain was malfunctioning in someway can his ear suddenly be recovered from this for 10 minutes only after 10 years? CASE STUDY 2: “My first attack of the ‘dizzies’ and vomiting was in 1999, I had no idea of what was happening. After two or three more attacks I visited the doctor and voiced my concerns. She said she’d give me something for the vomiting and prescribed Stemetil suppositories because nothing taken orally would stay with me, but NO DIAGNOSIS. By early 2000’s the Tinnitus in my right ear had changed from the summer cricket sound to music and singing. I told no one because my first thought was I was losing my mind. This resulted in my blood pressure rising while my self esteem plummeted. I just wasn’t myself for a long time.” Strangely her tinnitus changed from cricket sound to music and then singing (It's weird). Due to these strange cases, it was convinced me that Tinnitus must be due to this same technology that is being used on me. Further, they induce this tone on me whenever I tried to research online and I happened to spend my days with this unbearable (according to doctors it’s a phantom tone) tone in my head. I was in a situation that I still could not explain this to anyone cause I knew that no one would understand my situation. However, after this happening for sometime, I met a friend (though I had doubts in him now) of mine and discussed about this while I was seeing threatening posts on my Facebook wall. This friend clearly told me that he had no clue about the things I faced in my life and then actively helped me to get me out of this situation, which created a sense of trust in me again about him. I asked him to talk to another friend who I thought was involved in this, who made Facebook posts relating to my incident. These two friends are meeting so often so I knew they will not hide things from each other but strangely he also had no clue about my incident. This way I managed to create a chain of trust and talked to other friends as well to find out if anyone knows about anything. Strangely again no one really knew about anything about the issues that I faced in my life and it also made me to understand that the close friend of mine has never shared any personal things happened between us with any other friends of mine. This was so puzzling me as these Facebook posts that I saw was directly relating to my incident. Further I also knew that the mind reading technology do exist beyond any doubts due to the way I tested the existence of the technology. As I mentioned earlier, I thought specific topics and numbers to see the accuracy of mind reading, then strangely my friends made posts directly relating to my thoughts, people in live tv shows and radio stations talked about the topics that I was thinking. This happened to me beyond any coincidences that we experience in our normal lives. At this moment I further started talking to these friends and tried to understand why they have made certain posts in certain days as these are the things that made me to believe that they somehow know about the things happened between us. Not only that, one day I was listening to a song and while I was listening, I was singing this song from my mind but then again even after the actual song is over I kept on singing a part of this song for sometime. However, after sometime, I realized that I couldn’t forget this song or stop this clip from playing in my mind no matter how I tried. It kept on playing throughout the whole day. After this first day I experienced this strange new phenomena again and again on some days. These are not the only strange things that happened to me, there were days sometimes that I saw dreams of my friends and then strangely, the next day when I log in to my Facebook, I see that this particular friend has made a post and the comment were directly relating to the things that happened to me in the previous day. Again, I experienced this phenomenon beyond any coincidences and I couldn’t find any explanation of whatsoever. However, after I talking to these friends I found out that whenever I thought of doing something or was thinking of some particular topic, friends who I thought who could read my mind, happened to do the same thing or started talking or thinking about the same topic or a similar topic at the same time. Further, I realized that these events can’t be coincidences as this kept on happening for months and months and sometimes I happened to see these cases more than 10 times throughout the whole day. By carefully analyzing these events I found out that the PROBABILITY of facing these kind of coincidences has gone so high which ultimately made me to believe that all these friends are making posts for me by knowing the incident that I faced with my friend and also they were able to know what my thoughts are and what I do at home as well. These incidences were almost spoiling my whole life. If this happened to any other person, he or she would also start thinking that others are capable of doing mind reading or they know about your personal life and in your case these people could be your neighbors, people in streets, people in radio and television programs or even people around the world who knows your personal life or can read your mind. While these things were happening I started looking at how our brain works and then by carefully thinking about the song that I couldn’t forget from my mind whole day, I came to an understanding that they (NSA) somehow managed to induce these songs to my brain and kept playing. Then I thought if this is true then they should be able to induce thoughts to people (cause the song was actually a thought that kept on repeating in my brain), make people to see things (cause of my dreams), hear things, smell things, feel things (or to induce various sensations), taste things and also to control our body. Neuroscientists have already found out that there are brain waves in the Auditory Cortex when we perceive hearing and also when we stimulate the Auditory Cortex we hear sounds. This is what psychologists and neuroscientists saying about voice hearing.,405977,psychologist-persons-with-schizophrenia-believe-their-inner-voices-in-their-heads-are-strangers.html “The psychologist added that there is also a group of healthy persons who do not meet the criteria for mental disorders, who also hear voices in their heads. According to research carried out in the Netherlands, this affects as much as 5 percent of the population. These people have no difficulty with normal functioning and do not feel discomfort because of the voices, therefore do not meet the disorder criteria. “It happens, for example, after the loss of someone close a relative can hear that person talking. It is called a psychological phantom. This phenomenon is somewhat similar to phantom pain that can occur after amputation, when severed limb seems to hurt. And this due to the fact that there is still its representation in the brain.” “Neuropsychologists may explain auditory hallucinations with stimulation of the auditory cortex. “We know that when auditory cortex is stimulated, it begins to produce auditory experiences. Sometimes – we do not know why yet – this part of the brain is stimulated spontaneously. This means that without appropriate sounds, words from the environment, we can hear voices” – said the scientist and added that a healthy person would begin to hear voices or sounds, if he or she had an electrode implanted into the auditory cortex. Stimulation of the primary auditory cortex would make the person hear crackling and noise, and stimulation of the secondary auditory cortex – more complex listening experience, for example voices.” Further, following is a link to voice hearing groups and networks, Further, I understood that by stimulating the right (specific) area of the brain would make us to experience different perceptions, including thoughts. Thought is a perception that we experience when there are electrical activities or brain waves in a specific part of the brain. Every thought will generate a unique brain wave or an electrical activity, which will help us to differentiate from one another and by thinking we generate these activities in the brain. Therefore in my case, I came to an understanding that whenever I started doing something or thinking of something they decoded my thought and managed to find a person in my friends list to make these posts by stimulating the brain and inducing thoughts to them. They stimulate the brains of the people/friends around me precisely to do so. Hereafter, I predicted that if they can induce thoughts by stimulating the brain, they should be able to induce voices, induce all kind of hallucinations, making people to believe that the God is talking to them, ghosts or spirits or even aliens. Further, I realized that things like sudden mood changes could also be achieved by simply stimulating specific parts of the brain since our experiences, including emotions are perceptions due to these electrical activities or brain waves in specific parts of the brain. At this stage I predicted that the voice hearing that people experience around the world must also be due to this hidden technology. WE KNOW THAT EVEN IF A VOICE HEARER TRAVEL TO ANOTHER COUNTRY, THE VOICE HEARER WILL STILL HERE VOICES, THEREFORE, THESE EVIDENCE HELPED ME TO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE’S A SATELLITE GRID, WHICH COVERS THE GLOBE AND THIS GRID IS NOT ONLY ABLE TO DECODE OUR THOUGHTS 24X7 BUT TO DO A NON-INVASIVE BRAIN STIMULATION AND TO MANIPULATE HUMAN PERCEPTIONS AND ANIMALS. I also tried to find out the capabilities of these voices. Following cases were copied from online web sites: CASE STUDY 1: Following is a comment made by a VOICE HEARER, please see what the voices are saying, Voice hearer’s comment: Raina Walks “if i needed to get somewhere i did not know the directions to…they would literally lead me there without me having looked at a map…just with them directing me…it is heady stuff…” Now strangely these chemical imbalances of the brain will tell you how to navigate the world by producing unique electrical patterns or brain waves in the Auditory Cortex and guide you. Now if we do a logical analysis of this case, we know that every word that we hear will create a unique electrical pattern or a brain wave in our Auditory Cortex. For example if someone says “HI” to us this “HI” will create a unique electrical pattern or a brain wave in our Auditory Cortex and give us a perception of hearing the word “HI”. Similarly if someone says “HELLO” to us this “HELLO” will create another unique electrical pattern or a brain wave in the Auditory Cortex and give us a perception of hearing the word “HELLO”. Due to these unique patterns or brain waves that generates in our Auditory Cortex, our brains are capable hearing these unique words. Now the strangest thing is that these voices can have logical conversations with us. For this to take place, voices (or something) should understand what we think, process it and then the reply should be generated in the auditory cortex by creating unique brain waves in the Auditory Cortex which will represent the answer so we can hear. Take this as an example, you ask what’s 53 X 999 from these voices, a normal person will not be able to answer this without using a calculator but these voices will answer you and tell you that it’s “Fifty two thousand nine hundred and forty seven” now for you to hear this answer, your Auditory Cortex must generate unique electrical patterns or brain waves for each of these words then only you will be able to hear the correct answer. If not you will hear some gibberish word or whatever sound/word that reflects the new electrical pattern or the brain wave that appears in the Auditory Cortex. Now what would be your view? do you think a bio-chemical imbalance can do this? Meaning generating unique brain waves or electrical patterns in the Auditory Cortex reflecting words to perceive the right answer when that person has no ability in answering this question without using a calculator? Strangely these voices can do this! As in Eleanor Longden’s case voices has helped her to pass the exam. How can these brain waves arise if a voice hearer doesn’t know the answer? This is the link to Eleanor Longden’s experience. Secondly will take the comment made by the voice hearer, in the above post voices clearly know how to guide a person to get to a location even if she doesn’t know how to get there. Assume you traveled to London, and now you need to find exactly where “Studio 338” club is, strangely these voices will guide you and guiding means whatever these voices are must understand the city of London and must understand where the club is, must understand where she is staying currently and then only voices can tell you how to get there. Which means take this root, turn left, go 100 meters etc.. turn right so on and so forth. Every word that the voice hearer hears must generate unique electrical patterns or brain waves in our Auditory Cortex then only the voice hearer will hear what these voices are saying. Meaning, to hear “Turn Left” a unique electrical pattern or a brain wave must be generated in the Auditory Cortex to perceive the hearing of the direction given by the voices. Strangely even when the person has no knowledge of this, this new voices phenomenon can do this. Further, why the majority of these voices commenting the voice hearer negatively on their actions 24/7 ? Why don’t we hear the voices of cats, dogs etc.. 24/ 7 ? Ain’t these are electrical patterns or brain waves which generates in our Auditory Cortex? The sound of a cat or a dog will have a different pattern but our voices will have another pattern depends on the words that we have spoken. End of the day it’s all brain waves or electrical activities, which arise in our Auditory Cortex. CASE STUDY 2: “The voices constantly told me they were never leaving, and that I’d have to learn to deal with it. They told me that our entire society is inside of a quantum computer, and that we are all just lab rats, being studied by their people. In particular, they told me that I was being “stress tested” to see how stress affected my memory. The voices constantly asked me questions about my memory and asked what medications I was taking, whenever I took pills. I could hear these voices clear as day, as if through a radio of some kind. On a few occasions, I actually saw people that correlated with the voices, faint visual hallucinations. Mind you, prior to all of this, I led a fairly normal life with no history of psychosis or mental disorders, except mild PTSD and ADD.”” “ Strangely these voices are saying that they are doing a stress test to this person. Can a bio-chemical imbalance generate these unique electrical patterns or brain waves in the Auditory Cortex, that reflect this complex well-structured words in the brain to perceive or hearing these words? This voice hearer should not have an interest in doing a stress test to himself in this way. Therefore, is it possible to generate these brain waves in the Auditory Cortex with the help of his own mind when that person has no such intentions? CASE STUDY 3: “My subliminal voice always kept me safe at dangerous times and safe from dangerous people. I always seemed to know most events in advance, and this protected me and my family from nasty stuff. But the voice also made me lose almost my whole capital at the age of 40, and showed me that I could start from scratch. And I did. At the age of 53 I re-started to medidate and I experienced qi cong resonance within a month. This seemed to help me a lot with my health issues. I have been hearing the voice since the last 6 years, and the voice tells me exactly what will happen in the future in different parts of the world, and it also tells me what my colleagues are up to.” How come voices can tell the future? Voices telling the future means, unique electrical activities or brain waves should appear in this person’s Auditory Cortex which will reflect words related to the things happening in the future in different parts of the world. Can a bio-chemical imbalance do this? CASE STUDY 4: ford442 29-10-2009, 08:41 “i have schizophrenia and i hear voices from time to time.. i find its easy on LSD to hear echoes of people’s voices you have heard recently.. like visual tracers – other senses leave the same brief sense memories.. hehe.. one time though the voices told me something i couldn’t have known – they informed me that the 9/11 attack was about to happen in new york.. ten days later it transpired… i don’t know what explains this – but it could have been something bleeding through from other living people’s thoughts i suppose..” Again, how come brain waves or precise electrical activities/patterns appear in the Auditory Cortex, which reflect these words that are related to future events? Further these are well-structured grammatically correct words. Every word has a unique electrical pattern or a brain wave, which gives us a perception of hearing these unique words. It’s highly unlikely that these unique brain waves is being created due to Bio-chemical imbalances, brain malfunctioning or miswiring, while the person who experience voice hearing has no way of predicting these future events. CASE STUDY 5: Medy Santiago December 2, 2015, 9:51 am “I started hearing voices when I was in the 5th grade and continued through out my adult life. The voices would tell me things that were going to happen and it exactly happened the way I heard. I also experienced visions when being awake. And what I saw in my vision, I saw exactly on later.” Again voices can tell the future by producing unique brain waves or electrical patterns in the Auditory Cortex, which reflects the words and let the person to hear what’s happening in the future. CASE STUDY 6: “My voice gathers information from around the globe and gives me heads up months in advance for important events. Sometimes, it can be wrong in its deductions, but most of the time, my voice is right in its look-ahead exercises. I think my voice is telepathic across the collective voice. Family members, my husband, does not hear voices, he says, but they gave him schizo pills, cause he has a bit of paranoia. He saw the Japanese tsunami of 2011 in his dream, 5 months in advance. He reassured me that we were not in it. Thank God, it was true. I usually see the earthquakes and volcano eruptions.” There can’t be a way of producing these unique electrical patterns or brain waves in the Auditory Cortex reflecting well-structured words (or to perceive these words) with future events. Our dreams are also due to unique electrical activities or brain waves in a specific part of the brain. It’s highly unlikely to see a dream of a future event such as tsunami. Seems like this tsunami itself is man made. They have done a dream manipulation on top of stimulating the Auditory Cortex of his wife to hear voices. CASE STUDY 7: “I am now happy to say that I still do hear voices, yes… and we get along great (and will forever continue to do so). My voices really helped me to become a better, stronger person, and sometimes they still do the devil voice when they are in a joking mood. Actually, they can do any voice they want (man, woman, child, God, devil, British guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Mexican, someone I know, etc.). It’s a skill they have that I’ve learned to appreciate, and I find incredibly entertaining.” Voices can imitate any person’s voice. Every person must have unique properties of his or her voice that will differentiate from other voices. Our brains are being precisely stimulated to experience this. A bio-chemical imbalance is highly unlikely the cause of this since we don’t have that kind of a capability and seems like that person has never tried to develop this capability either. CASE STUDY 8: “Hence the quite significant interplay on physical things especially the erotic…. but also sight (they see what you see), smell…. and for example, they don’t like me eating or having sex. they lie like hell… and try to give the impression they can put thoughts in your mind…. wich is all about power. having said that i have had several clear instances where they know things i don’t know… i’ve been woken up, and told to listen to the news… and it will be something related to what we were talking about the day before… they have also known things about to happen in the IMMEDIATE future… things already decided, that I am about to find out (literally just minutes before i find out); for example – they have told me of a phone call from so and so… just before it happened. they can see things nearby… that I have not yet seen, but will any minute …. eerie stuff… they have tried to use this to give the impression they can make these things happen, Oh… and they can also sense when i am about to get an SMS on my phone…. they try and claim responsibility for making the person send it…. but when it is a marketing SMS it blows their claim. Yet I cannot explain how they know it’s coming. They have also made a big show of moving my cursor on the screen on my laptop, while I had a witness! weird stuff cetainly, but not impactful enough to convince me that they can ‘make the internet crash’, a claim they then made…. lol.” Again, these voices can tell the future by producing unique brain waves in the Auditory Cortex that reflect words related to things happening in the future, voices can make you see things by stimulating the visual cortex. This is the area where we experience the perception of seeing. They can also move the mouse pointer of a computer. Can a brain malfunction do this? CASE STUDY 9: “I have spent three years and gradually the voices have come to me. First they started in actual people speaking and it was as if the words were meant for me to hear them. Then after a short time in a psychiatrich hospital i started to hear voices. The voices are in multiple languages and have nearly always been positive. I am learning to cope with them and learning appropriate social skills to deal with them in social settings which is not very simple.” Most likely voices will know languages that you would not know. How a bio-chemical imbalance in the brain can create these brain waves in the Auditory Cortex, which reflects words from different languages if the person doesn’t even know? While every word has a unique brain wave it is highly unlikely that our brain is capable of producing these unique electrical activities for us to perceive these words or hearing these words, if we don’t know the language or neither to pronounce it properly. CASE STUDY 10: cb November 2, 2015, 10:27 am “I work third shift so I sleep during the day. I awoke to a male voice saying grandma. I scared me half to death. My heart was racing and I had a hard time falling back to sleep,because I was waiting to hear something about my grandmother. I was worried for them. I told my fiancé about it and he said it’s nothing. Well that night at work my friends uncle and grandmother passed within an hour of each other. What’s up with that? Was I supposed to warn her. And how was I supposed to know who? I’m just confused. I’ve kinda always knew when things were going to happen to my family, but no one else’s.” Again, voices tell the future. Two people have passed away at the same time. Does that mean voices also have a capability to kill people even? CASE STUDY 11: “Ash November 29, 2012 at 6:10 pm | Permalink | Reply One thing I have always been confused about when it comes to hearing voices is whether or not the voices have to be heard externally to be considered hallucinations/hearing voices. I wonder this because I hear voices, but I know they are coming from inside my head. They shout so loud that I can’t focus on anything around me for more than a couple seconds. They have hurt me and made me cry because of what they have said. One of them has even given me the sensation of someone shoving a sword into my brain; the pain was so bad that I thought I was dying, but I was too scared to go for help because I didn’t want to make it worse.” Voices can hurt you and give you pains as well. There must be electrical activities in the part of the brain where we perceive pain. CASE STUDY 12: dontwakethedragon “Wow, those experiences of yours are very similar to my misadventures. They are really good at getting you to be dependent on them. One night about a year and a half ago the voices told me to get on a bus. I was dropped off in a town I did not know at all geographically speaking. I got lost and the voices literally took over my body and led me back to the area I was dropped off. Experienced automatic writing as well. Mine also told me to tell doctors different things. Very scary stuff.” Voices are capable of guiding people by producing electrical activities or brain waves reflecting unique words and direct them. They know the unknown to the voice hearer and have a very good idea about locations. They must also understand where the voice hearer is staying currently to guide. For automatic writing to happen there must be activities in motor cortex of the brain. CASE STUDY 13: Chris April 10, 2011 at 5:10 PM | Permalink | Reply “I heard voices of everyone I’ve ever known in my life and tons of celebrities and politician” “Also I was told tons of conspiracy theories were correct before I’ve ever heard any of them”. “This includes the bilderbergers (name for masonic members to meet once a year) plan to depopulate the planet, the HAARP project, project bluebeam, all prescription drugs are posionious, vaccines are really posion, that the group known as the illuminati really exist, 9/11 terror attacks were an inside job by the American government, the plans to create a world government etc… Anyways I was told the apocalypse is about to happen soon and they’ve appointed a real life anti-christ (though they know Jesus was just a fictional character created by Satan). Ever since I’ve heard this story the voices stopped but everywhere I go I see people wearing shirts with freemason written on it or masonic signs.” Brain waves in the Auditory Cortex, which reflect voices of celebrities and politicians. People’s voices that we hear have unique properties that differentiate one voice from another. How come the Auditory Cortex generate these brain waves with the unique properties of voices of celebrities or politicians when that person doesn’t have a capability to do so? CASE STUDY 14: VOICES, HALLUCINATIONS AND DELUSIONS “I became extremely paranoid and believed everyone knew my face,” said Brian. “I believed the whole country knew me and even people in England knew me and to this day I still believe that and I have had to live with this ever since.” “It made things so much worse and I started to hear voices and hallucinate, something I never experienced before. It was quite scary. I dropped out of a college course and gave up playing soccer which I love. I lost interest in everything as I couldn’t cope with the voices and the hallucinations. I became severely depressed too as a result.” Explanation: In Brian's case NSA has used people in England, his city, people in television programs and induced thoughts for them to talk about topics that are related to what Brian was thinking. It could also be directly relating to his life, his daily work etc… that made him to believe that everyone knows about him or can read his thoughts. A delusion can be induced to a person by inducing specific thoughts to people around a victim and increasing coincidences such as talking about the same topic or wherever a victim goes he or she will see a person wearing a unique color (such as a red dress) making some gestures to the victim, to look at the victim or it could also be vehicle’s with a unique color (such as white) stopping near a victim always. All these done by inducing thoughts to people around a victim. CASES LIKE THESE WILL HELP ANYONE TO UNDERSTAND THE EXISTENCE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY. TO UNDERSTAND THIS, DOCTORS OR BRIAN, SHOULD ANALYSE THE THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS AT PARTICULAR TIMES AND WHAT PEOPLE AROUND BRIAN (THIS COULD BE PEOPLE IN THE CITY, TELEVISION PROGRAMS, RADIO STATIONS) SAID OR DID FOR MAKING BRIAN TO BELIEVE THAT OTHERS KNOW HIM WELL OR CAN READ HIS MIND. THIS ANALYSIS WILL BRING SOME SURPRISING RESULT TO BRIAN’S DELUSION. ANOTHER WAY TO UNDERSTAND THE EXISTENCE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY IS TO ANALYSE WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT THEIR GANG-STALKING INCIDENTS. WHICH IS ANOTHER INDUCED DELUSION. There are so many other types of delusions can also be induced to people by simply stimulating brains of people around him and inducing thoughts or making them to act in a certain way (by stimulating the motor cortex and make certain gestures which are meaningful to the victim). I also found out that the technology is so advanced and precise stimulation could be done to motor cortex to do precise body movements, gestures as well. OTHER DELUSIONS: · He/She might think that they are famous or have a connection with a deity or celebrity (Grandiose Delusions) · That the partner is cheating (Jealous type) · That some one or people is there to get you (Persecutory type) · A famous person is in love with him/her · A neighbour is watching or stalking · Thought broadcasting or others can hear his/her thought – This can be achieved by inducing thoughts to people and make them to talk about similar topics that the victims is thinking. A PROPER ANALYZING OF THOUGHT BROADCASTING PHENOMENA WILL HELP US TO UNDERSTAND THE EXISTENCE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY · Believe radio, television stations are talking about you GANG-STALKING DELUSION - TARGETED INDIVIDUALS To induce this delusion, the NSA will stimulate brains and induce unique gestures to people around a victim (this would be a sign to the victim), make people to wear a dress with a particular colour and induce thoughts them to go the same place where the victim is staying or about to go (this can be done since our thoughts are being decoded 24×7) or vehicle’s with particular colour would park or stop near the victim. Even if a victim travels to another city, NSA stimulates brains of people in that area to do the same. This would terrify these victims and devastate their lives. All these are induce incidences goes beyond any coincidence, when a victim experience this more often throughout the whole day and for months and months they simply start believing that there’s a gang harassing him or her. In the above video at 3.17 a women suddenly started scratching her hair and the victim itself explain that he experience this 20 to 30 times a day which was a meaning a signal to the victim. This is achieved by precisely stimulating the motor cortex of a person by targeting the victim. In this case the women who scratches the hair but the women has no idea of the victim. Delusions such as people following (sometimes in voice hearers), stalking them, a famous person is in love with them, everyone knows him/her are all done by using similar methods. Further, in certain cases of targeted individuals, NSA stimulates brains of thieves and makes them to steal from their houses wherever they travel. They simply find a thief in the area that the victim is staying and then induce thoughts to these thieves to steal things from them by creating a situation. THEY USE COMPLEX DECEPTION TECHNIQUES TO DECEIVE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD. EVEN AFTER READING THIS IT WILL BE PRETTY HARD FOR ANYONE TO UNDERSTAND THIS. THESE PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCE GANG-STALKING WOULD COMPLAINT THAT THEIR GOVERNMENTS ARE ALSO INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME, CORPORATIONS OR SOME LOCAL GANGS BUT ACTUALLY THIS IS DONE BY NSA’S MIND READING SATELLITE GRID, WHICH COVERS THE GLOBE AND HIGHLY ADVANCED PROGRAMS ARE ACTING ON US DO GIVE THESE EXPERIENCES. NOTE THAT INDUCING THOUGHTS TO A NORMAL PERSON WHO IS NOT A THEIF WILL NOT MAKE THEM TO STEAL THINGS FROM OTHERS SINCE WE ALL HAVE OUR UNIQUE PERSONALITIES THEREFORE, EVEN IF WE GET THE THOUGHT DUE TO BRAIN STIMULATION, WE WILL NOT FOLLOW THESE THOUGHTS, WE WILL SIMPLY REJECT BY THINKING HOW WEIRD THOSE THOUGHTS ARE. THEREFORE, THEY MUST FIND THE RIGHT PERSON AND THEN INDUCE THOUGHTS TO THEM WHERE THEY WILL LIKELY ACCEPT THOSE THOUGHTS AND THEN WORK ON IT. BUT THE ART OF INDUCING THOUGHTS TO PEOPLE AND USING THOUGHTS TO CONTROL MINDS OF PEOPLE ARE SO POWERFUL AND CAN ACHIEVE MANY THINGS. FOLLOWING IS AN ONLINE NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT GANG-STALKING PHENOMENA According to the article: “The study found that false victims “consumed more medical services” than genuine stalking victims, and were “more likely to be embroiled in legal action” as well as reporting their alleged harassment to authorities faster and more frequently than actual stalking victims. Conspiracy theorists frequently describe the use of “psychotronic weapons” among the many mind control techniques.” “Psychiatrists and psychologists have at least partially blamed the internet itself for such theories, citing an “extreme community” that encourages delusional thinking – that people in red and white cars are watching them, individuals lurking by their bedside as they sleep, and seemingly complete strangers are actually snickering at them in public, The New York Times describes.” For the medical community this is a delusion they still don’t have a clue that this delusion is being created by inducing thoughts, gestures etc. to people around a targeted victim and further, this delusion can be easily induced to any person by creating these incidences around a person. Experiencing these incidences at first would devastate people’s lives and they will go mentally down. LINKS TO GANGSTALKING AND TARGETED INDIVIDUALS FACEBOOK GROUPS: People worldwide who call them as targeted individuals complaint that they are being followed by secret group or their thoughts are being broadcasts (this is an induced delusion) and they are being attacked by a technology called V2K (Voice to Skull) are all due to this remote brain stimulation technology. Further according to my research NSA satellite grid has various capabilities such as inducing, 1). Visual hallucinations – Can be achieved by precisely stimulating the visual cortex. 2). Tactile hallucinations – Can be achieved by precisely stimulating the visual cortex. 3). Controlling body – Can be achieved by precisely stimulating the motor cortex. 4). Olfactory hallucinations – Stimulating the relevant brain area. 5). Gustatory hallucinations – Stimulating the relevant brain area. 6). Somatic sensations – Stimulating the relevant brain area. 7). Mood changes – Stimulating the relevant brain area. 8). Synesthesia – Ex: This could achieve by capturing one particular perception and triggering another perception at the same time. VISUAL HALLUCINATION: This girl is playing with her imaginary friends (cats), again, this is achieved by stimulating the visual cortex just like what they do to your auditory cortex. SYNESTHESIA: Example: Capturing the brain wave / electrical pattern of the perception of a particular word or a sound and trigger an event to stimulate the olfactory cortex precisely to give a perception of a unique smell to that particular word or sound. Various types of Synesthesia can be induced to people by capturing one perception and then use that to trigger or manipulate human perceptions. THERE IS NO MISWIRING IN THESE PEOPLE’S BRAINS. THIS IS DONE BY THE TECHNOLOGY MAKING US TO BELIEVE THAT THEIR BRAINS ARE BEING WIRED IN A WEIRD WAY. Ex: sight -> sight , sight -> smell , sight -> sound , sight -> taste sound -> sight , sound -> smell , sound -> sound , sound -> taste touch -> sight , touch -> smell , touch – > sound , touch -> taste Above is only a few cases of Synesthesia, we can do many tricks and induce many types of Synesthesia!!! People with Bi-Polar disorders, Borderline disorders, Dissociative Identity disorders etc.. and various types of other psychological disorders can be induced by stimulating the brain. By stimulating the right areas of the brain with thoughts, anger, sadness, hatred or even feeling of love can be induced to people. In DID victims, there must be changes in the activities of motor cortex, visual cortex and other relevant brain areas that will reflect characters coming out of these victims. In some cases 100 of personalities coming out of these patients and these are very unique personalities which comes out. These victims and doctors are thinking they have developed a coping mechanism, which is only a false belief, these are artificial personalities control human's by stimulating various parts of the brains. According to my research this technology must be used by the secret society that they call themselves as illuminati (Jews) and top freemasons. They used the technology in Europe in the 17th century and then later in the 18th century they have established US as their head quarters to control the world and finances. US seems to be running a fake election, their presidents are being selected well advanced by illuminati who are members of the secret group. Conspiracy theorist also talked about a shadow government but in reality they run the government by electing their own people and managed to keep this secrecy without the public getting to know for over a century now. This is also the reason why the US presidents are freemasons, Jews or illuminati. PLEASE WATCH THE BELOW VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND THE HISTORY OF PEOPLE WHO ARE BEHIND THIS. – Myron C Fagan also mentions that illuminati scientists used wireless communication long before Marconi invented radio. Myron C Fagan’s audio will also let you understand the history of illuminati. Have you ever heard of Baba Vanga? This is the same reason why Baba Vanga’s prophesies or predictions were right cause these events are well planned by illuminati decades and decades in advance. They have induced dreams and possibly voices to her to make these unique claims. She predicted 9/11 terror attack (voices has told this to many people), 2004 tsunami (you will see that voices can predict tsunami’s), presidency of Barack Obama and the global warming. Following link will direct you to her predictions. Have you heard of T B Joshua’s prophecies? NSA stimulates the brain to induce dreams and possibly voices to him to make these claims. He is actually another victim of this crime. NOT ONLY T. B. JOSHUA, THE VOICES THAT PEOPLE HEAR CAN ALSO PREDICT EARTHQUAKES, FLOODS OR TSUNAMI’S AND THIS WILL ALSO TELL US THAT ILLUMINATI IS BEHIND ALL THESE SAD INCIDENCES THAT HAPPENED AROUND THE WORLD – Indonesia Plane Crash – Malawi President’s Death – Earthquakes v=bVrrPu6bZm0&index=11&list=PLFXyqE7wNYI41DCsacIP8QMrDR2-CpJT0 – Malaysia Plane MH370 – About Turckey – Michael Jackson’s Death – Syria – Typhoon in the Philippines – Indonesia Terror Attack – Paris Attacks Finally based on my research, the brain is being decoded long before than any of us could possibly imagine. The first person to complaint about such a technology was James Tilly Matthews in 1797 and the name of the machine was called as the “Influencing machine”. His case claimed to be the earliest clear description of schizophrenia in British psychiatric writing. This is the period where Illuminati were planning for world domination by using their hidden technologies as mentioned by Myron’s. Then in the 18th century we will see a sudden increase of asylums in Europe. Seems like people experienced paranoid schizophrenia at first in this period and so many people has complaint that they feel the sensation of electricity running through their body, they also complaint about voice hearing experience as well. EARLY SATELLITES: Black knight satellites were launched by illuminati scientists decades and decades before Soviet Union launching the Sputnik I satellite. UFO’s that people see could also be due these hidden technologies that is used by the Illuminati. THE CLIMATE CHANGE THAT WE EXPERIENCE TODAY IS AN INDUCED CLIMATE CHANGE. THIS IS THE REASON FOR WHY BABA VANGA’S PREDICTION IS BECOMING TRUE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE. It’s very clear that today we are having a false understanding and trying to treat these victims by doing psychoanalysis but I hope one day people would understand that this is a crime and it must be stopped soon!! This could be possibly the BIGGEST CRIME ON HUMANITY that we will ever get to know. Their technology is so advance and they have also managed to develop artificial personalities and most of the things that you experience today are being controlled by AI’s using the MIND CONTROL SATELLITE GRID which covers the globe and this grid is capable of stimulating our brains precisely to induce all kind of psychological illnesses to us, capable of monitoring and decoding our brains 24X7. These satellites are also capable enough to kill people with cancers, pneumonia, heart attacks, damage internal organs, tumours, induce suicidal thoughts to people by creating right incidences, kill people by accidents etc and make us believe that the certain deaths are natural but in reality it’s not. Further, conspiracy theorists are saying that this group is working on a one-world government and this could also be true that these Jews (illuminati) and top freemasons are actually working on it. THE VERY FIRST DAY WHEN I FIRST STARTED WRITING THIS ARTICLE, I GOT SO MANY THREATS FROM THE PEOPLE WHO ARE USING THIS TECHNOLOGY THROUGH FACEBOOK POSTS. AFTER I MAKING ONE POST REGARDING THIS CRIME, I HAPPENED TO SEE A MAJOR NATURAL DISASTER IN THE WORLD. THEREFORE, I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS GROUP IS NOT ONLY HAVING A TECHNOLOGY TO STIMULATE OUR BRAINS REMOTELY, ANTI GRAVITY FLIGHTS (THE REASON FOR UFO’S SIGHTINGS), THEY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO CONTROL WEATHER (PROBABLY HAARP - THEY CAN MAKE MAJOR FLOODS IN ANY COUNTRY), CREATE TORNADOES, EARTHQUAKES, (NIKOLA TESLA’S INVENTIONS), FIRES., THEY WOULD CREATE MAJOR DISASTERS TO DISTRACT AND DESTROY LIVES IN THE COMING YEARS. THEY ARE ACTIVELY WORKING AND TRYING TO CONVINCE US THAT THE CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL AND IT’S MAN MADE BUT IN REALITY IT’S DUE TO THE TECHNOLOGY THAT THEY USE WHICH CAUSES THIS. THEY MUST HAVE ACCESS TO FREE ENERGY DUE TO NIKOLA TESLA’S INVENTION AND THEY HAVE USED THIS TECHNOLOGY ON 9/11 ATTACK TO PROCEED WITH THEIR AGENDA’S. DR. JUDY WOOD REMARKABLY EXPLAINS WHAT HAPPENED DURING THIS DAY AND FOLLOWING IS A LINK TO THIS. - Here, you may see what's happening to a hurricane that day! Do you know that voices told voice hearers about this attack? This is the exact reason that the voices are capable of predicting these incidences. AN EARTHQUAKE DUE TO THIS HIDDEN TECHNOLOGIES: “The last two or three weeks have been exceptional, there is no question about that,” Gibson says. “But in terms of worrying about whether it means an even bigger one somewhere else, I don’t think so. “Wu Pak-cheuk, who heads the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, tells TIME that a correlation between the two sets of earthquakes is highly unlikely, because they “are a little too far away, and not on the same [tectonic] plate.” Voices predicting Donald Trump to be the next president? Remarkably, again these voices were able to predict that Donald Trump is going to run the presidency. These are fake Gods. Everything is well-planned in advanced. This is the prediction by Baba Vanga. “Baba Vanga supposedly warned Muslims would invade Europe in a ‘great Muslim war’ which would end with the establishment of an Islamic caliphate by 2043, with Rome as its epicentre”. IT SEEMS TO BE THAT ILLUMINATI IS PLANNING A WORLD DESTRUCTION. THEY HAVE ALSO CREATED ISIS AND OPEN UP BORDERS OF EUROPE TO PUT THESE TERRORISTS TO EUROPE AND TO DESTABILISE AND DESTROY EUROPE WHILE THEIR INDUCED CLIMATE CHANGE EFFECTING LIVES AND COUNTRIES WORLD WIDE. THEY ARE THE PEOPLE BEHIND WORLD WAR I AND II, SO IT WILL NOT BE A BIG DEAL FOR THEM TO DO THE SAME. I HOPE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD WOULD START LOOKING AT THESE CASES DIFFERENTLY AND DO MORE RESEARCH TO SAVE THE HUMANITY! IT’S TIME FOR US TO WAKE UP!!!