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Found 2 results

  1. The Samoan government is shutting down for a short time, supposedly to allow for the mass vaccination of the population against a measles outbreak. Is that the truth? Or is it a cover for a mass euthanasia event being blamed on a natural virus?
  2. I have read and heard about members of the elite, trying to substantially lower populations to a great extent. This is because of the belief that the earth can no longer sustain the amount of persons living on it, and that only persons with certain bloodlines are "good" enough to occupy the earth. As a result, the elite are doing everything to kill as much persons as possible through vaccination, by purposely spreading diseases, and by tampering with food and water supplies. I know that some persons are very skeptical about this, however I am not, I know that people are capable of such evils. I came across an article about John Holdren, one of Barack Obama's senor advisor's, and his beliefs about population reduction, and decided to search further about this, and saw the following on Wikipedia: Read more: John Holdren What are your views and thoughts about this? Do you believe that the elite are purposely killing people to reduce the world's population?