Today is Data Privacy Day!

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Oh excellent, I was just going to come in here and post about this.


Here is another article about it that looks pretty good:


and an excerpt from that:


"Privacy is not a luxury," adds Dan Kaminksy, noted security researcher and chief scientist at security firm DKH. "It's a core element of dignity. We've been willing to justify and allow too many things on the basis of 'well, what does it hurt?' Well, it hurts human dignity! And as it happens it's not a 'well, boo-hoo.'


One issue I have with this situation is that the onus is on the individual once again.  In other words, it is up to each one of us to investigate all of this and make choices about what aspects of our information we are willing to give up - meaning which components of our privacy we are willing to give up - in exchange for what benefits.


Doing that kind of research is time consuming and, to me, annoying. I made a choice a long time ago, when I first got involved in forums posting (in a big political forum that no longer exists) that I was not going to create a false online identity.  I was going to stand on the principle of not saying anything I don't stand for or anything I am not willing to say to anyone anywhere.


Brave words, right?  At this point I might wish for a little less transparency, given how some of this has developed.  But I still stand by my original choice as a matter of principle. I will not hide. I do want, however, to guard my privacy.


So I'm not really sure, these days, how to honor both of those positions at once.

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With all the data accumulation that has been going on, like Google Chrome tracking our online activities or Facebook basically keeping track of our personal profile in general,  this is a refreshing page to view. Thanks for sharing this, I'm actually now reading the tips for safe online holiday shopping, even if the holiday is already over.  ;)

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I've got an idea, why not sub-title it "April Fool's Day 2.". Sounds a bit  like a joke of some kind, just not very funny.With companies and the government taking your information and sending it all over, or allowing access, it does not make one feel their personal data is safe. With governments spying and accumulating data, where is the privacy? How do you trust any of it?

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