Google Penguin is open to misuse.

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Google Penguin, which was introduced 24 April 2012, stops websites from using link schemes that artificially increase the number of external links that appear to be directed to a site.


Any site using these spammer back linking schemes is penalized and is given a lower overall page ranking.


However the system is open to misuse as anyone with even the smallest amount of computer literacy could maliciously submit any website address on the net to one of these SPAM back linking schemes and hence decrease its page rank.


Also the question has to be asked why are the websites promoting such SPAM back links given such generous page rankings from Google? It doesn't quite add up for me.


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Google's latest update Penguin 3.0 will be even harsher on sites with dodgy backlinks.


But this leaves the way wide open for government spammer/trolls to covertly hijack sites seen as overly critical of the establishment. 


It's just far too easy to submit a site to a dodgy backlink creator on the net and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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