E.U., NATO, & U.S. waging a de facto war with Russia?

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So I can't be the only one that sees the E.U., NATO, &  U.S. waging a de facto war with Russia through Ukraine and Syria?  So where is that in the news?


2 years ago the EU and the US tried to get the Ukraine to separate from the Russians and at that time, Putin was very clear that he would not allow this to happen, he was quoted as saying he would take whatever steps necessary to keep the Ukraine part of the trade allies with Russia.  Fast forward to the present and the EU and US are applying tremendous pressure to the Ukraine government again and thus resulting in the current war with NATO advising the Ukraine government and the Russians slowly building their force of "rebels" and continuing the build up of weapons on the border.  In response NATO and the US will have training exercises later this year next to the war zone.

Now, it is a fact that the Ukraine is a major shipping hub for the Russians for oil export and importation of goods, and a they have a major sipping yard that was built by the Russians.  Hell, the entire Ukraine infrastructure was built by the Russians during the Soviet empire after WWII.

Now, little talked about in the news is the tremendous build up of weapons by the US and NATO across the entire western boarder of Russia.  We are building and maintain hundreds of military bases across all of Europe.  Planes, missile installations, lions and tigers and bears... oh my...


Now to Syria.

It is well known that the Assad Regime has been backed by the Russians for decades.  The EU, and the US have now trained and armed thousands of men in coalitions in Syria to oust the Assad Regime and gotten half of its army to defect.  Hundreds of separatists groups are now operating in the war in Syria.  One side backed by the US and the other backed by Russia.  Sounds familiar doesn't it?


And as a side note, it was only 2008 that the same groups backed the Georgian government when they attacked the Russians and received a NATO membership action plan...

the majority of the countries we invade get their weapons from Russia if not a majority of goods...


This makes me wonder,

1) Why is the US, NATO, and the EU in the last 5-6 years (maybe longer) become so concerned with Russia?  Is it just the fact that they still have the second largest army in the world?

2) Is this the new start of a cold war?

3) Where is the media coverage for this de facto war?

4) and why the hell does no one respond on this forum? I see tons of posts and very few responses... Just seeing if you are still reading... :)

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