Why We Shouldn't Trust The News!

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News networks claim they are unbiased and balanced in their reporting. But it's widely known that there are subtle political differences between the different networks, and they have misreported the facts many times in the past. Should we be worried that they're having a bad influence on people and society? Alltime Conspiracies examines why we shouldn't trust the news.




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I was once watching this youtube video, that said that we should believe everything we SEE because everything that is said and showed is in plain view.. I personally don't trust the news because.. it's on teLIEvision for one, and they don't tell the truth period.  It's all propaganda to get us to believe and shift our focus away from what's REALLY happening.. It's a 50/50 though for me.  Believe SOME of what you SEE not hear, because everything they show is all in their agenda and it's only getting worse.  It feels like warning signs in a way, letting us know that we DO need to get ready and prepare for what's about to come and happen.  Those who are still asleep though, will not catch on as quick as those that are awake.

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The biggest reason I don't watch the news is not so much what they report, but what they DON'T report. What you are seeing on the news is NOT reality. You are seeing a tiny microcosm of what actually goes on around the world. Out of tens of thousands of events that goes on daily, how do networks cherry pick just a few for you, the viewer, to see? And why is it always the same issues? It's almost always focused on "terrorism", "enemy" countries and how they "hurt" our security, and the president and every moves he makes. Why do some things never get discussed? Where's the story on the death of key 9/11 witnesses such as Barry Jennings? Where are the images of civilian homes being blown up and the deaths of many during war? Where is the story about rampant QE and money printing and why it's destroying the economy. Why is it that the first ten minutes of local news is filled with shooting, robberies, and killings and the police always portrayed as the knights in shining armor? Does all that violence you see on the local news really reflect the reality of what goes on where you live? Of course not. There is no question that MSM's purpose is to indoctrinate, propagandize, and distract the public from REAL issues. Aside from what doesn't get reported, you need to think about what does get reported. What are the motives behind the presentation of so and so news story?

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