Is this a demonic/Illuminati experience?

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About a year ago I was practicing lucid dreaming a few times (I'd say only 3 times) but it wasn't working. The night before my first day back at high school I was trying to sleep. As I began to enter sleep I would see images morphing of various creatures and people through my closed eyes. I could name a few such as a black cat, pirate, an old man, an owl, a guy with big ears ect. These images were made up by the matter that's behind closed eyes. Close your eyes. See the array of fuzzy spots and matter? Those are what made up the things I could see. After waking my self up, opening my eyes, turning on the light and going to the toilet, each time I tried to return to sleep I couldn't stop these images. I decided to ignore them and just watch them as I fell asleep no matter how scared I was. I woke up twice dripping in sweat from nightmares I can't remember.


After both times I forced myself back to sleep, knowing I'd have to wake up early for school. After the still occurring picture display behind my closed eyes, I believed I had a lucid dream. I was accidentally sleeping on my back which may have encouraged the state, but I awoke in my dream to black space. I could see a man (?) in a full length cloak with a hood covering his face walking towards me. When he was a foot away from me he began to slowly take back his hood. It was the most terrifying skeleton face I had ever seen behind the hood. He grabbed my throat and started choking me, picking me up by the neck and shaking me. I woke to my dimly lit room, and the skeleton face was nowhere to be seen but I was still being choked. My body was having a spasm. It lasted for about 4-5 seconds and stopped.


I ran to turn on the light and hid beneath the covers. My mind ran over the possibilities of what may have happened. Earthquake? It wasn't listed on Geonet of there being any in that moment. After I calmed down a little, I sat on my bed and scrolled through twitter - no way was I going back to sleep. 


Out of nowhere, a poster fell off my wall and landed next to me (giving me a huge fright). A few months ago I had started creating a inspirational wall of pictures I liked but it only got as far as 5 photos. One was a kitten, one a picture of food, one a peter pan picture and the forth was a picture of 1D. The one that had landed next to me was more of a darker image that I liked the look of. It was a girl hunched over on a bed with a windup on her back like a doll.


I found the picture: 




Could the two incidents, of chocking and windup human depict control? Was something dark maybe trying to control me? I know demons and creepy things like that use symbolism as part of their manner. Yes it happened a while ago but I've only recently been thinking about it. Last year I did have pretty horrible depressing year and I did things I'm not proud of like. I'll also add that around the time of my dream I had been fascinated with those sorts of things, as a sibling was going through a mental breakdown at that time, which got me reading into things like possession and stuff. What are your thoughts?


I also remember hearing my name being whispered at various places the week when that happened.

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