Is it a sin to seek knowledge?

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We live a natural life, a life that we were forced to live.  If our parents did not have sex, we would not be any sort of consciousness, therefore by self evidence we do not exist.

We have learnt that we made a mistake....for the manifestaion of the mistake demonstrated the mistake.

The mistake belonged to the consciousness that caused the mistake...and the spirit that manifested to realize that it had made a mistake was the male human. owner, thinker, reviewer, valuer of conditions that he imposes he knows about before he even knows.  How can you be a higher self first, when by information the higher self was always innocent of all information otherwise the higher self would cause no change to itself.  For by review this would imply that the higher self had a motivation and also a cause to make changes and to force changes and therefore to harm the natural state.

We therefore knew the natural state origin light which was once a total body, had changed and it supported a lower body that had been caused.

For the higher to be aware of the lower, the higher has to exist.  Yet the higher by self review owns no conditions, implies no conditions and only supports the lower condition.

Therefore when the spirit...the human male who became aware of the conditions that his own higher state had caused...yet did not own........he already had his lesson.

He had made a mistake, the mistake manifested, even though it was a mistake it still supported his own higher condition and therefore he should have realized by review that further change implied an act of evil against spirit.

The higher state has never taught us, the higher state has only ever supported the lower condition.  The lower condition implying all values implies that it is both teacher and lesson, when there is no lesson, and there is no Teacher.

When you review human life in the lower state you realize that the human male previously removed the condition of spiritual world wide adult spirits in equal partnerships as a male adult/female adult who had manifested out of origin light.

All conditions that we review in modern times as evolution inheritance causes the review to state that we are no longer equal due to an act that is only considered to be evil by cause and intent.  To do change the nature of want to own powers that no human belongs want ownership of all imposed values by statement and purpose of self.....the males who formed the first status of takeover as an ancient brotherhood.

We were changed by them...we inherited changes,  mutations to our cells...our mind chemicals and to our Nature.....and then he imposed a teaching practice to try to teach the spiritual representation of a natural spiritual life and what it imposed.....yet he never considers that his own self imposing the ideals never follows or pratices the ideals as his own self.

This is why the male on Earth is represented by 2 different forms of spiritual reviews....1 done for the purpose of trying to obtain the spiritual healing and re-evolution of our spiritual nature....and the other done for ownership and destruction of spirit just because you can.

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