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Don't know if this goes here or not....


I want to ask EVERYONE. 

Have you been Vividly Dreaming lately?


Little about why i'm asking you this.... I myself I don't dream(I know I dream but I don't remember dreaming) Very, Very Rarely do I dream and remember it.... I have dreams where I remember it for hours or days but Mostly it's when I wake up I think WTF and after I wake up it starts to fade. 


I would like to ask (like I mentioned) Is anyone else (like me) that normally doesn't dream (and remember it) but Lately I've had for the past 4 Day IN A ROW!!!! have had Vivid Dreams I wake up like I was just there and I needed to finish something but I always forget as soon as I wake up..... 


Not to point fingers or anything or saying this is the cause but, Could this Vivid Dreaming be caused by CERN? 

I seen Many Videos, and read plenty of Articles about how people believe that CERN and what they are doing will bring the rift between the spiritual world and the physical world......


I'm asking you Please let me know... 

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