Oregon Shooting: Obama jokes about "Taking over" NWO

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@Raymondo and @NotSoAnonymous:   Please try and address the topic and not descend into personal bickering that no one wants to read.



I live in a country where guns are not allowed. Its stupid.   Of course only criminals have them, and many die unable to protect themselves.


Why should a government elected by a people want to deprive that people of the right to carry arms?   A state that was formed with Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms?


Why?  Because an unarmed people is easy to control.  Look at the pathetic sheep in Europe who are allowing their own countries to be destroyed by immigration, their women raped, their own children groomed.  What can they do? They are disarmed.


The people who formed America left Europe because they were sick of it.  They wanted a new life, and formed the rules to protect that new life.   Do not under any circumstances to allow yourself to end up in the position we are in.

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Give me pathetic sheep any and every day of the week . Rather than chaos and mayhem as per the USA as an obvious horror story . 

And , of course , citizens are far from pathetic sheep . 


You are going to have to back that one up!!  



Since 1649 and the passing of the Habeas Corpus Act, citizens have been protected from false and arbitrary imprisonment and restriction of their personal liberty by the presumption of innocence until proof of their guilt is established by a jury of their peers in an independent court.  Yet successive governments have passed legislation which seriously undermines this principle, and allows the state and its police force to restrict liberty and confine citizens without interference by the courts.

Citizens response.  Nothing.

Detention without Charge
Prior to 1984, a person could not be held by police for longer than 24 hours without a criminal charge being made against them.  The Thatcher government extended this to four days.  New Labour extended this first to seven days, then to 14 days, and finally sought the power to detain citizens without charge for up to 90 days, at the request of the police.  


Citizens response.  Nothing.

Use of Army against citizens

Since the Bill of Rights Act 1689, it has been illegal for the UK government to dispatch the armed forces to British streets during peace time without the consent of parliament.  For hundreds of years we have lived under an agreement that citizens dissenting the government faced police, not the armed forces.  The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 ended this tradition. 


Citizens response.  Nothing.


The Thatcher governments Interception of Communications Act 1985 gave permission for phone tapping. These permissions and other communication interception measures were approved in 1994 and 1997.  However, the era of New Labour saw a massive roll out in surveillance under the guise of the war on terror.

Citizens response.  Nothing.

UK. The country with the most CCTV in the entire world.  1 Camera for every 11 people (2013)

Citizens response.  Nothing.

Crimes against their own children

1500-2000 young girls groomed in a small town called Rotherham.  Which does not even have a large % of Muslims, so probably the small tip of a massive iceberg.

Citizens response.  Nothing.

In fact, the citizens response is to actually vote for more of the same.   More Labour please.  More Tory please.   Whatever you do to the sheeple, they continue voting for more.

I can only actually think of one instance where some people said no to something and actually over turned it.  The Poll Tax riots.   Where students who paid nothing, rioted so they could continue to pay nothing but then pay 3x more when working adults.    Thanks stupid students.

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