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1990s vs 2015

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A Much lower Human Development Index Score (despite better economy) -  about 45th place in the World.

A much higher violent crime rate (despite the better, more sophisticated, more advanced, better controlled, better enforced, more valid rating system for media and video games)...   and a Ban on Assault weapons nationwide.

More disabled young children being harassed and bullied, especially in the inner cities  (like in Philadelphia), despite a democratic government who often passes tougher criminal legislation against assault, and abuse.

More Drunk Drivers on the road - Despite the fact that the 1990s was the decade when people who are drunks began to be seen more as a problem class, as opposed to somebody "just having a good time".

More behavior problems amongst youth,  despite the fact that the 1990s is when the media really got cleaned up.


2015 :

A much Higher Human Development Index Score  (despite an economy that that threatening to go bankrupt all over the place) - about 4th in the world.. 4th or 5th..

A decreasing violent crime rate  (which I don't believe btw) -   despite a media rating system that's a fuckin' JOKE.... that sells playboy magazines to 12 year olds.. and lets 15 year olds in to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre... and sells Snoop Dogg CDs and Call of Duty games, to the same age group.

I can walk around all day and all night... with no problems... anywhere reasonable...  despite a government full of asshole rednecks who need to go fuck themselves... and be sued.

Less Drunk Drivers on the Road, despite the cutbacks on the regulation of alcohol, allowing it to be sold in more counties, on more days of the week, more hours per day.

Less behavior problems amongst youth, despite the fact that they can turn on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL,  and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants.. that doesn't teach them a damn thing.

Why is this ?

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