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This topic is so far reaching and I could use so many other titles, that it would take an hour to type them. There is so much we can achieve if we really focus our energy and thought (thought is an energy, as well as a lot more) - I like to think our greatest homage for great thinkers and humanists like Socrates, Bucky and others throughout millennia will be to make a real moral World Mind or animus mundi.


I look forward to any actual thought which demonstrates context, active listening (Covey) or even the usual NONsense which I can return tit for tat.

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The first time I actively got into a real effort to educate people was in 1981 at York University where I was taking MBA courses and the students elected me to represent them on the oversight committee. My Organizational Behaviour Professor was promoting Asimov's grandmother theories and pooh-poohing mysticism or metaphysics. It is a little long in the telling but maybe this will give you some idea why he got let go and I have gone on to fight the good or RIGHTeous fight.

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If Jung is an alchemist so am I; and so are many others including Foucault and his student Alexandra David-Neel whose studies of Taoism are well worth reading. I can live with such a general interpretation of what an alchemist is but I am of the opinion it takes a knowledge of all three laws to a degree that I am not so competent in. Here are some words attributed to the amalgam master who went to see the Tarim Basin ‘Ancient Masters’ as he approached the end of his life.

“To attain Knowledge, add things every day. To attain Wisdom, remove things every
day.” (Lao Tzu)

THREE LAWS - MAGIAN vs. Ignocenti:

1. As Above, so Below.

1a. I am ____________(fill in the blank with national origin, racial type - often not known or mixed and not known, religion - seldom studied), therefore I KNOW and you do not unless you are pure_____ (fill in the blank).

2. KNOW, WILL, DARE, Keep Silent (no longer true IMHO). Scrire, Potere, Audere, Tacere.

2a. I have a degree from ___________.


3a. What was good enough for my grandpappy and dad is good enough for me (and should be for you)!

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