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You probably saw Kidman and Cruise in Kubrick's thrilling tale of Masonic intrigue which has elements of the facts surrounding Jack the Ripper.

I do side with those who say a Royal did the killing but I see merit in the doctor did it as well.

Now you can read some of the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey liked to say.). My history uses detective methods of the auditor which I was and the psychologist which I am expert in - motive. Follow the money is just part of one set of four books I called The Penis and the Pocketbook.

The Franklin myth is a monster, to be sure. After I had written extensively about the trepanning going on in his basement which was discovered about a decade ago - they produced a TV show to debunk what I said. I am not mentioned in the TV show I saw in the last few months.

Here we find Franklin is a man developing code and writing Prayer books for the sheople he enjoyed sexual games with. Not unlike Sir Francis Bacon of a century or so before who coded the KJV Bible. That Bacon also liked premium bacon in the form of young men - as did so many others in high places before and after him. Pederasty lead to far more extensive behaviours in such low or high places. Or was it the other way around? What came first - sex with all holes or holes in every history?

Franklin was also a member of The Hellfire Club and you should know about John Dee and the Necronomicon as mentioned in this excerpt. He regularly sat in the bay window of his London home where trepanned heads were recently discovered in the basement, TOTALLY nude. He was a ritual sex abuser to equal any vampire. Aleister Crowley got his main slogan "Do what thou wilt" which carries on in Scientology from a Rabelais saying above the door of Dashwood's delightful trysting forum. Dashwood was the top financial controller in the world at this time - until the end of the Battle of Waterloo when you'll find the Rothschild's brag about taking over the British Treasury - by owning all of the money traded that day - like you see in the great Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd movie Trading Places.

"John Montagu, Lord Sandwich (the face in the halo) and George Selwyn, (a close friend of Horace Walpole who visited in 1763) were among the inner circle of twelve. One of the female members, Lady Betty Germaine, became a particular friend of Walpole's; through her Walpole acquired one of Dr. Dee's celebrated scrying stones, the Angelic Stone, now in the British Museum. Mary Wortley Montagu, Lord Sandwich's grandmother and a member of the earlier Hellfire Club, was also said to have been a member.

 Satirized in the novel Chrysal, or the Story of a Guinea by Charles Johnstone, and referenced in Charles Churchill's The Candidate, these Medmenhamites were a probable influence on Matthew Lewis's The Monk.

 Benjamin Franklin joined the group on occasion and collaborated with Sir Francis to revise the Book of Common Prayer or Franklin Prayer Book still in use in America. Franklin was also associated with the radical Lunar Society which included Erasmus Darwin, Richard Edgeworth (Maria Edgeworth's father), and William Godwin's friend, Joseph Priestley." (2)

You might think that the stories you hear about Bonesmen like the Bushes and Bohemian Grove festivities are fiction. But there is worse stuff you need to know.

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I spent a lot of time in LA. Nine years there and Las Vegas while still working in LA.

I was doing my thing helping abused women for the first five years and I got to know what a lot of big name people do. Fritz's strip club was right near where I lived and I made a lot of friends.

But I have heard some things I am not 100% sure about regards Will Smith and Leonardo etc. Anyway the issue of power and sex is BIG and always has been - I hear it is worse in Japan where a friend almost got kidnapped to.

When it involves opening up the head to get fresh thalami like Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove and another place I heard about - that is truly sick!

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"Every new perception of knowledge is always based either directly or indirectly on older knowledge. InteliTapping allows us to connect with the oldest, yet most complete source of knowledge." (4)
Tapping in to through-lines in thought or philosophy becomes easier the more you learn and perform at it.
 The TV channel Nature produced a show on the origins of music and the biological and archetypal impact it has had on our evolution and emotional wherewithal. Along with reed instruments from as long ago as 60,000 years that obviously show sophisticated development of technology, they had the cave operas of those who rubbed and drummed on stalactites. They posited that the tree-swinging hominid that like the Sumatran Gibbon co-ordinates community for protection through territorial chants, is not so much less aware as most of our great Lockean influenced academics seem to be. These animals also learned what plants are dangerous and what plants alter your spiritual consciousness. You can see it when your puppy goes outside for the first time and chews on some grass to settle its tummy. Our genes contain a lot of information or the ability to tap-in to much knowledge. The buzz you get from 'weed' is the buzz coming from your Thalami and Third Eye or Pineal gland that has a crystal radio receiver and grains or crystalline structures. Crystalline structures like quartz were known to be useful in the Lost Chord of the Druids and more ancient shamans. There are magnificent quartz caves in Central America and other places that would have been used by early hominids for a certainty.
The Best Body Language - Sex:
 Long before Tantra or Bhakti Yoga there were many things ancients probably learned from intercourse, even more than most people do today. Today we have drugs like Viagra to enhance the longevity of the sexual encounter. The Mayans have a natural drug for this. There are so many things which keep us busy or deflect us from spiritual insight as is noted in many Eastern systems which refer to the 'busy-mind' or samsara and the illusion of Maya.
 Second degree Wiccan students who have advanced through a rigorous training in esoteric knowledge begin a quest that many would regard as a perverse pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification. The partners are often involved in other committed relationships. When a man and a woman who are interested in spiritual growth combine to experience the Tantric or Bhakti (Yoga) or ritualistic growth potential to free more than just their personal self or ego to reach the heights of spiritual or psychic possibilities; who can say what is real and what is imagined. This effort to commune with spirit is termed 'working partners' and the allies or guides is who they really seek to merge or work with. The imagination is undoubtedly a part of the dynamic. It isn't necessary for them to care for each other in the way lovers do. I have not done this 'work'.
 Many people talk about 'soulmates' or 'dual flames' and the words become mere shadows of the real potential. At the same time sex is a dirty 'word', and act, in much of society.
 What can a writer say to convey the essence of all these things?
 If I absolve myself from the challenge of integrating these concepts, rituals and soulful realities I would simply say trust your soul and know that wherever you may go you will find something more than whatever you thought was real to begin with.
 If I talk about 'la petite mort' or empathic attunements with the soul of the partner that allows the self to disintegrate and become part of something larger than one person; and almost dissolve in the vastness of spirit - it will only seem like prose and poetry. The phrase 'la petite mort' or 'the little death' can in fact lead to a Kundalini type experience which can cause death.
 Of course, one can wax eloquent and carry on at length about any of their hopes and desires. The essence of a great working partner most probably has little to do with these aspirations and more to do with the way the soul interpenetrates all people. The glimpses of insight gained through empathy and love with those who shared my needs are special to me and will forever stay in the part of my soul (if there is such a part) that cherishes all we were and hungers for what we could have been.
 To deprecate the witch who 'draws down the moon' into their partner on the path to worship of things no one can fully know is the stuff of fearful and insecure people. That kind of bigotry without actual experience is rampant in all areas of society. It is truly just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when one contemplates all the ways mankind has developed to separate himself from what we are collectively and what god truly wishes for us to realize. No amount of constant seeking or obsession with these pursuits will ever get a man any closer to his soul than what he was while in his mother's womb.
 The joy and creativity of the challenge to know is as great a gift as our maker can give us - except perhaps the acquiescence to the soul within the loved one you are blessed to have the chance to know and share your life with. In the moment of creation each day as we grow and learn to be, we are forever drawn by some force that seeks greater harmony and purpose for all energy.
 Many (if not most) people think the 24 hour orgasm is like alien abductions but the EEG and other ways of measuring physical responses would convince them otherwise. A similar number of people find the misuse of Tantric Yoga by the likes of Crowley and Hubbard is tantamount to whatever is evil in man. I say they are right, but that is not the fault of Tantric Yoga. These techniques are very seductive and in some ways the participants would choose to have the experience even if they knew a great deal about it because it is a sad truism that Masters and Johnson or Kinsey are right. They say a full third of women never have an orgasm through intercourse.
 Many people seldom enjoy sex and some significant number of the rest of us are in varying stages of poor to decent ability and openness to what great learning sex can provide. It could be said that our sexual relations are a good barometer of the state of society. I favour sex education and all the opportunities and responsibilities that go with the natural and soulful functions of the act. It is easy to understand why some people are hesitant to have strangers teach their loved ones about sex. But Father Leo Booth is right when he notes that parents who repress their children or foist suppressive behavior upon them are just as guilty of abuse.
 1) Rudolph Ballentine, M. D., Radical Healing, Harmony Books, New York, 1999, pgs. 75-6, we have Dorothy Shepherd, The Action of the Minimum Dose, pg. 13.
 2) Ibid.
 4) Bob Gottfried Ph. D., Shortcut to Spirituality: mastering the art of Inner Peace, Deeper Dimension Publishing, North York, Ontario, 2004, pgs. 53-4.
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Esoteric Sexual Secrets 

 There are many people who write about sex slaves on the plantation and it surely did exist but it was also the norm in Europe for many centuries. The Polos were not the first who went off to get the prized Tartar women who fetched a large multiple over ordinary men slaves. The Church was full of reprobates using concubines and producing children that sometimes were harvested for their useful ritualistic ingredients. Josephine (Rose per the next author) had a family with a long history of such things.
 "More concrete were the queries about the paternity of many of the mulatto women who worked in the house, like Rose's nurse, Marion. Was she fathered by Blanque, the overseer? Grandfather de Sannois? Joseph? {Her father.} Or some other white man from some other plantation? There was little doubt about the paternal identity of the pretty mulatto slave Euphmie, who eventually accompanied Rose {This is the person you know as Josephine - but in most of her life she was not known by that name. In fact you might know there is a theory Napoleon was bi-sexual and when making love once with Rose he thought about his brother Joseph and the 'fun' they had.} to Paris: it was widely accepted that she was the illegitimate daughter of Joseph de La Pagerie." (3)[/COLOR]
 There is little doubt as to the fact of Josephine having been 'apolitically' inclined and yet her having been doing the networking that spies must do. The 'apolitical' nature of the Physiocrats headed by Pierre DuPont de Nemours in the political arena is not truly 'apolitical' at all but it is expressed in their slogan 'the government that governs best is the one that governs least'. This Royal intrigue had been started with John Locke and Adam Smith with the backing of the Stuart (Hibernian) Royal Society whose membership often provided the leadership for Paris's Priory of Sion. Some of those leaders include Sir Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle and Robert Fludd. It is easy to demonstrate the need for this Enlightenment did exist in all areas of science and society but the secrecy has been maintained beyond its usefulness as I see it. Let us return to our Stuart biographer and contemplate a time when Josephine's husband was a General in the Revolutionary Army.
"During this frightening period, Rose spent much of her time, according to her friend Mme. de Rmusat, 'busying herself with helping as many people as possible and although her reputation for conduct is questionable, that of her sweetness, her grace and the gentleness of her manner is not'. She had learned to be a skilful networker. Through her husband she had gained access to revolutionary circles, and her own background as both a Creole and an aristocrat gave her access to their {Whose enemies?}enemies. {We must not forget that her half-sister was with her as a slave and the freedom France gave slaves during this period would have made her half-sister a valuable source as well.} Armed with her own distinctive physical charms and her opportunistically apolitical attitude, she was able to navigate the maze of radical revolutionaries, Bourbon spies, foreign visitors, financiers and Caribbean lobbyists, picking up friends, flirtations and useful contacts along the way." (4)[/COLOR]
Voudou Influences:
 The practice of Voudou or Voodoo is derivative of the Orisha worship of the Yoruba pantheon of spirits founded in Africa. It had been part of the Ptolemaic knowledge before they came to America with Juba II during early Roman Empire days. African people had been coming to the Americas for at least the 60,000 years shown by archaeology in South America. In fact it is possible that this started about 2,000,000 years ago and the lice research that shows a divergence around 1,800,000 years ago fits with that.
 The Dream Dancer's art of Africa can still be seen in a lot of locales. It is easy to imagine this ecstatic art has not changed a great deal since man started to walk upright if not before that. The Catholic Church adapted and allowed people of the Caribbean to call themselves Santerian Catholics even though there was little actual belief or ritual changes in their daily life. Josephine clearly had a lot of Voudou influence. Might she have used this to achieve anything in the beguiling arts? Some of the great success she is said to have had with men can be attributed to the use of esoteric techniques for certain. Here are some of the things I think she would have been ale to do.
 Possess a person astrally, this could be a simple attunement or viewing and it could even include psychic sex. The use of drugs to prolong erection is obvious but it would have made her a most successful confidante and courtesan. It is best given without the knowledge of the recipient in their tea. We know that all the young women she would have been in school with were highly sought after and yet she apparently was even more adept. Perhaps her father taught her. He is an acknowledged rake or sexual expert as were others in her ancestry. Gurdjieff was able to breath a specific way and project an energy to a woman he had never been introduced to and cause them to wish to have sex to the point of losing self control. I have had some experience with these arts and there are others that would also have made her most appealing.
 One of the 'flat bottom girls' of the Creole region of Louisiana that I knew had total sensory recall. For men who are into enjoying giving pleasure this is a powerful attribute for a woman to have. It would be surprising to me if Marie-Rose (Josephine) did not have this tool or La Petite Mort. George Hamilton is a world class lover who talks about playing a woman like a violin and I certainly played the whole orchestra with this lady. I would have her remember or recall the previous tryst when I might have brought her to orgasm through sucking on the psychic point on the upper arm while I was working the nether regions of her female anatomy. I could switch places and work four or five areas while achieving 'withholds' and heightening of experience in all of her 'spots' and it was doubled by her memory of the time I had worked the lesser erotic points working with knowledge from acupuncture and shiatsu or reflexology.
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I have mentioned a Royal who might have been Jack the Ripper. Apparently DNA on a victim's shawl might prove it was a Polish Hairdresser. I can imagine how such blood could get on her shawl during the cutting of matted hair soaked with you know what. I also know the management of alibis for Royals is such that they can be in many places at once, and I do not think they bi-locate.

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Creepy creepy.

I have this theory that men from the NSA patronize the businesses on this block.  There is always construction going on in the city, and there are all these great big sewer pipes running into and out of the ground all over the place big enough for human beings to slide through.  Human trafficking.  Plus all that stuff Robert Baird talks about.

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