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I recently discovered this website called Vixhi -> [link to

It is a tourism news and information portal focused on Sint Maarten / Saint Martin / SXM (an island in the North East Caribbean) and they even have a discount card called the Vixhi Card. 

But there is something really really suspicious and weird about the website. It is filled with all this weird Illuminati symbolism and it revers to masonic names like Jahbulon as well.

I think it is really weird. Is there anybody that knows more about this strange website?

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Do you work in the tourism industry and get exposure for clients therein?


What crap - Illuminati and Jabulon or whatever. It's like the Honey research of Dee Carter the guy promoting an Islam that says Jesus was miraculously conceived (Not my understanding of Islam) is promoting.!!!

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this vixhi card is indeed a scam.

Further more the owner of and thus the discount card is strongly involved in many conspiracy websites with the weirdest topics.

Please stay away from this discount card. It is a scam in order for the owner to pay for his cost of living and keep those other websites up.

Best regards,

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