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I was targeted in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after I was arrested and sent to the 52nd division station. At that station is the first time I was subjected to chemical sprays and other various forms of torture. Since that time I am being followed almost 24/7 and have been chased across 4 provinces (they drove us from our home and we are now homeless). They're using remote eeg monitoring on me in an attempt to drive me to submission (that seems to be their goal, that or just to kill me) In Halifax the city I'm in now they're using lots of chemicals they strategically place around the city to spray me and my girlfriend Liesa Scott (a emt I met called it good spray). We are in constant fear and feel this is the work of the Toronto police, RCMP, CSIS or some other government agency. The amount of time/funding they put into this is mind boggling. I just want to get the word out in case me or my girlfriend go missing or get offed by these people (My name is Harold Ostgaard and my girlfriends name is Liesa Scott)They have made it very clear the death of me or submission is their objective and since this city is composed of lots military I fear that our situation will continue to degrade. If anyone has any exp with this or ideas that might help us survive I would be very grateful for the info.

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