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Here we have a description of ancient prophecy. Like many prophets it illustrates a gift of gab with no substance or merit. I will translate it and it's ghostly content.
"Ancient Prophecy
Ancient Prophecy – The Messages Communicated by Ancient Prophets
When anybody talks about prophecy these days, you may find a lot of controversy surrounding the topic with regards to whether the prophecy was true or false. This is because there have been a large number of people who are declaring themselves to be prophets and they are actually not true prophets. The same problem existed years ago, when there were many people prophesying but there was a gross uncertainty as to who was hearing from the Lord as opposed to who were associated with familiar spirits or spirits of divination. An ancient prophecy can be described as a message that was communicated to a prophet by the Supreme Being and he in turn would communicate this message to others. The message communicated by the prophet could contain any information that involved revelation, divine inspiration, judgment or simply an interpretation.
The concept of ancient prophecy is to be found in different parts of the religious world among some of the world’s largest religious groups namely, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, as well as many other smaller religious groups across the world. There are many definitions given to prophecy by these religious groups, for example, some groups believe that ancient prophecy was sent forth from a divine being through the medium of a normal man predicting future events relating to the end of the world. There are others; however who believe that ancient prophecy under its strict sense speaks to the foreknowledge of future events, though it may actually have a relationship to past events and to present hidden matters which are not usually understood by the natural beings. Nevertheless, history has revealed that the earliest form of the definition of ancient prophecy dealt in much detail with the issue of predicting future events.
In Judaism, you will find out that the earliest type of prophecy typically consisted of a warning by God against the lifestyle of the people, leaders and others who were living contrary to the principles and teaching of the Torah. However, some of those prophecies included the promises of God’s blessing upon the people because of their obedience to the Torah. In Christianity, there is also a strong emphasis on ancient prophecies in the Old Testament, of which many are said to have been fulfilled in the New Testament. One of the most potent Christian ancient prophecies was that by the prophet Isaiah about the coming of Jesus Christ as the Messiah to save the world from their sins. Another popular religion known as the Islamic faith, also believes in ancient prophecies. This is because many Muslims today still believe that Muhammad had experiences of a prophetic nature and phenomena that allowed him to interpret visions and dreams.
However, despite the fulfillment of many prophecies of the Holy Scriptures, you may realize that many people are still having doubts as to whether prophets actually exist. For example, atheists completely disagree with the fact that an individual can hear a message from the Supreme Being and communicate that message to others; atheists will disagree solely on the basis that the Supreme Being doesn’t exists to communicate messages to his people. Notwithstanding this, prophecies continue to fulfill before our eyes."[/COLOR]
Ancient prophecy = Divine Intervention and the New Testament said the Old one was correct in it's prophesizing atheists cannot see the fulfillment of Holy Scripture.
Note: The same Scriptures in the three members of one cult are somehow made into proof of what they do not agree is in the Scriptures. The Jews do not think Jesus was the Messiah (if he existed). The Muslims think he existed but was just a prophet. The Romans who conquered them both (or all three) put words in his mouth. No doubt many claiming they are prophets also get one or two guesses out of a thousand correct.

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Ancient prophecy can only be prophetic as it relates to PHI.

Robert, as you are aware, our ancient life existed millions of years ago, by human evidence inside of coal beds and also stone.

Our ancient brother did occultism....scientific conversion of matter.

He caused the cooled/sealed PHI irradiated signals that attacked Earth from out of space to be re-activated into heated irradiations.,....by breaking the seal of sound...formatting a signal that he could activate via his Pyramid and Temple technology.

This signal used for levitation then incinerated his life.

The signal activated continued to attack life up until it was stopped.

It was stopped when Earth was instantaneously snap frozen.

Occultists should ask, why did Earth snap freeze, and the realization states that when you heat the cooled trajectories of radiation pathways that held frozen origin stone meteors/asteroids....then obviously the release of the held and frozen stone begins to disintegrate.

This is because Earth was converted....its natural stone changed by irradiation and the fusion of Earth and its crystal began to disintegrate.

Receiving origin creation stone has given evidence that Earth stone had been converted.

As the meteors/asteroids disintegrate by heated gases burning.....whatever is left of the body by the trajectory heating then hit Earth.  Our ancient brother and his occult practices caused this outcome.

In modern day prophecy Russia was hit by the UFO nuclear blast that had hit India 8000 to 10000 years ago and nuked them.  As the trajectories had cooled, it is why the UFO release radiation hit Russia instead.   C = 100 as the Christ prophetic evaluated astronomical data.  100 years later a meteor then hit Russia as evidence of ancient wisdom.

Prophecy only exists because our brother activated what he considers is PHI irradiated nuclear sound converting practices....his evil occultism.

UFO orbitals as nuclear fused colder stone get released from out of the Earth so that the younger and lesser dust (uranium/plutonium) can be defused and caused to convert.  Only a higher power can force a lower power to convert.

This is why sink holes opened up worldwide as a loss of underground nuclear orbital fusion.

The nuclear underground signals are different in every continent, which is why the human chemical brain formed different sound speech by dialect.  Therefore although our occult brother gained the same state of spiritual irradiation via UFO above ground signals...pyramid/Temples (as the ancient nuclear condition or power plant), the signals affected his brain status differently.

The signals communicate between each community and this is how our brother formatted a legend story about the communications and was aware that he had changed the holy energy ground state of the leylines.....and he witnessed all evidences of self destruction of his life, just as we are also witnessing.

The same science, but a different spiritual awareness.

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