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You might believe that ghosts are energy, and the Catholic Church and their scientific study, and Nasa want to believe ghosts are energy, but they are not.

Ghosts are manifestations.

Energy already exists as a cooled radiation body.

When science uses conversion, as nuclear matter they change the natural energy sound by an increase in heated radiation interactions to cause conversion.  Then they also burn the radiated fuel.

These 2 conditions alter the natural evolved sound of radiation.....radiation in its natural higher sound was known to produce the images of angels...as photographed.

Since science has been converting UFO ships formations appeared as constant held nuclear orbital sounds....which alters the vibration and energy of the atmosphere.

This is why the atmosphere demonstrated that it was involved in the attack on natural life.

A ghost manifests and disappears as the cooling effect of oxygen/water takes over the irradiation effect and causes the irradiating sound to disappear. If we lose the amount of oxygen needed to prevent the loss of energy by using hydrogen, energy disappears and only heated radiation is left.....as the ancients experienced.

Occultists believe that the spirit of Satan represents energy bodies.....but the spirit imagery is only related to heated radiation changing the sound of energy.  Energy sound can alter by heating the cooled evolution of energy.  When energy sound changes by heating, life begins to mutate as demonstrated.  Satan begins to manifest as changed radiation light sound.....and occultists know that the reality to Satan only began as a line calculation, not a spirit TAN.

As modern day occultists want a  new resource, they would agree to any new occult theory.

What they have never considered is the evidence that lightning strikes the ground, human beings get struck by lightning.  The spirit records advised me that the ancients activated the atmospheric attack outcome of hurricanes/tornados/huge lightning strikes from their own occult practice, and that the attack was calculated to cease in the Year 2012 by outlawing occult practice.  The theory of energy from the study of lightning should be reconsidered, for the ancients themselves became aware of being attacked by the use of orgone energy, as part of their pyramid/temple use involving the radiation signals they were using.

The energy increase of a higher electrified condition belongs to the increase in radiation and the atmospheric condition allowing for nuclear conversion of a fused matter.  The atmosphere had to be changed for the atmosphere only supported the natural fusion of both uranium and plutonium.  Therefore when you alter a nuclear product, the energy of the atmosphere converts.  This is why human and animal life began to gain body/cell attacks as witnessed.

Ghosts have always belonged to a condition of manifestation, which is why the experience unless photographed could not be verified as actually happening, unless the victim was physically affected by the irradiation wavelength in the atmospheric fallout.

Ghosts appearing around nuclear plants is a forewarning effect of a changed energy interaction which is higher around the power plant applying the nuclear conversions.....energy supports life only if it is kept at a particular radiated light sound level.

The ancients who taught us about occultism already explained by personal attack awareness of spiritual manifestation the conditions to conjuring, which involved the use of the holy dust...uranium.

The amount of photographs on the internet therefore provide us all with the evidence that an occult program is causing the manifestation of ghosts/spirits/images and then photographing the evidence whilst the manifestation occurs.

As a feedback program is involved in the mind study and brain chemical interactions of a thesis proposed by the occultists to represent the God mind of the human life, as they know that a human being gained the status of information relating to God............ then I would not be the least surprised about where the study is taking place.  Nasa involved in the study of phenomena and human contact learnt about the level of sound transmissions that change/alter the brain chemistry.

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