What if I told you that "god" and "the Devil" are backwards?

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Could you think of a conspiracy that would be larger or more twisted than convincing the entire world that "god" was "the good guy" of the cosmic spiritual war, and Satan was "the bad guy", when in reality the opposite was true? It's a interesting thing to ponder. After looking at what the Bible claims "god" has done, it definitely seems that his opponent might actually be "the good guy."

Anyone have any other thoughts on this? I've been doing a lot of research on this topic and it really fascinates me. (One of my best sources is if you're interested.)

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Threw personal thoughts and my writings, I found out that All of the above and then some. sounds crazy. but I have mother god father god my spirit and self as 4 total,  I found " matter of perspective of God and goddess. mind state I experianced. I got those thoughts from the male half and female half of my body and my - and + as though a battery, again using words for what and how I understand them for they may not make since but the emotional levals of asking questioning and searching telling myself and asking my higher " self" to show me where I cane from, who I am and why? It is viewed in a Satanic way as well because I do not believe enless I can see....I told god I hated him and banished him from my life at young age of 9 something happened that I could not understand as I was hurt...I was punished for something I thought was right as I was helping and we fell literally down stairs...feeling fear as the person with me might of been severally hurt as they were younger than me I was older so I got a beating because of helping someone down the stairs and falling. Never went to church but heard of this invisible god yet if he was so great and loving why was I feeling so hurt by the beating but not just that it revolved around me helping a loved one? ....seeing and feeling and agnolegment as gaining CLARITY was felt threw all my emotions. And time , it took alot of energy, time. and pain. to understand right and wrong and TRUST. learned a lot about myself. when I saw and felt dark sad times I was the light that people came too. when I was in the dark I goess I woke up. ...because in order to understand hate I mentally had taken it the hate because of not understanding forgiveness and only hated one person and I could not stand the words of jesus speaking threw my mouth or when someone said his name I would cringe...I am NOT that kinda of people but was ....I prayed in different ways but used other words to discribe it. at 30 and 31 was the biggest change of my life. because as I kept searching alone and asking signs would pop up around me as I felt a word or smell I would move tears it lead me to not only trust MYSELF because I was seein and felt feelings I can't express as appreciation set forth...I cried for the world because I could feel others emotions appreciate pain and prays. I even drew and wrote as I felt my ees see in other ways than before. I asked please show me...2 years of that my mind was open to A lot .....long story short....I saw god on the day I started to let go of my lettin go of  the love  i held as I felt   the world was my key to not be fearfu........I looked in the mirror one day, and as I stared at myself it all hit me...I became hit with knowledge and  I could see in colors That were indcribable..I saw inside of my soul as I looked deep with it myself and asked forgiveness and apologized to myself for hating what was already inside of me. I saw god as I saw the world inside of myself. I felt the weight of it anyways.....I was then hearing voices guiding me as if god. bug the womans voice as she called herself Mary told me to not give up, keeping going...she said dear cold you must survive and ex steamly mportant  for my birthday is march 18th 1984.....I was also that of her. I searched my birthday and did my break match to Mary and march and 666. but  there is so much more. I should wrote a book but wont....point is I needed a reason. my passion was to find out who he is and the moment I did, as letting go was as if dying but when I looked into my eyes and saw , I became a pure soul. all this is inside and out I am and all that I am ...I still have no read the bible but for the last week I have been....

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