Coronavirus: Sars-like virus death reported in UK

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A patient infected with a new respiratory illness similar to the deadly Sars virus has died in the UK.


He was being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and died on Sunday morning, the hospital has confirmed.


Of the 12 people known to have been infected with the virus around the world, six have died.


The threat to the general population is thought to be small, although the virus has shown signs of spreading in people.

Three members of the same family have been infected with the virus in the UK as well as another patient who was flown in from Qatar for treatment.



Confirmed cases

Saudi Arabia: Five cases, three deaths

Jordan: Two cases, two deaths

UK: Four cases, one death

Germany: One case, flown from Qatar

Total: 12 cases, six deaths

Source: Health Protection Agency/World Health Organization

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There have been a couple of deaths from this in the UK and sources believe it could appear in the US. Are these viruses a sign that people are using so many antibiotics for no reason that disease is becoming stronger as it evolves or is it another attempt to wipe out 3rd world populations.

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I watched a Youtube video regarding conspiracies, and it mentioned that SARS was an attempt to wipe out the population. No wonder, come to think about it, these weird viruses just appeared out of nowhere, and if it was really a "natural" virus, then it should have existed a long time ago, like the common cold. I actually feel bad for the victims because they don't have any right to dictate who lives and who dies, only the Creator has a say on that. But in time they will pay.

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Wether it is man made or natural it is a scary thing to think about. I tend to think it is natural. It is really not far-fetched. Micro-organisms and all different forms of a bacteria are with us everyday. They thrive and survive. part of their survival is to find a host organism, us (human-beings). This is not a sci-fi movie, it is all real. if people really new of all the microscopic organsims that are around us everyday they may be shocked.

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No trade or travel restrictions have been made by the WHO for Qatar and Saudi Arabia because of the novel coronavirus infections.My guess is that its man-made.

The WHO's recommendations to its 194 member states says health workers should be alert to anyone with acute respiratory syndrome and needing hospitalization who had been in the Middle East where the virus was found or in contact with a suspected or confirmed case within the last 10 days.

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