An analytical view on JFK's assassination & alleged assasin

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Anticipate a vast number of legal executions when the truth deniers are brought to trial and hanging, 

Regarding the 1963 assassination of US President John Kennedy, no less than the 1968 murder of his brother US Senator Robert Kennedy, two conspiracies exist side by side, the primary group for the Texas slaying includes the still living Abraham Bolden, GHW Bush, Jim Lehrer formerly of PBS News, and Alex Jones' CIA op sire.

The secondary conspirators are all those newshounds, political commentators, and CIA plants who turn from the evidence, like they turn from 911 truth and Holocaust truth, both are capital offenses, means naysayers at every level in the US political and news dissemination apparatus, who talk bullsh*t re Lee Harvey Oswald for instance.

Will be required to explain their reticence in a duly appointed capital court, convened under the auspices of the US Justice Department, in proceedings that will be expected to result in the handing down of thousands of death sentences!


John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of the United States, was shot dead in broad daylight in the company of his beautiful wife, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.


The area behind the picket fence left screen of the Moorman photo, shows the Martin Luther Kings and Afro Secret Serviceman Abraham Bolden, spectators as E Howard Hunt and others fire on the President!


Jim Braden is thought to have fired the first shot, from the roof of the Dal Tex Building across Houston Street from the TSBD, he was taken in by a Sheriffs Deputy before being released.


Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for killing the President, and Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit a couple miles away around forty minutes later, despite photos show him at the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository when the shots were fired in the first instance, and when the three tramps were marched by hours later.


CIA op William F Buckley was "Umbrella Man," who signaled the shooters all systems were go, his accomplice is believed to have been Corsican adventurer Lucien Sarti.


The “Badgeman” enhancement of the Moorman shot showing the corner of the rotunda wall, has Dallas Cop Joe Smith firing, in company with Gordon H Arnold, Andy Warhol and deaf mute Ed Hoffman & his wife.


As the limousine emerged from behind the freeway sign, the driver William Greer turned and looked over his right shoulder, he turned back and while holding the steering wheel with his left hand, retrieved something from under the dash with his right hand.

Transferring the object to his left hand and turning back around to look at the President, he brought his left hand around his body, and aimed and fired at John Kennedy’s head.

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Alex Jones Admits CIA Ties - Trust Only God! | Alternative

At plus eighteen hrs around 9:30 pm on the evening of November 23, 1963, Australian radio played a tape recording of the assassination wherein Mrs Kennedy's voice was clearly heard calling "hello Coretta," followed by a volley of gunfire.

The presenter explained Coretta was the wife of one Reverend Martin Luther King, he played a slowed down version of the tape, and asked listeners how many shots they could hear, he said he counted about nineteen, his studio guest said she counted twenty two.

That was the only time the Luther Kings were associated with the crime, until whispers were heard, at the time of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where after some short time later Luther King was shot dead by sniper fire, while standing talking on the telephone on a hotel balcony in Memphis.

Although he was feted and fabulized, by the same Jew press refused the evidence located him with the shooters, that propounded the Lee Harvey Oswald / lone assassin scenario, there was no money, ol' MLK was broke, he went to the source had roped him into the conspiracy in the first place, read George HW Bush, he asked for dough to be told there was none.

So he decided to chance his arm at blackmail, presumably assuring GHWB if he was not paid, everyone would get to hear about what went on in Dallas, he laughed him off, so Luther King took time out at the 1968 DNC, to drop the bombshell of his own involvement, and was shot down for it!

Evidence of Revision Part 4

Evidence of Revision, Part 4, compiled from thousands of television news tapes, detailing neglected or ignored evidence re the death of United States Senator Robert Kennedy, including evidence from the Los Angeles Coroner.

That the shots that killed Robert Kennedy, were fired from a distance of between one and three inches into his head from behind and below his right ear, Sirhan Sirhan who was convicted for the killing was several feet to his front, the film has footage of the LA DA simply brushing that aside .. Security Guard, Thane Eugene Cesar is thought to have fired the fatal shots!


Update 1 ..


William Robert "Tosh" Plumlee admits to being in Dealey Plaza when President Kennedy was shot from ambush, in Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963, he has however consistently failed to provide an adequate timeline for all of his movements, in the hours leading up to the assassination.

He says he piloted an aircraft into Dallas that day, yet has failed to disclose who his passengers were, and whether anything he knows ties in with the presence of the Luther Kings and Andy Warhol, with shooters on the Grassy Knoll.

There were at least twenty shooters on the GK that day, count E Howard Hunt and the other tramps Charles Harrelson and Charles Frederick Rogers, with Dallas cop Joe Smith, former PBS NewsHour host Jim Lehrer, George HW Bush and Alex Jones admitted CIA op sire as seven .. leaves about thirteen unidentified shooters, maybe Tosh Plumlee fired as well!


Update 2 ..


Lucien Sarti was in Brisbane Australia in late 1971 or early 1972, I met him in the Stockyard Bar of Lennon's Hotel in Brisbane at that time, he was introduced by a friend of a friend who had known him while both were employed on construction at the Bougainville Copper Project.

He had an extremely cold manner whose visage was like an undertakers, he had gone into the pub to kill a couple hours before taking an international flight to Mexico, the man who introduced him who died in a motor vehicle accident in 1982, said he was known to have been involved in the JFK assassination!


Lucien Sarti was killed by Mexican police in Mexico City April 27, 1972.

Updates 3 & 4 ..


From 4:20 the narrator speaks of Charles Harrelson's admission he fired on President John Kennedy in Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963!


17 yo George W Bush was photographed in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Tx. the location of the assassination of President John Kennedy, five minutes after the shots were fired on November 22, 1963 at 12:35 pm, his sire George HW Bush is also known to have been at the scene of the killing and is widely supposed to have fired, it seems GW fired also!

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.There will not be any hangings or even a court case.


The Kings did win a CIVIL court case - but of no consequence.


The people in the US are willing to accept corrupt acts and continue the war on TERRA because they get enough 'trickle down' (pork barrelling started by Andrew Jackson) and because there are so many idiots who will not study Thus they accept elohim and nephilim or other evangelical nonsense like Alex Jones or Shrub. There were also shooters in the building behind the car and across from the Book depository to fit the SOP of triangulation. A Camp Le  Jeune trained assassin came forth after the 25 year secret lifting, to say they tried to recruit him.


Many different theories - all can be partially true because that is also Standard Operating Procedure as Prouty pointed out. You want to be able to disinfo people to death (Hide the Ball). The wife of Connolly said after he died that he never bought the official fiction.

Here are some reasons for the killing of JFK.

1. His willingness to expose his own family and their role in many centuries of deceit - listen to his only partial speech on Secret Societies to start understanding.

2. The war in Vietnam was a drug op which Bush Senior later took control of - and which continued in Afghanistan - see the Russell (Delano) connection to the Opium Wars and founding of Skull and Bones.

3. Look closely into the BCCI names in Clay Shaw's phone book - and GHWB. The movie The International gives some insight. Five years after the court case in NO the CIA admitted Garrison was right about Shaw. The Dulles bros are a major part of this as is LBJ.

4. Kennedy was there to meet KKK people whose ties go back to Colonel House and I am the only person who has connected him and his father to Jean Lafitte and the funding of Marx etc.

5. The banksters do what they do because average people are so dumb and stupid and willing to burn them at the stake when they tell the truth and offer to help people escape their stupid BELIEFS. - see Cathar connection to De Medicis/Rothschilds. See Andrew Jackson double dealing with Minister Plenipotentiary Livingstone against Lafitte and all blacks who had been promised their freedom at the Battle of New Orleans.



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Further (I think I put a thread here on the MOST Important man of the 20th C.) you will have to do a lot of research to learn what Kennedy and LBJ are doing with the KKK which are a direct outcome of Colonel House in Texas. It was a very political and important group there. I called on the manager for Mickey Gillies and he ran the local storefront KKK op in Houston still flying their flag in 1980.

JFK went to Germany and said positive things about what he witnessed, his father and Prescott Bush and more backed Hitler and eugenics. RFK authorized the bugs on MLK.

Who ran Hitler, here are some links. My book Hitler and the Occult has apparently added to continuing research on how political leaders are often actually run (It means what it sounds like) by occult handlers. Actually I have other books that show a lot more including how Woodrow Wilson was run right into the ground by Edward Mandell House whose father might have been a son of one of the Lafitte's (with black blood despite them starting the KKK). Both were seventh sons of a seventh son (or child rather than son).

The Nazi Occult - Page 21 - Google Books Result

Kenneth Hite - 2013 - ‎Games
... the primordial Aryan super-culture, and thus recreate Germany in its image, restoring the golden age of the Armanenschaft. Himmler and the others decided to ...

Ariosophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The most notable other case is Himmler's Ahnenerbe. ... the sun-king: an estate of intellectuals who were organised into a priesthood called the Armanenschaft.

Guido von List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2.1 Runes and the Armanenschaft; 2.2 Millenarian views ..... the coterie of prominent Nazi Heinrich Himmler and influencing the symbolism and rituals of the SS.

Aryan Myth and Metahistory: Heinrich Himmler`s Thor`s ...

Mar 2, 2014 - ... Myth and History and Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen blogs. ... My research indicates that Himmler`s Hammer was sold as part of a lot ...

Nationaal Socialisme en de Tempeliers? - Stormfront

May 14, 2007 - The most notable other case is Heinrich Himmler's Ahnenerbe. ... persecution of the Armanenschaft was Himmler's personal occultist, Wiligut.

Internet Archive Search: subject:"Armanenschaft"
1 * The Enigma of the Swastika 2 * The SS Blood and Soil 3 * Adolf Hitler 4 * Himmler the Mystic Synopsis The documentary contains mainly black and white as ...

The blogspot link is not active but it is very good. I will have to add it where I have Hitler's poem and adoration to Wotan as well as a thread on Jung or Eranos.

The depth of intrigues involving Colonel Edward Mandell House include the Coup on FDR which Smedley Butler brought to a resounding thud. The US Ambassador to Germany at that time was a House man or appointee. We have letters between House and FDR which appear nice enough but I am not sure if House was on either side and if he was thought to be in one or the other whether it was true or not. We know Dodd ratted out US ruling families who supported Hitler to FDR and we know FDR had to work with a Canadian spy called Intrepid. Will there be a movie about House - if so, I am the best consultant out there. I also do not need the money.

"William E. Dodd (1869-1940), a University of Chicago historian, was chosen by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s as ambassador to Germany in June 1933, four months after Adolf Hitler rose to power. The president instructed Dodd that while he could “unofficially” take issue with Nazi Germany’s antisemitism, he was not to issue any formal protests on the subject, since it was “not a [U.S.] governmental affair.” Dodd did privately express his views to German officials, but never lodged any formal diplomatic protests over the persecution of the Jews.

In early 1934, Ambassador Dodd was repeatedly harangued by Nazi government officials about an upcoming mock trial of Hitler to be held at Madison Square Garden. The trial was organized by the American Jewish Congress and cosponsored by labor and civil rights groups. Speakers at the event, held on March 7, 1934, presented evidence of Hitler’s assault on civil liberties and persecution of German Jews. At the conclusion, the Nazi regime was “convicted” of having “turned its face against historic progress and the positive blessings and achievements of modern civilization.”

Dodd worked with presidential adviser Colonel Edward M. House to undermine plans to hold a second mock trial, in Chicago. They convinced one of the main speakers, former ambassador James Gerard, to cancel his appearance. Dodd argued that a mock trial would be inappropriate because Hitler had decided “to ease up on the Jews” and because such anti-Nazi protests might increase public sympathy for the Hitler regime. In private correspondence with Col. House, Dodd said he suspected that Jewish members of his staff in Berlin were leaking sensitive information to American journalists.

Sources: Larson, In the Garden of Beasts, pp.231-234, 239-241;
Dodd, Jr. and Dodd, Ambassador Dodd’s Diary, pp.86-89, 95, 103."

And why not tell the American public about the concentration camp horrors? Eleanor Roosevelt helped one American who freed many Jewish intellectuals and artists - it has been made into a movie. It makes little difference to know the sensational if you do not know the actual.

The author of the book which follows says House liked FDR and he maintained he was neither Jewish or an anti-Semite. Be that as it may be, I still suspect anything associated with House. He definitely worked with or for the Rothschilds as did the man who once owned his family house called Maison Rouge. I respect Lafitte and almost everything he did despite the apparent unsavory nature of the slave trade - because he actually helped and fathered blacks. His own Sephardic background is certain.

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