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I've been trying to read classic books in the library or buy them from the bookstore.

1.) I can no longer find an authentic King James Version of the Bible.  Authentic books are taken out of circulation, and the grammar has been corrupted in books lent at libraries or sold at bookstores.  Modern words have been incorrectly intermixed with "thee" and "thou" and the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and language have been corrupted in books sold as "Authorized" (or "1611" or other) King James Version of the Bible.

2.) Other classic works lack decent translations.  In particular the translation of Kalevala by Keith Bosley. This translation into English was copyrighted 1989.  Bundles of firewood are not called "faggots" in any recent day and age, particularly not when used to heat a Finnish sauna.  Neither the word nor its less savory modern association of homosexual promiscuity is necessary.

3.) I just checked out a book called The Iliad by Homer from the local library.  I do not know how to read Greek, and I am not familiar with Greek classics.  However the book, ISBN 978-0-14-027536-0, contains the following note in the front matter "A NOTE ON THIS PRINTING: This printing contains minor revisions of the text.  R.F. and B.K. June 2001"

I refuse to read such a work, unless I know what those minor revisions are and why they were made.  It's supposed to be a classic.  It was written a long time ago, and however it was written, that's the way it was written.  It doesn't need unaccounted-for "minor revisions" today.  I don't need or want a freaking doctorate degree in order to read Homer.  The aforementioned Kalevala says it thus in the original:

Emo käski lypsämähän:
eipä mennyt lypsämähän.
Itse tuon sanoiksi virkki:
"Ei neiti minun näköinen
koske sen lehmän nisähän,
jok' on häilynyt härillä,
kun ei hiehoista herune,
vasikkaisista valune."

Someone other than Keith Bosley can translate that.

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