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I am a computer hacker, skateboarder, artist and former whistleblower and I have been a targeted individual since about 2009 (age 15).

YouTube video about some of my experiences as a targeted individual

- I was strangled at the skatepark (2009)

- I was confronted by police at my school due to uploading a picture of graffiti to facebook (2010)

- A detective came to my door and falsely accused me of arson (2011)

- Genetically designed insect infestation (2012)

Harrassed at work by illegal immigrant co-worker (2013)

SWAT teams in camouflage outfits carrying asssault rifles raided my work (2015)

- Someone saw me walking across the street and sped up to try to hit me (2015)

- A man was found dead face down in the grass right across the street from my condo (2015)

- Diagnosed with psychosis and continually subjected to forced tranquilizers (early 2015-present)

My main YouTube channel is

Do any of you guys have similar experiences?

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