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I heard a lot about this theory before I was a Christian, the "Theory of One." It was a popular topic at after parties for the smarter crowd that I went to (though i wasn't quite as book smart as many of them). Many of them loved math and science so the "One theory" was intensely fascinating to them. Your concept of the theory might be different than the one I was exposed to, but here is what I got from my exposure to it.


It sounded interesting to me then but somehow not real. Basically, the way I understood it, God was not God, but the public conciousness where trends and pop culture evolved from. As a Christian, I now see that plainly as another way for man to say he's God.


6 is the number of man, so in the end times man will think he's God.


In addition, to me, it sounds a lot like the end times prophecy in the Bible, just like those "Coexist" bumper stickers. You should read Revelations. Basically, in the end times a new world religion will emerge that is all accepting of almost everything and every choice, yet it will be headed by the antichrist who will eventually lead all of its followers with him to hell becuase he duped them into thinking that whatever they wanted to do and however they wanted to live was okay.


I'm not saying these are the end times. I am not God. I don't know the exact date of the end times. In fact, we probably won't know we are in the end times for sure until almost right before it gets really obvious. All I'm saying is that these things sound like Biblical references I've seen before in the Book of Revelations.

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I think if you dig deeply enough you will find out that it is a word game, the Bible appears to be law maxims in a fable form. but in the begining Adam was given ward to name all things, thus a maxim : he who names a thing owns it, and there is only one exception that sons of Adam did NOT name, the paperback God only named one thing, and that is your God given name, therefore it can not appear in any man made statutes and if you use Gods given name you are above the man made laws [fictional laws, after all they just made them up] it is clearly written and is the word of God ;)


"I call them my people" [not humans, christian names, individuals, or even manchester united supporters]

the written languge take second place to the spoken, and writting is less of a being than you, as you are a people, and it was the people whom Moses set free, no one else

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Religion will fade out with evolution and be looked back upon as pure insanity..

.. But if one needs that solace so much, then they should look at religion as it was explained in the Zeitgeist movie.. There is an unexplainable force in this universe, that is the very spark of life it self. Instead of making up stories, or following others, you should praise what we have discovered so far, worship it if you must, prey to it, ask for more maybe. But most importantly, be thankful. This world is amazing, and more and more amazing things are being discovered every day. Put your heart and soul in to that, and try to imagine what we could become as a human race if we just realized that we are one..


Yes.. if you have spent your life so far preying to any religion created by man. You have indeed been wasting a lot of time. But be thankful for whatever it was that has brought you to this beautiful point of realization. Don't get down about being wrong in your beliefs, being wrong is a natural part of our lives, and as long as we know where we went wrong, and are are corrected, it is a good thing! It makes us stronger!

.. So STOP attacking those who are wrong, for they have been mislead, and are not standing at fault on purpose! Instead, try to help them. If this cannot be done, then all we can do is hope they will remember our words and one day reach that point Odili has at the start of this thread. And mate, if there is a 'secret religion' there is a very high chance it is as equally as untrue as all the others. Remember, anything that cannot be proven (and there is no possible way to even try to prove it,) isn't true. It really is as simple as that.


It's time to start seeing this world for what it is, and what it could be..

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Academia has distorted the view of history - it was Egypt where the first recorded

religion appears and this was the pagan religion.


So if Egypt was the first, it clear all later kingdoms and empires would have

taken their paganism from Egypt also - there is plenty of evidence to back this up


Egypt was the Idol worship capital of the world and the pagan headquarters.


All of pharaohs rituals are pagan and were adopted and adapted, by the

northern kings who were descendants of pharaoh.


They were adapted to the climate of the north etc...



Paganism is a royal religion. The celts/druids were headed by royalty

of the same bloodline as pharaoh.[from the Egyptian priests ]

who landed here long before the celts or druids were called so.



The descendants today, of those pagan kings, make up the

royal bloodline of Europe.


They were forced to change religion, when paganism was no longer

wanted by the people [ thanks to prophet ] - so they concoted

the jews, christians and muslims, while the royals have always

been faithful to their founding religion.



They still worship their pagan gods like Isis, Ra, Toth.


Sun day is named after Ra.

Amen, is spoken by million in church, on Ra day.


Amen was a royal god, openly worshipped by pharaoh and the early Jews.

Then they hid the name and said it means something else.

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There's this theory, which I believe in. It says that all the religions are fake, made up to cover up the real one. The fake religions limit us (sins, etc.). But basically, this means Jesus, all the other icons different religions worship are made up. 


What do you think of this? It's kind of disturbing -- everything I've believed in and prayed to is fake. 


So now I only believe that there is a God, but not necessarily the Christian (or any religion's) God.

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