Freedom and Justice for Marcus Edwards

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Hi my name is Marcus and I have been tortured, raped, and persecuted in my home and every place I went for two decades by a secret or cult group of celebs and government officials. These groups use witchcraft, black magic, time travel, time warp and body exchange to do these things to me. These groups also brainwashed me and sent me thru a time warp in 2012 thousands of times where I committed ADW ( Assault With a Deadly Weapon) a crime in which I plead guilty for. They also diagnosed me with schizophrenia after I told the government I was toyed with and hurt by a secret society. They also body exchange my body before and after I exercise. I took a polygraph for these things that’s been happening and it came back inconclusive. These societies also let me see they can hurt my body thru blood pressure , and through thoughts. I’m 100 percent sure these things have been happening to me and that polygraph test was just part of the truth . Please help me show the police this is real and not a stunt.

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