Visions of the Future

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Now I will describe my old visions of the future. However, before I will start with it, I have to say first that my experiences related to these visions have two main parts:
1. True visions, usually experienced by my soul.
2. Possible imaginations that are many and that sometimes appear in the end of the experience, more exactly after its "true part".
The Future of Hellish People
True vision:
In 2011/2012 (in the evening outside the town) there was the spiritual creature saying words meaning "Do not be afraid" or "Fear not" and "They (meaning Hellish people - comment) will always make a mistake" . There were calculations of the future (simplified level) showing some period of time (in which the plans of Hellish people were fulfilled) after which the course of things was different than how Hellish people wanted them to be (I suppose that it was related to the situation on Earth, normal people and their belief in the Hellish). Then there was another, longer period of time, showing something what I could not fully understand. But after my experience "Supergod" it became obvious that it was the strike on the dimension of Hellish humanoid souls (shortly before it happened, they were majority self-confident and supposed that it should not happen to them).
Possible imagination:
Shortly after this experience of mine I had thought that the first period of time will be 60 years and the second one 200 years. If it was so, it would mean that about 2072 normal people became wiser and Hellish people were defeated about 2272. But probably it was my imagination only. As a matter of fact I have no specific idea of how long the mentioned two periods of time can last! Therefore if Hellish people will be attacked and defeated after thousands of years only, please do not blame me at all!


The whole article is here.


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