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The testimony of a MKULTRA child abuse victim

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An anon came forward with this statement:





"I experienced ritual abuse, or MKULTRA type abuse.



I saw the trafficking of children in cages myself. I saw murder.



I was given drugs and I experienced near-drowning. I saw others tortured and die. I saw rape, experienced sexual abuse. I was used in child porn. I saw birth, I saw abortion. I saw people cut open, I saw worse.






I was electroshocked and I was terrified of masks, and people in costumes. I was utterly traumatized to the point that I had hysterical fits that looked like seizures. I was to the point of being in altered states with names. I thought I had a different family.



My life has been severely affected by these events. Years of time have been taken away from me by regression and PTSD/DID."






Anon submitted the following drawings made as a child, as well as excerpts from medical records of medical testimony and an EEG reading as a small token of proof:




Do not ask for any more proof as none will be given. The story is much bigger than anon.






Spanning from Anon’s testimony and its ties to Harbin Hot Springs, we have uncovered a network of ritual abuse, child trafficking and evidence of Project MKULTRA taking place at institutions ranging from Harbin Hot Springs and Esalen Institute in CA through Ecstatic living, HAI Global and the Human Potential Movement through to The Haven in Canada, Findhorn in Scotland and more. These organizations are tied via the International Holistic Centers Gathering to the United Nations via the Findhorn Foundation, GEN, and Kitezh orphanage and Ecologia Youth Trust. They also share mutual ties and ancestry through the Psychosynthesis Institute, Teens






We have just begun to develop this investigation based on publicly available information. Every link we found important has been archived, but there is so much more out there. We did our best to archive enough so that this investigation can continue without obfuscation. We are asking for help and more eyes on this topic to to see if more proof can be found of any illicit activity by these groups. This may be a piece of the architecture behind pizzagate.






We have tried our best to document everything as neatly as possible, but we still need your help in coalescing the information. Below we will detail the architecture of the story. The ensuing pastebins are works in progress, but we felt it was time to get more help, so please excuse anything unfinished. This file here contains every link we have found so far in the following format (with exceptions):






Subject {






1. Description1: LINK1






2. Description2: LINK2















Sources (warning: disorganized):




Not everything in this file is laid out below, but could still be relevant to future investigation.






Where each pastebin references, in line, citations with "(Subject.1)" referencing that relevant link. For your convenience, each pastebin will have a collection of links at the bottom copied straight out of the sources pastebin. All leads need MUCH more digging.






Our recommended reading order is as follows:






Harbin Hot Springs -> Ecstatic Living -> The Haven -> International Holistic Centers Gathering -> Findhorn Foundation -> GEN/GAIA -> Ark.










Ecstatic Living (Needs expansion on all 6 locations mentioned):




The Haven:




International Holistic Centers Gathering (Every location from the directory needs to be expanded on):




Findhorn Foundation:


















This is only the beginning. We need your help and we need it now.



Here was Methodology

I went to to find the list of every adoption center and foster care in each state, I checked the proper boxes, and did a search.
For each state I opened up the website, I looked at the logo and compared it to the FBI chart from 2007. I was looking for anything that had a logo that used 2 hearts, the Young Boy Lover Swirl Logo, any Butterfly Logo and I also added in 3 circles, and few tree logos that had hearts.
If I found an exact match I put it down.
If I found it being close I went to the wayback machine and compared how the logo evolved. If it was consistent or didn’t show up (happened a lot) I put it down, if it was a non-incriminating logo in the wayback I did not post it.
If I saw a hint of it being on the radar I did a wayback, mostly I did not put it down, but a couple times I did see an obvious pedo logo that they changed in the past, so I put it on the list.
Only 10% of the logos I saw made it on this list.

ME: I’m a graphic designer, web developer, researcher, and truther. I have helped many clients start companies with branding, websites and content development. There is a lot of coping in any industry, you see what works and you try to model yourself after that. Its called a ME2 website. That is normal. The one thing you don’t do is copy their logo. Your logo is your brand. The fact that so many of these businesses have almost the same logo does not make any sense to me at all. This does not happen in any industry. This smells funny and knowing what we know about Pizzagate it is worth investigating.

Here is the LIST:

Researching FBIAnon, saying don’t focus on the pizza places, there are much bigger areas to focus on , and seeing the pedo swirl logo pop up in different places I began to expand my horizons. If I were a Pedo, where would I go? After researching and finding some clues, adoption centers not keeping records, going unchecked, I found the target…

I also came to the conclusion that the 2007 FBI report was of logos from that day. 9 years is a lot of time. Being a graphics designer, I know logos have improved tremendously over this period of time. We have to assume that since the 2007 FBI report on PEDO logos that some of the top brass would have caught wind and relayed it to the more high profile pedo targets. Adoption Centers and Foster Cares would be that type of target, not a shitty protected pizza place a half block from the white house. So Its understandable why Besta still had it in their logo.

Thru google image searching and using wayback I found a few logos that have been updated. This was the most obvious to me. Family Services of NW PA logo here clearly shows the Young Boy Lover Swirl Logo in the background. The new logo has 3 circles on a tree. Using this as a Rosetta Stone, I included in my search any logo that had 3 circles, and there were A LOT!


FSA - Heart Inside Heart (Wayback more defined)

New Life Pregnancy - 2 Hearts Arms of Love Foster Care – Combo heart with little boy logo Arizona Children Center - 2 Heart Modified


A better Way – Heart inside in Heart -

Olive Crest – Little Boy Lover Logo “O”

African Cradle – Little boy with heart in middle -

Independent Adoption Center – 3 hearts. CLEAR boy lover logo in babies hair in the wayback machine current site - WAYBACK

Lilliput Children’s Services – heart inside heart -


International Adoption Net – Boy Lover Logo broken apart

I was able in photo shop and rearrange the logo to match the boy logo strikingly close

first link side by side

CCAI - heart inside heart -

Adoptions By Heart – hearts on trees Creative Adoptions- Old Logo had a Butterfly

Connecticut / Delaware

Downey Side –Heart inside a Heart -

Family & Children’s Agency – Little Boy Lover -

Klingberg - Tree with 3 circles

Adoptions from the Heart – Tree with hearts on FB page


Nat center for children and familes - 2 Hearts -

Progressive Life Center – Weird looking heart

Latin Amerikan Youth Center – Heart, and Spiral Little Boy lover logo


A bond of love – heart inside a heart -

A Chosen Child – Spiral Little Boy Lover Logo -

Alliance for Children – Another one where the logo can be put together to be the little boy lover

Children’s Home Society – Logo not on list, but it is weird, looks like a man and a child. Their old slogan was Embracing Children, Inspiring Lives. old site

Connecting hearts – 2 hearts -

Embraced By Grace – Heart inside heart -

Family Creations – Spiral Boy lover logo inside sun. (Seen before)

Florida Adoption Center – 3D Spiral Boy lover logo in the form of heart -

Florida Baptist Children’s – 2 hearts -

Heart to Heart Adoptions – Heart inside Heart -

Jafco – Tree with hearts -

One World Adoption Services – Butterfly -


New Beginnings – 3 boy lover swirl logos -

America World Adoption - Butterfly -

Child kind – 2 hearts -

Community Connections – boy lover swirl logo -

Georgia Agape – 3 circles -

An Open Door – 2 hearts -


Adoptions because we care – hearts inside hearts -

Adoption Center for Family building – 2 hearts -

ChildServ – butterfly with hearts -

Children’s home – spiral for ybl logo -

Children’s home and aid – butterfly -

Adoptions Center of Illinois – hearts connected -

Ucan – spiral heart -


Adoptions and family support network – heart inside heart -

All Blessings INT- hearts inside hearts

Americans for African Adoptions – All Seeing Eye -


Family – heart inside heart -

Graceful Adoptions – Butterfly -

Young House – 2 hearts -


Adoption & Beyond – Heart inside Heart -


Adoptions Assistance – heart inside heart -

Adoptions Bridges - Heart inside Heart -


Adoption Home Studies – hearts inside hearts -

Archdiocese of New Orleans – heart inside of a heart -

Grace adoption – butterfly -


Connections – 2 hearts -


Adoption Makes Family – 2 hearts -

Datz Foundation – 3 circles -

Family building center – broken up litte boy lover logo -


Adoptions with Love – heart inside heart -

Children’s Friend – 2 hearts -


UP KIDS – YBL swirl logo into a heart -

Vista Maria – 2 hearts -

Wolverine Human Services – 3 circles -

Adoption Associations – heart inside a heart -

All Gods Children Int’l – Butterfly -

Child and family Charites – 2 hearts -

Ennis – Butterfly -

Guiding Harbor- YBL swirl into a heart -

Judson Center – 3 circles -

its their code, they are arrogant and feel we wouldnt figure it out. this is there way of communicating it. ill some more evidence at the end of this


Evolve – 3 circles -


Intermountain – double heart -

Hope Full of Connections – 2 hearts, 3 circles -


Child Saving Institute – 2 hearts -


Adoption choices – hearts inside hearts, butterfly’s on website,

Premiere Adoption – butterflies -

New Jersey

Jewish Family and Children’s Service – YBL swirl logo inside sun with 3 circles -

Family and Children Services – 3 circles - Home studies & Adoption Placement – heart in a heart -

New Mexico

All Age Adoptions – two hearts -

New York – they got the circle memo

Cardinal McCloskey – Heart inside a Heart – possible swirl -

Children at heart adoption services – simple heart logo, but this sight creeps me out a little, did not get a good feeling when I watched the photo slideshow.

The children’s village – circle theme -

Coalition for Hispanic family services – 3 circles -

Forever Families Through Adoption – 3 Circles into a heart -

Heart Share – 2 hearts 3 circles -

Hillside Family of Agencies – 3 circles -

New Hope Family Services – 3 circles -

The New York Foundling – hearts inside of hearts -

You Gotta Believe – 3 circles with a heart -


Canopy – butterfly - Old logo more classic pedo butterfly -,47.htm

Missouri Adoption haven – swirl heart -

Children’s hope International – hearts -

North Carolina

Carolina Adoption Services – Logo is suspect, but the graphics in the website have the swirl -

Children’s Homes of Cleveland County – 3 circles -

Christian Adoption Services – slanted heart doubled, butt like -

Methodist Home For Children – Heart inside heart -

NC Homestudies, LLC. – Circles -


Adoption connection – heart inside heart -

Adoption Link – heart inside hearts -

Bellefaire JCB – butterfly -

Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc - Hearts and Pyramids -

Youth Advocate Services – 3 circles

Wayne County Children Services – heart inside a heart, three circles -

LCCS – heart inside heart, three circles -


Connecting Hearts – 2 hearts -

Adoption Choices – 2 hearts -


A Family for Every Child – 2 hearts -

Hearts of Fire – hearts and weird? -


Three Rivers Adoption – 2 hearts -

Tabor – three circles -

Living Hope – Circles and Hearts -

Family Services of NW PA – example above 3 circles, old logo had swirl. New logo old logo

Family Pathway – butterfly -

Adoption by choice – butterfly -

Adoption Connection - double heart -

Women-s Christian Alliance – 3 circles -

Rhode Island

Adoption options – heart in a heart -

Children’s Friend – YBL swirl logo with a heart -


Adoption Assistance Inc – Heart inside a heart -

Agape means love – heart with a twist -

Life Choices – heart inside a heart -

Tennessee Children’s Home – 3 circles -


Homes with Home - Heart -

ABC Adoption – butterflies and YBL swirl logo -

Adoption Advocates – hearts on tree -

Connecting Hearts – 2 hearts -

Adoption Priorities – heart inside a heart -

Child Placement Center – 2 hearts -

Legacy Adoption Services – 2 hearts – 3 circles


Adoption – hearts on a tree - Forever Bound- heart with a swirl -

Herat and Soul Adoption – Hearts with swirls -


Friends in Adoption – heart in a heart -


Premiere Therapeutic Foster Care – Circle theme -

NVFS – 3 circles -

Cradle of Hope – 3 circles -

ADORE – 3 circles - Children Services of Virginia – 3 circles -


Lutheran Community Services – 2 hearts, 3 circles

Wellspring Family Cervices – YBL swirl logo -


Adoptions of Wisconsin – butterfly -

LCFS- of Wisconsin – heart inside a heart -

Child Foundations

Loving Arms Orphanage Foundation – herart inside a heart -

The orphan foundation – heart inside a heart, three circles -

Orphans at play - 2 hearts -

The Nyaka Aids Orphans Project – YBL classic swirl logo -

real evidence of the three circle theory for new york area. SCO Family Services currently does not have logo wayback shows the three circles SCO Family Services placed 72 children over 20 years with this guy. Currenly an FBI PROBE

NY Times Linking ABUSE and SCO to HEART SHARE 2 hearts 3 cirlces

Adoption Center of Choice in UTAH, 3 circles again. [Embed] AND… arrested for ripping people off

theory that the fbi report from 2007 got leaked out, so the pedo group made a change to there logo system. Family Services of NW PA changed their logo that had the swirl to one with three circles. example

noticed a lot of three circle logos when going thru.

this could be bigger than pizza gate

search foster parents that got arrested for sexual abuse, it happens every week, find out where they got the kids from....


lastly - the Trees - They call people recovering from sexual abuse "tree climbers" because in jail they call child molesters tree jumpers. There are so many logos too....

Bryan Meeder, 34, was charged Monday with lewd and lascivious battery. He was the director of Claire's House, a group home for juveniles in the care of the Children's Home Society. Children's Home society - On The List Above


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Yes, the MKULTRA program of drugging and mind control is real. It has infiltrated the U.S. military, especially the Air Force, which is plagued by religious and drug cultism: Think Rajneeshees and branch Davidians, but because of universal and widespread secret and top secret clearance for personnel, the cults become even more secretive and viciously abusive of innocent children -- even to the point of ritualistic child sacrifice involving mutilation, mayhem, and murder.

More abusive parents mocking and ridiculing their children here:

>>> Sadfishing can be also complicated and problematic since not all teens who do it are actually dealing with a mental health crisis or crying out for help. Some just do it just to gain attention, and this is can be deceptive to their friends and family. Much like the horrible trend of "catfishing," where a person pretends to be someone they are not to start an online relationship, sadfishing can send false signals to a reader on the receiving end of the post about what is actually going on in real life.<<<

Just to gain attention? No. Teens legitimately want and need attention, and all humans have problems that they want and need addressed on a voluntary, rather than involuntary basis, but professional parents all too often go out of their way to make something more difficult than it needs to be for their own child.

Furthermore, such parents will often gang up with friends, other family members, teachers, supervisors, police officers and other authority figures to bully their own child.

>>>The Impacts of Sadfishing<<<

>>> Because so many teens are sharing their raw and sometimes exaggerated feelings online, sadfishing can diminish the validity of emotional claims. Just like "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," was not believed when there was a real emergency, teens who continuously post exaggerated information are less likely to get the help they actually need for mental health issues. And those who need help are often buried under all this noise.<<<

Buried. That is meant in a literal sense here. As hard as it may be for the privileged and well-born to believe, they really do want their own children dead and buried.

Ritualistic abusive parents must be condemned for the "help" they offer on an involuntary, lifetime-gun-ban basis for alleged "mental health issues."

LGBT teens in particular are viciously accused by such parents of pretending to be someone they are not, and of trying to form friendships and relationships without the parents' approval or permission.

Professional parents. Dot com. I do not like that. My own parents not only inflicted that same deep ritualistic abuse on me throughout my childhood, but actively prevented me from escaping their tyranny and absolute control until I was nearly 40 years old. I had already survived several attempts by my parents to murder me, and one day when a local pro-parent cop shot at me and nearly killed me, I was able to escape, and I survived several more shootings and attempted shootings by brother parenting cops and city-hall registered and licensed gun owners. A gang of pro-police car thieves and city-hall murderers-for-hire attempted to murder me by forcing me to crash into a large boulder left in my lane on the road. That is only a sample of what I have experienced of such abuse.

Under all this noise. There is parental city hall government disinformation here. Suicidal ideation is dangerous to express, not because it may be acted upon or that it reflects negatively on one's character, but because it provides a convenient cover-up for the parents to arrange a murder and make it look like suicide.

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Childhood Amnesia: Here's Why Your Child Can't Remember Being a Baby
>>>Most adults cannot remember anything before their third birthday. That's because of childhood amnesia. But experts explain why you should still focus on making memories with your young kids, even if you'll be the only one who remembers them.

We've got to stop this. These "parents" are the consummate molesters and abusers of their own children. I've got shaken baby syndrome already, just thinking about it.

"Childhood amnesia" vs "making memories"? Oh my God! That is the talk of a medieval barbershop straight out of hell, complete with leeches, medical bloodletting, and outright child sacrifice by members of satanic cults. These parents secretly resent their own children and live all their lives in hate to visit their hellish unspeakable tortures on their own children.

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>>> Ikea to pay family $46m after child killed by falling drawers

More consumerism and parentalism. This is what I do not like about "wrongful death" lawsuits. Parents should not stand to earn so much money from the deaths of their own children, sacrificed in some cultish ritual of corporate consumerism.


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