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What do you folks think about Ensighten?

>>> But now a company called Ensighten may just take the decision out of advertising companies’ hands, giving website owners the power to block companies that don’t honor “do not track” requests. <<<

I'm hearing a loud buzz in my ears from this.  I understand that many websites share a portion of revenue from advertising, but the "do not track" requests come from the user's settings on the web browser, certainly not from the owner of the website. I'm inclined to think that Ensighten is just another advertising company, although I've noticed that my bank uses it, connecting to  There are a lot of internet companies like this.  They are usually private firms rather than public corporations subject to SEC disclosures.  They make a little bit of hype and noise at start-up, but not so much as to lose their aura of exclusivity for potential investors, and when they go in operation and supposedly start making money, they go dark to the general public and to their investors.  If and when they go under, we never hear about them either.  This is dark equity.  Limited liability.


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