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What is the LINX?  Does it have to do with Pierce County, Washington, or is it national or international? I ask because this is the top Google search result for "LINX" or "Legal Information Network Exchange."

Yet all over the U.S., cops talk about this system.  Google also suggested searching for "linx law enforcement," which returned the following link for "Law Enforcement Information Exchange" which has the obscure and non-obvious acronym "LInX." This is more like it.

Now we're getting warmer.  Northrop Grumman is one of those somewhat, err, shady MIC contractors.  I have had trouble with such.  This particular company apparently happens to be headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, from which city I actually walked all the way to the Pentagon during one not entirely unpleasant afternoon, but certainly not without running into at least one high-ranking military officer.

  1. That is too much meet-and-greet.
  2. The acronym "LInX" is too obscure.
  3. This back-office militarization of law enforcement is too sly, too covert, and too shady.
  4. Too many folks have apparently been getting into this system trying to hack some kind of warrant or notice or other red flag on me, because ...
  5. People are calling the cops over and over again to look me up in this system.

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