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The Baltimore Sun asks just the right question at the head of this editorial.

>>> Does delay in condemning anti-Semitism reveal Trump's loyalty toward white nationalists? <<<

The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect certainly thinks so. They posted on Facebook.

I'm going way out here, but I'm trying to relate this to the conflict in Ukraine.  This is sometimes portrayed as white nationalism against Putin's regime, but I'm thinking that Putin is fomenting white nationalism in Ukraine.  Reason being, the gay pride parades in Kiev:  certainly there was enough support to organize and carry out these parades years with police protection and some success, despite a certain amount of violence, particularly in 2015.  None of that support could have come from either the white nationalists or the covert and unacknowledged Russian military occupation.

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2 hours ago, Mero said:

Why would he?  When every voice that speaks against him is Jewish.   Their plan is the destruction of nations by immigration, feminism etc.  And they will attack him relentlessly for trying to stop that destruction.

First, there are many voices speaking against Trump, not just Jewish voices.

Second, why would Jews want to destroy America?

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