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Please enjoy this new conspiracy forum, but dont take everything you read here too seriously.  Some people will be role playing, living out fantasies, others will be being trolls and saying things just to inflame or cause debate.


However, some things will be 100% true and it is your task to work out which is fact, which is fiction, and more often than not which is wishful thinking. 


Now take the red pill and lets see how deep the rabbit hole really goes!  Above all enjoy yourself here and never forget that your time here should be fun.


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Hello, Sorry to inform you but it is true. The matrix is real. I am the real life Neo and I am not bound by the laws of the universe. I can change it at will. I am aware of many conspiracies except th

Thanks.  We do try and be a bit more ermmm realistic is perhaps the word.  But combined with an open mind!  

and I wish you all a Happy and wonderful day !

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Hey just joined, and thanks for the welcome. Should be something fun on here, but you should add more forum categories for more things to talk about :D

He, we are definitely open to suggestions.  But didnt want to have too many empty sections at the start.  What categories would you suggest?  In fact answer this in the About forum, so we dont take this topic off subject.

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Hi Everyone - My name is Livvi and I am from Manchester, UK.


I love talking conspiracies! and while I haven't been here long, I have already read some interesting stuff on the forums that has given me a lot to think about!! I hope to contribute regular and I look forward to read more from others!! :)

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Hi everyone!!!. I joined this forum recently, and I am looking forward to the discussions on this forum. I have been interested in conspiracies for a long time, mainly because I became aware that this world just was not right, that there were bad things going on below the surface, that although the world seemed to be normal, it was not. So I try to find out as much as possible about what is going on the world, beyond what is shown.

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I'm glad forums like this one exist. I've always had strong views about a lot of things because  research a lot of things, I think there's so many conspiracies out there that some have to be true, if not most. Anyway my name's Nik and you'll be hearing my strong(non offensive) views quite a lot in the next few weeks :)

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