23 Stab Wounds on Julius Caesar's Body, 23 Shooters at the JFK Murder - Jews

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Stab Wounds on Caesar's Body

There were twenty three stab wounds on Julius Caesar's body following his murder in the Roman Senate, March 15, 44BC - Counting Jim Braden who fired the first shot & William Greer who fired from the front seat of the Presidential limousine, there were 23 shooters at the murder of President John Kennedy!

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  1. Jews into numerology: It's called Gematria. It's really no different and no more meaningful than Christians looking for secret Bible codes.
  2. Stab wounds on Caesar's body: Roman, a.k.a. Italian, feuding and organized crime (La Cosa Nostra) goes way back when. "Et tu, Brute!"  It was even famous at Shakespeare's time with the feuding between Romeo's and Juliet's respective fictional families.
  3. JFK's assassination: Don't forget his sister Rosemary Kennedy who was forced by psychiatrists in law to undergo lobotomy at the age of 23.
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