Irrational Human Behavior

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We are currently seeing a disturbing increase in human irritability and irrational behavior. The global human collective bio-field is extremely discordant and short fused. We teeter on the brink of global anarchy and fulminating mob mentality and social conditions around the world are deteriorating.

At the primordial level we share a common mental/spiritual entanglement. This phenomenon has been studied in group behavior during sporting events as seen in extraordinary timing coordination in the wave ritual. (stand and sit and hand wave gesture moves around the stadium as a synchronized wave). The crowd reacts as a single organism instead of an accumulation of individuals. We see additional evidence as monumental scientific discovery is accomplished nearly simultaneously by individuals on far distant continents.

Our Intelligence community has studied how this collective mentality effects human behavior and reliability by stressing individuals and control groups. The results are very disturbing. Only two percent of the human population can absolutely be trusted to adhere to noble standards of behavior when confronted with severe stressful situations. The preponderance (98%) will kill for the last can of beans and will not share.

We are approaching a point in our evolution that is testing our collective mettle. Self induced stressors proliferate exponentially and our future is in question. We are in interesting times. Will we decide on a radical change of behavior for the common good or do we continue to battle for that last can of beans?

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6 hours ago, Shekinah said:

Will we decide on a radical change of behavior for the common good ... ?


  1. Stop compelling prostitution.
  2. Stop human trafficking.
  3. Stop dealing drugs.
  4. Stop adulterating food and beverages.

The last of these is a capital murder charge especially when it is done at a gas stations along freeways or highways, knowingly, willfully, and intentionally causing motor vehicle traffic fatalities.

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