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Murder acquittal

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Jury acquits ex-Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez in double-murder trial

The male had already been convicted for a different murder.  The prosecutors were either holding something back, or this male was framed for a murder committed by someone else this time.  Murder trials are horrifically expensive, and prosecutors typically don't bring these charges to trial unless they are sure they are able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  If something smells off, the jury won't buy it.

This case was no doubt a Mob murder, and the jury wasn't told the full story about the Mob connections.

I've noticed that while there are many, many different ways to commit a murder, the only ones ever prosecuted in court anymore are those in which the weapon was a firearm.

Murder by poison, "arranged accident," stabbing, strangulation, asphyxiation, gas: these are never alleged or prosecuted in court anymore.  When you're lying through your teeth about every case you prosecute, you just can't get a conviction anymore without a gun, a fingerprint, DNA, and the prejudice of a gun-hating public.

I have no opinion about this particular case.

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But this case, too, has taken a bizarre turn.  Hernandez was found dead hanging in his prison cell.

They're calling it a suicide.  Perhaps.  In some sense.

Do realize, there are ways to convince someone to commit suicide in prison.

Maybe he was talking.  Maybe he had more information on the original murder he was convicted of.

It's like the "naked witnesses" case I was talking about.

Something is going on, and someone is feeling the heat.

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